Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils for therapeutic purposes. From there, essential oils are an aromatic and volatile liquid or at times a semi-solid that contains the plants odorous properties. They are natures own perfume and many give a plant its scent. Many of us know what a rose smells like, the smell of fresh cut rosemary or peel an orange and indulge in the scent; All of these scents are the essential oil of the plant that you smell.

Many of us at some point have used a product that stated it was an aromatherapy product such as lotions, bath products and candles. Many of us believe the labels stating that they are aromatherapy products not knowing that they might not be true aromatherapy products. But after checking many of the labels myself I've found that they are not true aromatherapy products, they use fragrance oils not essential oils. There are some products out there that do use essential oils but are very outnumbered by ones that do not. Many of us including myself have used products that claim they are aromatherapy but use fragrance oils. They claim to do things for you like calm and relax you and even though the scent may be calming and relaxing in itself. The only way to know if the products contain essential oils is to check the label and look for the scientific or standard name of the essential oil.

Aromatherapy is a great alternative to help many conditions, which will be gone into more depth in later articles, because of the different properties of the essential oils used. Many people are finding a natural approach to taking care of themselves through the use of aromatherapy. There are many ways to do this, seeing an aromatherapists who will mix specialized blends for you, there is a multitude of books that have blends to use and many health stores carry oils and can give you some basic guidelines in using the oils or simply by buying products that contain essential oils. If you go purchase your own please use caution and research the oil before you use it and remember that less is best with them because they are very concentrated. Also, check out my articles Basic Ways to Use Essential Oils and Using Essential Oils Safely.