My experience with autoimmune diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, Crohn's disease, asthma, etc., or allergic reactions like hay fever make me skeptical of those who recommend a quick fix. They require a defect and longer approach for balancing the immune system and cleansing the body. A few quick, temporary measures to purely ease the symptoms is not sufficient. Here is a deep cleanse to balance and strengthen the immune system.

Using essential oils for autoimmune conditions is not a quick fix. If you read the literature put out for doTERRA and Young Living distributors, you'll think that a few essential oils will make a huge difference right away … and they may help a few people whose conditions are exceptional … the ones you read in their testimonials.

But I'm a little more skeptical because of my experience with autoimmune diseases. They require a defect and longer approach to balancing the immune system and cleansing the body. A few quick, temporary measures to purely ease the symptoms is not sufficient.

Here's an Immune Balancing and Strengthening regimen that I suggest for anyone who is serious about using essential oils to improve an autoimmune condition. It will be important to follow it for up to a year to try to optimize autoimmune and immunity issues.

You'll also want to get rid of inflammation in your body with some fish oil or krill oil products. Balancing your immune system takes time and patience. Here's the whole cleansing regimen. It may appear daunting to read through it, but the procedures do not have to be any more difficult than making up capsules a few times a month and taking them daily. Then you can add whatever other habits you enjoy that would enhance the action of the capsules.

Why you may need an immune balance and strengthening cleanse

  • If your immune system has turned against you in any type of auto-immune response, such as allergies, asthma, hay fever, Crohn's disease, multiple sclerosis, Graves' disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, etc .; you need to balance and strengthen your immune system. This process could take you one month for each year you have had auto-immune problems.
  • If you have had a history of using a lot of antibiotics, destroying the balance of intestinal flora in your digestive system, you need this cleanse. You will need to supplement your diet with plenty of probiotic products. The least expensive and most effective would be to create your own probiotic vegetables and eat them regularly. They're a delicious part of a healthy diet for the whole family.
  • If you have significant stresses in your life that have caused a lot of excessive adrenalin and digestive acid in your body, your immune system may have suffered significantly. Calming and resolving these stresses will be an important part of your cleanse.
  • Your diet and lack of exercise may have significantly compromised your immune system as well, resulting in chronic respiratory, skin, digestive, or other infectious or degenerative diseases. If this is the case, your immune system may benefit significantly from this cleanse.

Duration of the cleanse

  • Depending on the severity of your condition, this cleanse may need to be as long as one year or more. Consider that for every year you have had a weakened immune system, you may need one month of cleansing. Because it takes time to perform a deep action, make sure that you carefully structure the habits of this cleanse to be something you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle.
  • All conditions in the auto-immune category may be helped by using the Immune Balancing Blend (see recipe below). In many cases, there will be a clearly rooted infectious conditions that require the use of the Defense Blend over an extended cleanse. If you have had too frequent infections of any kind (yeast, viral, bacterial, or parasitic), you will want to add the Defense Blend to your cleansing regimen.


  • If you want to experience the deepest possible cleaning action, you'll want to make up blends and take capsules. You'll take the Immune Balancing Blend capsule and the Defense Blend capsule with each meal. Make up only one batch at a time. A single batch makes up from 20 to 30 capsules. If you do not like taking capsules or have difficulty swallowing them, you can still use these blends in your food or water (see the following instructions).
  • Prepare a n immune-strengthening drink: Put one drop of the Immune Balancing Blend and one drop of the Defense Blend in a teaspoon of natural honey, blend well, add a cup of warm or cold water and stir for a few seconds. Take this aromatic digestive drink in the morning as a cleansing beverage or at the end of the meal with warm water, as an herbal tea.
  • In a restaurant, flavor water by dipping a toothpick in the Immune Balancing Blend or the Defense Blend and then stir your toothpick in your water or herbal tea. Fine tune the amount of the blend by dipping more or less of the toothpick into the blend.
  • Do not use this cleanse without also adjusting your diet. You'll need to focus on whole fruits and vegetables with the larger percentage of them raw. Eat many (non-bread) whole grains in cereals (not processed, cold cereal), soups, salads etc. You need whole foods to build back the complex synergies of minerals, vitamins and complex plant-based compounds necessary to complete the cleaning. Some people incorporate raw fruit and vegetable juices into their cleanse.
  • Use the Defense Blend or tea tree oil on a toothpick or use the “lick trick” taking a trace (not a drop) on the back of your hand and licking it off. Distribute it around your mouth as a breath freshener after brushing your teeth or after eating each morning, noon, and evening. This simple habit will help balance the good and bacteria through your digestive system.

Olfactory and Dermal Absorption

  • Each morning after your bath or shower, apply eucalyptus radiata on your chest and back. You can use a spray bottle and dilute the oil with grapeseed oil half and half.
  • Each morning you can use the same dilution of eucalypus radiata or tea tree and massage your body where you have the greatest number of lymph nodes-sides of neck, under arms, and groin area above genitals. Avoid genital areas.
  • Mix a teaspoon of the mixing oil with 2 to 3 drops of the Defense Blend for a complete foot massage. You can also use tea tree use eucalyptus radiata for this massage. Perform this massage on yourself or with a partner two to three times a week or more. It works best right out of your shower or bath while your body is warm and moist.
  • Once a day apply 2 to 3 drops of the Immune Balancing Blend and the Defense Blend undiluted over the kidneys.

The Immune Balancing Blend

  • Lavender 50 drops
  • Tea tree 50 drops
  • Roman chamomile 30 drops
  • Cedar 10 to 20 drops
  • Juniper 10 to 20 drops
  • Spruce 10 to 20 drops
  • Pine 10 to 20 drops

The Defense Blend

  • Tea tree 100 drops
  • Geranium 20 drops
  • Basil 20 drops
  • Peppermint 20 drops
  • Organo or thyme 20 drops

Here's how to make up capsules for these blends

Put these oils into your dropper bottle to make up the blend. Mix by putting your finger over the bottle opening and shaking. Do not shake the bottle with the dropper on because you do not want the rubber dropper to be exposed to the oil.

Set aside some of this oil for use with all kinds of infections (sore throat, yeast infections, scrapes, acne, etc.) and mix the rest with a carrier oil for use in capsules. Note how much oil you have in the bottle and pour in that same amount of carrier oil so it's half carrier oil and half essential oil.

Use the dropper to fill from 10 to 30 capsules depending on how much oil you have set aside. After filling, be sure to clean your dropper bottle with alcohol. If you do not clean the bottle, the residual oils will erode the rubber on the dropper over time.

Now that I've recommended what I feel will give you real, long-term cleaning help, let me suggest things for your insomnia and calming.

Cautions for Topical Application for People with Autoimmune Conditions

Use caution with topical application with anyone who has had any long-standing autoimmune disease or allergy. Use a patch test on the inside of your arm. Put a drop of the blend on the pad of an adhesive bandage (cloth is best because latex may be irritating and give you a false reaction) and put it on the inside of your arm. If it burns at all or turns red, you'll want to be careful about applying the oil to your neck (the thyroid area). If, because of autoimmune sensitivity, you can not apply the oil to your neck, simply apply it to the neck area of ​​your feet (the neck of the big toe), every morning after your shower. It's mild enough to apply without diluting it. You can dilute it with either carrier oil or water to help it spread easier if you wish.