Coping with memory loss can be hard for everyone since memory is among the most vital functions of the body. Unfortunately, only a few people who really care about preserving their memory ability and increasing its performance.

Memory loss can be a sign of a more serious disease. One of the commonest causes of memory loss is aging. Imbalance diet and nutrition could also be the culprit since it can not prevent the buildup of free radicals in the brain leading to a deficiency in performance.

Scientists have discovered that memory recall at least increases twofold when a past occasion is linked with a smell. It explains why a sniff of a scent can send you back in time and bring you pictures and senses related with that event. Aromatherapy helps you in accessing some minor fact by stimulating your memory.

The use of aromatherapy can help you treating memory loss by bringing in the therapeutic properties to your brain and appropriately nourishing it to enhance your memory capacity. Moreover, it also promotes better blood circulation by increasing oxygen supply in your brain, which helps the nutrient assimilation process. Here are the tips to help you using aromatherapy to enhance memory recall:

1. Acknowledge yourself with essential oils that can be used to prepare your brain clarity blend to enhance your memory. The natural oils that you should consider are: rosemary, geranium, sage, thyme, peppermint, coriander, juniper, frankincense, angelica, cardamom, jasmine, ginger, lemon, grapefruit, basil, black pepper, cypress, and chamomile.

2. When you choose and use essential oils, be sure that you follow all of the associated safety precautions. Keep in mind that aromatherapy should not be used to replace proper medical care.

3. Use a combination of essential oils as recommended by therapists as it is the most effective technique to improve memory sharpness. Several suggested blends include: rosemary-sage, cypress-peppermint, lemon-basil-rosemary, and peppermint-lemon.

3. Before you use specific essential oil blend, make sure that you dilute each ingredient using the appropriate carrier oils. Thus, you can enjoy the memory-enhancing advantages of the blend without having to experience any unwanted side effects.

4. Mix all ingredients well in a dark-colored glass bottle to make sure that all of their curing properties are well integrated and to ensure that the oils will not get damaged due to oxidation. After that, use an essential oil diffuser to gradually release the scent of the blend and fill up your room.

5. Breathe in one of the suggested essential oils while you are attending a class or studying for an exam. Then, anytime you need to recall the information, you can just smell similar aroma.

In short, people may loss their memory because they lack the ability to concentrate. To make your brain work efficiently, memory and concentration should go together. By using an effective memory and concentration aromatherapy the symptoms of memory loss can be reversed effectively so that your mental sharpness can be retained.