Lavender essential oil has been used for centuries to help many conditions, and is still one of the most popular oils in use today. Lavender essential oil is produced using the steam distillation method, and in most cases the whole plant is used.

Lavender essential oil is widely used due to its effectiveness in treating a wide variety of ailments, and due to the fact it is so safe to use. Lavender is one of the very few oils that it is safe to apply to your skin without diluting it in a carrier oil, this does not mean it can not be diluted for a massage or other use, it simply means you should not experience any adverse reaction using it neat.

Below are three of the ailments which Lavender can help with and a guide of how to use them for these problems.

  • Insomnia – This condition can be particularly disturbing to those suffering from it as it often makes them feel incredibly lethargic during the day. In studies it has been shown that using Lavender essential oil can work better than taking sleeping tablets for insomnia due to the fact it has no adverse effects the following day. If you suffer from insomnia one of the safest methods to use lavender oil is to sprinkle it on your pillow at bedtime, if you would prefer you can add the oil to an oil burner however make sure you remember to blow out the candle before going to sleep.
  • Burns (minor) – If you burn yourself lavender essential oil can provide relief and prevent scarring. It is essential that you cool the area of ​​the burn for at least five minutes under cold water, as this is the most effective treatment. Once you have done this apply a drop of lavender oil gently to the area, this will provide pain relief and should also mean the burn heals without scarring. This treatment is only meant for minor burns where the skin remains in tact.
  • Acne – As lavender oil has anti-bacterial properties it can be extremely useful when treating acne as it causes bacteria from causing the skin infection. Lavender oil will also help to prevent scarring which can have a big impact on the confidence of acne sufferers. To use lavender oil to treat acne it can be added to a plain moisturizing cream or cleanser, and after doing a patch test it can be used neat.