There is a lot to be said for eastern medicines Vs western medicines one should compliment the other, picking up where the other leaves off. Many people in the past would be their own doctor not being what we are like today a “Passive Patient”. Back then you had to actively take a interest in your own health as there were not too many doctors around to help out when needed. Or the nearest doctor or hospital was a few days away from the closest town.

There has been consistently a lot of discussions recently about the benefits of using essential oils and the different essential oils uses, but lets get down to the essential oils facts we?

These oils have been used for centuries, dating back to ancient times when health practitioners were more like shamans and witch doctors. Still they found different uses for them but really did not discover the significance of them until western medicine came along.

Everything from using lavender oil for stress relief to cinnamon oil to promote creativity, Adding these essential oils to ones bath can do everything from relief aches and pains to promote relaxation. Add some Epsom salts to your bath and you have the best chance of achieving inner peace.

The list of essential oils applications are many, everything from Tea tree oil sterilizing a wound to treating skin disorders, to even purifying a douche or enima (rose oil is used for that). To purify the air you would use something like a orange oil (disinfectant), with bergamot oil (aromatic) and a few drops of eucalyptus oil (germicide) to ensure that the cold or flu to the rest . Burning that inside an office (if allowed to have a open flame) would get rid of most viruses lying on hard surfaces waiting to be passed along to the next recipient and reduced down time. Nothing worse than half the work force out with the flu.

Got problems with insects? Everyone knows about citronella oil being a great natural defense against them. The candles and fluid for tiki torches have been very popular over the years. And may have saved a lot of outdoor barbecues ..

Now that company's are including these oils in almost every product we now use. And the marketing of such products has been promoted as a healthier cleaner product. There has been a total shift towards a more healthy natural lifestyle the manufactures are finally catching up.