Aromatherapy promises to provide stress relief for modern New York urbanites using the natural fragrances of essential oils. But does it work? Are there real, measurable benefits that arise from aromatherapy practice, or is it just a modern gimmick? Aromatherapy has actually been in practice since ancient times, believed to have started somewhere around 4,000 BC.

The word “aromatherapy” was not created as an advertising campaign slogan. The term was actually coined after the therapeutic effects of certain scents were discovered. Aromatic fragrances have been documented to be used for spiritual elation, relaxation and also in medicine. Aromatherapy has undisputedly secured its spot in the practices of holistic healing, like reflexology for example, and modern relaxation practices, like power napping.

Aromatherapy can be treated by inhaling steam infused with essential oils. They can also be added to vaporizers, added to baths or by massaging them into the skin. This is how it is commonly administrated in spas offering relaxation or reflexology massage. Pure essential oils should be mixed with other massage oils, or diluted, before coming in contact with bare skin.

Essential oils have been scientifically proven to ease pain, allergies, sprains, rashes, dandruff and a myriad of other ailments. Aromatherapy combined with reflexology is proven to treat a wide range of physical, mental and emotional challenges. Depression, anxiety, insomnia and even boredom can be relieved with the use of this technique.

The findings behind the healing powers of aromatherapy and reflexology have been very surprising to modern medicine researchers. Essential oils are very easy to obtain, fairly inexpensive to extract and buy, and have very few adverse reactions from patients in clinical trials. We should not be surprised since the plants that essential oils come from use them for the same things that we do. Essential oils are used by plants to heal wounds, repel insects, kill fungus, fight infection and stay healthy. Consider essential oils the immune system of plants. Combined with relaxation techniques such as reflexology, aromatherapy is more effective on our minds, bodies and spirits.

The exclusively simple chemical make-up of these substances makes them easy for the human body to process. Most people are very sensitive to the healing effects of essential oils, whether they are inhaled through steam or vapor, used in massage or through compress. This is especially true if the body is relaxed during treatment.

With all of the chemicals and additives that we put in our bodies today, aromatherapy and reflexology are welcome changes in the way that a lot of New Yorkers have historically treated a long list of sicknesses and emotional needs. Many people enjoy the healing benefits and relaxation that they get from New York reflexology and aromatherapy. If you lead a stressful or hectic life, suffer from nagging physical, emotional or mental ailments, or if you are simply curious, discover what aromatherapy and reflexology can do for you.