There are numerous health benefits of essential oils. I have used several different kinds of natural remedies, including homemade formulas, homeopathic remedies, and dried herbs, but none have the effect of high-quality, therapeutic-grade oils. Following are ten powerful reasons to add essential oils to your natural medicine cabinet.

1. They are more powerful than synthetic medications. While I do not recommend that you quit taking prescription medication without consulting your doctor first, I will tell you that there is an oil that can replace almost any drug out there. They often work faster than drugs and are completely safe, producing no side effects.

2. They are less expensive than drugs. For example, to go through several rounds of chemotherapy can cost thousands of dollars. To get the same effect with an anti-cancer essential oil formulation would only cost two or three hundred dollars. Anti-depressant medication is expensive and often does not work. A couple of drops of frankincense oil under the tongue, on the other hand, can eradicate depression in less than five minutes and last for the entire day.

3. Many essential oils pass freely through the blood-brain barrier . This means that they can effectively slow down or even erase the symptoms of neurological conditions such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's.

4. They oxygenate the cells . One underlining cause of disease is lack of oxygen in the cells. Taken daily, essential oils can keep the cell's oxygen levels at a healthy level.

5. Many are powerful antioxidants. This means that they help eliminate the free radical cells in your body, that these days appear in excess thanks to toxic overload.

6. They contain the immune defense properties of the plant. Several oils are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial or anti-viral. Some are all three. Others are anti-parasitic or antiseptic as well. Both frankincense and geranium oils are known to be anti-cancer.

7. They help stabilize emotions. Lavender and chamomile are both calming. Rosemary lifts the mood and gets rid of irritability. And here come frankincense and geranium again – both are strong anti-depressants.

8. They detoxify the cells and blood. This is critical, as we are continuously bombarded with excess toxins every day.

9. They can purify the air. Diffusing certain oils knocks out all sorts of nasties from the air and destroys unwanted odors.

10. They increase the body's bioelectrical frequencies . Bad diet, chronic stress and continuous exposure to toxins lower the body's bioelectrical frequencies, which translates to suppressed organ and system function. Daily use of essential oils combats these issues.

Essential oils have made my and my family's life better. I encourage you to give these strong substance careful consideration.