Taurus Sun sign makes its way into the astrological chart as the 2nd zodiac sign, falling approximately between April 21 and May 20. The Taurus symbol is the slow moving yet willful and powerful Bull.

By far, Taurus is the most stubborn zodiac sign. Taureans need time to digest new ideas or ways of doing things, so do not try to force anything on them, they will not budge. They move slow and steady with precise determination to get to their goal – to them the best is worth waiting for. Unfortunately they can be self indulgent, at times insensitive and can get easily bored. But have no doubt they will get to where they are headed, which is usually some place fantastic.

Having an appreciation for the finer things in life, does make this zodiac a bit materialistic, never condemning their love of luxury and beauty. But this sentimental Bull also appreciates value in a non materialistic also. Since Taurus is about values ​​when your Sun is in Taurus your life will engage you in lessons to get hold of your real sense of value, the real you, not the money-oriented you. Taurus has the need to be able to look at themselves with respect and value what they see inside.

Knowing a Taurus means knowing their sensual, romantic, dependent and loving side, thanks to their ruling planet Venus. Venus is about love and beauty and Taureans worship both. As strong willed as they may be, their softer side makes up for it, for they may just surprise you out of the blue with a little love and tenderness, especially after their bull head side makes an appearance. Should a Taurus get angry, well, just let them simmer down before you approach them again, you'll be glad you did. It's no surprise that Taurus is also associated with the heart chakra.

As the first of the 3 earth signs, Taurus is certainly the earthiest- practical and grounded. They are also a fixed sign which is a sign of “will” – consistent, organized and motivated by values. If you are looking for steady growth in relationship, security and status, find yourself a Taurus, you will not be disappointed in the end, you just will require patience on the ride there.

Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil is associated with Venus and the heart chakra so this oil is fitting for the Taurus. The aromatic bliss of Rosa damascena will allow more of Taurus' love, patience, sensuality and gentleness to show. Combine these feelings with rose's aphrodisiac nature, this oil is just the thing for the Taurean to boost the va-va-voom romance.

Lemon (Citrus limon) Essential oil is obtained from the lemon peel by cold expression, has a light aroma that embodies an uplifting vibe. This high vibration essential oil encourages clarity, decisions and direction therefore, helping Taurus Bull to move along at a faster pace. It's also the breath of fresh air the Taurus needs when they need to snap out of a deep thought.

Fun fact: Sigmund Freud was a Taurus.

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