“More than 170 people have been infected with the Influenza A (H1N1virus) or better known as 'swine flu' and approximately 50 people have been confirmed dead from the same virus in hard hit Mexico and one in US. WHO) is referring to the situation as a “public-health emergency of international concern,” the apprentice emergence in several countries of an entirely new strain of H1N1 flu virus has led some scientists to believe that it is only a matter of time before the WHO declares pandemic status, a move that could prompt travel bans to infected countries. ”

What is Aromatherapy? Basically, it is a method of treating bodily ailments using essential plant oils. These E / Oils have been around for thousands of years, their uses have been introduced by the Egyptians. It started becoming popular again in the last 50 to 60 years. Until very recently, aromatherapy was applied basically for cleaning the air and removing odors, however it is also closely related to the health of man.

How Will Aromatherapy Essential Oils Help Fight 'Swine Flu'? It's Nature's Antibiotics With No Side Effects.
The multi-faceted compounds in E / Oils are clever soldiers that targets bad cells only. Antibiotics are man-made and kills the bad and the good bacteria.

There are 4 MECHANISMS of Bacteria-elimination properties of E / Oils:

1) It 'denature' the RNA and DNA of the protein of the bacteria.
2) It disables the membrane walls of the bacteria by dissolving it.
3) It cripples the enzymes of the bacteria
4) It attacks the chemical balance of the bacteria.

E / Oils are important and effective for treating bacterial infections and their therapeutic uses depends on which compounds it contains. They have complex chemistry and contain more than one type of compound and fall into more than one category.

* Terpenoids – Mechanisms 1,2,3,4 (AS ABOVE) in

Eucalyptus, Green Tea, Thyme, Lavander, Chypre, Lotus, Sandalwood

* Phenols – (Strong anti-bacterial, Immune stimulating, Warming) Mechanisms 1,2,3,4

in Thyme, Basil

* Ketones – (Cell-generating, Mucolytic, Nuerotoxic, Phelgm reduction) Mechanisms 1,2,3,4

in Menthe

* Alcohols – Mechanisms 1,2,4

in Eucalyptus, Chypre, Orange Neroli, Citronelle, Rose, Sandalwood

* Aldehydes – (Sedative, Anti-inflammatory, Anti-Virus) Mechanisms 3,4

Can Essential Oils control virus, eg SARS / Bird Flu?

Yes, together with alcohol compound and aldehyde can treat viral infections ie. Eucalyptus, Lavender, Green Tea, Sandalwood, Citronelle, Chypre, Orange Neroli, Rose, Menthe and Thyme.

Compared to the bacteria, virus has no membrane wall and is easier to destroy when it is in the air. It can not last more than 2 hours in the air if it does not get to a host. It needs to stay on a host to survive. Once it is on a host, viruses are difficult to eradicate without harming the host's own cells. Medical science can not touch most viral infections.

The key to control viruses is to have a healthy immune system and to protect oneself from secondary infections.