A friend has been going to the doctor because she has been suffering from panic attacks which she thinks she does not have the reason why. She says that she can handle all the attacks better if she knew what she was panicking about. But since she could not actually put a reason to why she is having such, she has gone to the doctor to ask for expert help.

The doctor has told her that everyone has their own panic attacks. Each individual has a different reason why he (or she) panics. And each individual has a different way of handling the attacks. As for the case of this friend, she just is not able to be in control when the panic attacks occur. And one of the things that has been recommended was to try out aromatherapy sessions using several essential oils.

Yes. There are certain essential oils which can actually help a person get rid of the feeling of panic or of these panic attacks. Having an attack can be a really nasty feeling and you sure would not want to have that. To help you with that, you can resort to these essential oils.

So what essential oils can help with panic? One of these is that of the rose. The rose may just be a flower for you but its essential oils will certainly help you a lot when you start to panic. Its color can be a deep red if it is absolute and it would have a thick consistency. However, if it has been distilled, the color can be a light yellow and the consistency is quite thin. Its scent is floral and sweet. You can also use this to fight depression. It has also been known to help fight off stress and eczema.

Another one that you can use is helicrichum essential oil. It has a light yellow color and has a thin consistency. Its aroma is said to be like that of the herbs and is fresh. You can also use this for acne, eczema, wounds, skin that has been irritated, and burns.

If you are having trouble finding such pure essential oils in the market, you can go to candle shops which sell all natural candles . You will certainly find some soy candles which have been mixed with these essential oils. Just light them up at home and you are off to relieving yourself from the feeling of panic.