Aromatherapy is a form of meditation where a person's mood and mind are calmed and relaxed. They use volatile oil extracts from plants, known as essential oils, for the treatment.

The procedure is in three modes. Aerial diffusion is one form of aromatherapy for promoting environmental fragrance and disinfecting the air. Direct inhalation is used cure from illnesses. Lastly, topical application is for skin care and include massages and skin care.

Most people have a misconception of aromatherapy as an alternative form of spas and massage parlors. Aromatherapy is to induce a feeling of relaxation to the mind and body. Aromatic oils from herbs has the power to relax and soothes the brain cells which controls emotion and behavior of humans. As an over-all effect, calmness is achieved by the body. The main examples for essential oils are lemon balm, lavender and eucalyptus.

Besides relaxation, aromatherapy is also used for the cure of ill-ness and habits that are harmful to the body. These mainly includes:

Smoking: Aromatherapy has the power to promote relaxation and treat anxiety of smoker and relax them each time when they experience nicotine cravings. This will aid in the rehabilitation process.

Labor: Certain oils stimulate uterine and relax the muscles for normal expel of the baby.

Eating Disorders: people suffering from eating disorders can undergo aromatherapy to have a calming effect.

Minor Illnesses: Different plant oils contain varied chemicals. These chemicals have a wide ranging therapeutic properties.

Aromatherapy can work wonders on your mind and body.