Aromatherapy Oils: To Refresh Your Mind & Body

Aromatherapy is considered as an excellent healer for several diseases. It has been in practice since the time immemorial. It is widely used in providing cure to several diseases. In this therapy, the pleasing scent of the oils is used to counter the ill effects of several diseases. As per the philosophy associated with this healing practice is that the auspicious odor has a positive impact on the mind of a patient. This helps in the activation of the defense mechanism of the body. The overall result of this is a perfect cure for several ailments related to mind and body.

The Aromatherapy Oil is widely used in the massage therapy. This is a predominant form of aromatherapy in which the massage is used to provide a cure. The lifestyle of an individual has changed drastically. Owing to long working hours and busy schedule, there are various diseases that are cropping up. One such disease is stress. It is a very serious problem as it causes various other problems to crop us.

The aromatherapy in the form of the massage is an excellent therapy to combat this problem. In this, the pressurized workout of the fingers, hands & elbows is performed over the body. The aromatherapy oils are widely used for this purpose. These help in changing the mood of an individual, thus providing relief from the stress. Moreover, the pleasing odor also helps in providing refreshment and relaxation to an individual.

Apart from this, the Aromatherapy Oil are also used in various other applications. The massage is just a small application area. Apart from this, these are also employed in several other applications. Some of the most popular products in this category are discussed below along with their applications.

Aromatherapy Oil Of Allspice Or Jamaican Pepper

It comes in the category of the evergreen tropical shrub. It harbors various properties like anti-inflammatory, warming and soothing), carminative, and anti-flatulent properties, etc. Owing to these properties, it is widely used for various purposes. It also contains vitamin A, vitamin B-6, niacin, and vitamin-C. Owing to this, it is very effective in combating infectious agents. Apart from this, it is also used in several medicines.

Aromatherapy Oil Of Basil

It is a very popular form of oil that is widely used for several clinical purposes. It is widely used to treat different diseases like nausea, motion sickness, indigestion, constipation, respiratory problems, and diabetes, etc. The main ingredients of this are Vitamin A, magnesium, potassium, iron, and calcium. These ingredients help in providing perfect cure for several diseases.

Aromatherapy Oil Of Cedarwood

Another very effective aromatherapy oil is of Cedarwood. Owing to its several inherited properties, it can be used as Antiseptic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, etc.

There are various manufacturers & suppliers that are offering these oils. You can easily get these from them at most reasonable rates. The advantage of buying from these is that you can get the genuine product from them.

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Aromatherapy Essential Oils: Magical Cure to Stress

The art of aromatherapy might be centuries old, but it is not limited to massage only. The modern-day practitioners believe and claim that even when the aromatic essential oils are diffused or sprayed in the air, their fragrance also serves as a boon to treat stress and promote relaxation. The oils used in these diffusers are the therapeutic grade essential oils – obtained from the flowers, leaves, stalks, bark, rind or roots of the plants. Known for healing properties, when these oils are diffused or sprayed in the air, they stimulate the nerves in the nose. The affected nerves are the key elements that send impulses to the part of the brain that controls memory and emotion. The surprising part is that these oils are so strong that they help in controlling blood pressure, pulse and other body functions while coming in contact with the body's hormones and enzymes. Some experts also claim that the fragrance of these oils stimulates the body to produce pain-fighting hormones. This way, aromatherapy is an incredible method not only to enhance mental alertness and concentration but also to fight infections, depression, insomnia, high blood pressure and stress.

Majorly, the aromatherapy essential oils are extracted from plants through a steam distillation process. However some other processes – like solvent extraction, carbon dioxide extraction, cold pressing and florasols / phytols – are also popular across the world. The best part with oil diffusers is that the user gets maximum benefits via untouched and magical therapeutic treatment. These oils not only moisturize and refresh the air but also offer refreshed mood and better sleep, relieve stress and depression, relieve cough and sinus congestion, fight odors in house, fight insomnia and improve mental alertness.

While making aromatherapy essential oils, always keep in mind the healing effects of that particular oil. For instance, lavender is one such oil that offers fresh, sweet and floral fragrance – and it is heavily used to fight anxiety, depression, irritability, mental fatigue, panic attacks, stress etc. on the other hand, sandalwood oil offers woody and floral aroma that is considered perfect to treat low self-esteem, insecurity, stress and insomnia. The minty fragrance of peppermint oil is unbeatable when it comes to cure mental fatigue, nausea, headache, exhaustion, vertigo, asthma and sinusitis. Eucalyptus oil is best known for its antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral and anti-inflammatory properties. This way, it is used to cure respiratory problems like colds, coughs, asthma and congestion.

Make sure to use 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils only. Another thing to keep in mind is – always consult a doctor or aromatherapy expert before using these oils, especially during pregnancy.

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The Power Of Oils, Incense & Perfumes And Their Deep Healing Effects on the Mind, Body And Spirit

Aroma-therapy is based on the notification that the inhalation and use of natural scents have powerful natural effects in facilitating healing processes for the mind and the body. Healing with scents has become increasingly popular and its benefits have shown impressive results when assisting in the support of chronic ailments including allergies and long-term pain management methods. It is important to determine the role oils, incense, and perfumes play in facilitating mind, body, and spiritual balance.

Many people do not realize the positive impact that natural oils and incense can have on physical and mental wellness. It is important that individuals remain open-minded when it comes to determining the influence that the regular application of scents can have on long-term care and overall well-being. Due to its advantageous properties on health, it has become a common application in Western medicine when it comes to the management of chronic ailments and facilitating of recovery processes.

A large number of people often confuse aroma-therapy with applications developed to improve the odor of your home or living rooms. While it can be used to improve the scent of the living space, its uses extend far beyond such measures and dates back centuries of years where it was implemented for healing purposes. During ancient times, aromatic products and incense have played an imperative role in stimulating particular sensations, facilitating relaxation, and allowing for the natural recovery of the body to take place.

Sweet smelling oils derived from herbs and particular types of flowers are often implemented in spa settings for massage and relaxation as it brings about a sense of harmony and radiance in overall physical and mental operation. It has become a common part of integrated medicine where conventional remedies are implemented in combination with holistic measures that can support immune function and bodily processes. Such remedies are shown to provide a comprehensive approach to wellness for improved operation.

Aroma-therapy is recognized as one of the oldest practices that are available in natural intervention and therapeutic outcomes. It dates back an average of 5000 years where the application of essential oils and natural scents were used to aid in healing damaged tissues and a troubled mind. It is based on the theory that fragrances can stimulate particular bodily functions and aid in developing a healthy state of function over time.

With a greater focus on modern practice, these natural perfumes and fragrances are making a return to aid in strengthening the immune system and regular function in a natural and balanced manner. For common colds and allergies, having to rely on harsh prescription medication can often contribute to adverse effects and requires long-term care in order to achieve the desired results. A holistic approach is necessary to minimize reliance on antibiotics that can result in the experience of ongoing physical dysfunction and compromised immune systems against future viral and bacterial agents.

The rise in the number of health concerns expressed by adults and children has been reflected in a greater number of people searching for alternatives in order to achieve a state of mental balance and wellness. Specific essential oils and herbal remedies are available to aid in the management of chronic conditions such as arthritis, mood disorders, and sleep disorders including insomnia. Having been considered among the most common aroma-therapeutic applications, it is most beneficial to learn about the different solutions available that will aid in facilitating balanced operation.

There is the option of applying incense, oils, and herbal remedies in the home environment to aid in facilitating a sense of calmness, peace, and strengthened immune operation. If you are going to apply natural solutions and fragrances without seeing a professional, it is important to adhere to specific instructions that are included on the label of the product. While such applications are natural, it can prove harsh if it is overused and the correct intervention is not provided.

If you are suffering from mood instability and lack of focus, it is important to incorporate natural solutions that will aid in developing the balance you need. The use of incense is a popular choice for those who need to study or concentrate on work. The selected aroma can clarify thoughts processes and bring about a state of optimum mental function including heightened levels of awareness.

One of the most common problems that people suffer from is an inability to gain the necessary restful states that can affect healthy function on a daily basis. Insomnia will result in poor focus and a lethargic state that is not only negative for physical operation, but also for emotional clarity as your mood becomes severely impacted. For those who struggle to fall sleep the application of essential oils and aroma can aid in facilitating a state of wellness and improved rest.

The scents work by triggering different emotions in individuals that includes a strong psychological effect. This involves an intensive state of inner peace and wellness as the mind is transported to a favorable place or fond past memory upon the intervention of a particular fragrance. When these harmonious states occur, it allows a complete state of relaxation to overtake the body and to assist in working towards stability and balance.

Exposure to the correct types of aroma can aid in stimulating the olfactory methods that will influence perception, memory, and physical responses. The selection of a particular scent should be determined according to personal preference and research into the particular properties of the product. There are certain types of oils recognized as facilitating healing processes within the body and greater levels of stability in overall physical and emotional function.

It is important to consider the powerful properties of essential oils, scents, and perfumes that can assist in developing stronger function and healthier states for fuller operation and stronger immune systems. Consider the sweet scent of lavender to quell anxiety, jasmine to rejuvenate energy, eucalyptus to aid in muscle tension, and tea tree for allergic and similar irritations. With the benefits offered for health and wellness, there are more reasons to incorporate such solutions into everyday function

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Favourite Solid Perfume Balms Are Trendy With Benefits

Now, when it comes to perfumes, you can find a choice between solid, liquid and oil-based fragrances. Solid perfume balms are now trendy in the market. These aromas are in fashion now and have caught the fancy of modern generation. If you are feeling burnt out or feeling exhausted in a sunny summer afternoon, then get ready to wear some amazing fragrances.

How to use

Aromatic salves are the solid perfumes which ooze out amazing fragrances when they are nicely massaged into your body. These aromas are mainly rubbed into the pulses of your body, like the elbow and below the ears. While they rubbed into your skin, the salve is absorbed creating an aromatic and therapeutic effect on your soul, body and mind. The divine fragrance will help to relax your from your stress.


These aromas have created the wave in the market as the online and offline stores are now bombarded with such new stock of aromas. These are easy to carry for any party or office as they are handy for the handbags. Also, due to their nature, they promise not to leak or spill. These aromas are different from liquid sprays and come with a lot of benefits. There is no threat of evaporation and can fit into any sized bag.

A nice gift

If you are looking to gift something appealing to your girl on her birthday then what else can be a better option that this? These aromas are available in a range of fragrances and flavors. The best part of gifting this is that these aromas come in a range of fragrances to suit your personality. So, you can choose one according to your girl's mood and choice.

These aromas are mainly available as lip tube, lip pot, old vintage jar, medicine key rungs, etc. For gift, choose the one which can be mood-uplifting and made up of completely organic ingredients. The best ones will be made of essential oils of herbs and flowers which are concocted to suit the personality traits of every individual.

DIY recipe

There are great recipes to blend these aromas. Spoonfuls of essential and fragrant oils (lavender jasmine and sandalwood are the popular ones) are mixed in a bowl and set aside. Next, they are blended with grown beeswax (found at health stores) over heat and stirred well. Remove the heat and continue stirring. While the wax and oils are concocted, they are carefully carefully into small tins, jars and cases which are generally round in shape. These are allowed to cool. The recipe is so easy and takes so less time, that you can try making one yourself for your loved one.

If you lack of time, then grab a container from any leading online store. If you want to get the best quality balm you need to place the order on some branded store. Do a little survey to find the best online store and avail good discount.

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Essential Oil Uses in the Home

Essentials oil uses in the home include fighting odors, making housecleaning products, enhancing aromatherapy and repelling common insects. Essentials oils are not the same as perfume, fragrance or potpourri oils. Instead of containing synthetic ingredients, they contain the true essence of the plant from which they were extracted.

The pleasant fragrance of essential oils will help to fight odours in the home. Sprinkling two to three drops of orange oil in a garbage can will eliminate offensive smells. Or, sprinkling three to four drops of lemongrass into the toilet bowl will block unpleant bathroom odours. For sheets that smell fresh when they come out of storage, sprinkle three to four drops of lavender oil on a paper towel and tuck the paper towel into folded bed linens.

Essential oils may be used in home-made housecleaning products. For simple dusting jobs, fill a spray bottle with water and just a few drops of lemon oil. Spray onto the surface and wipe clean. For an effective floor cleaner, mix two equal parts water and vinegar in a large squirt bottle. Add 15 drops of peppermint oil and shake well. Apply directly to the floor and mop up with clean water.

Many home owners use them for aromatherapy. For a relaxing bath, use this recipe provided by The Aromatherapy Place: mix five drops each of sandalwood, chamomile and lemon oil plus one drop of almond oil. For aromatherapy around the house, consider purchasing an diffuser to spread pleasant scents through different rooms.

Essential oils may repel household insects. For instance, place peppermint in an entryway to keep ants from entering the home. Using a wet cloth with 10 drops of either lavender or lemongrass to wipe a window will help to repel flies. For fleas, fill a squirt bottle with water and a few drops of peppermint, spearmint, lavender or lemongrass oils.

Many on-line distributors provide essential oils, but not every distributor makes oils of high quality. Some sellers will supply samples that allow customers to try out the products before buying them. Also, good companies will provide information on the oil's botanical name, method of extraction and country of origin. In addition, customers should look at the prices of multiple oils to ensure that vendors do not sell all of their oils at the same price. Different oils have more value, and their price should reflect their value.

Essential oils must never be used on the skin in their undiluted form. Also, some oils should be avoided by pregnant women or by those with asthma, epilepsy or other medical conditions. Consumers may direct questions to a qualified aromatherapy practitioner or to a physician. Also, many on-line databases contain information about essential oils used in the home and any attached precautions.

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Beneficial Ways to Use Essential Oils for Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy has gotten better known in recent times, and people are unaware of the many ways organic essential oils may be used to treat a range of disorders or just simply to make a room smell better. There is actually a scientific basis for aromatherapy, as different smells actually have an effect on our brains and how we feel. This article will look at some of the methods you can use to improve your life with essential oils and aromatherapy.

We all like certain smells and dislike others, and some scents can even change the way feel or sometimes evoke old memories. That's why perfumes and colognes are so accredited. These are actually forms of aromatherapy, as they're scents created to have a certain effect on the wearer, or people who come into contact with the wearer. The basis for essential oils being effective is that our sense of smell being related to the limbic system of the brain, which can discharge a variety of hormones in our bodies. That's why a certain smell can make us feel relaxed, euphoric or even sexually aroused. Obviously, fragrances can also have destructive effects too however these are not the ones we purposely develop with essential oils.

Tea tree oil is very popular for its wide range of therapeutic properties. Skin issues such as acne, boils and athlete's foot, all benefit greatly from treatment with tea tree oil. Native to Australia, tea tree oil is used all over the world due to its amazing hits. Due to its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, it acts much like a natural antibiotic and can be used to treat infections effectively. The immune system can also gain benefits from tea tree oil as it helps to strengthen it, especially during times of widespread disease. Swelling, arthritis, insect bites and cold sores are just a few of the conditions tea tree oil can treat when applied as a compress. Products such as toothpaste, gum rinses and mouthwash often contain tea tree oil due to its disinfectant properties. However, tea tree oil should never be ingested and you need to also protect your eyes from it.

Lavender is quite popular due to the calm and peaceful effect it has. It can help you feel relaxed or fall sleep at night if you have insomnia. Lavender has also been extremely popular over the ages in perfumes. Lavender is also popular in spotted products such as soaps, shampoos and shower gels. If you want to enjoy an amazingly relaxing experience, simply add a drop of lavender oil to your bath water. Lavender is not an expensive essential oil and is quite easy to find. Every aromatherapy kit should include this oil as a staple.

There are hundreds of essential oils which have an array of uses in aromatherapy. To some amount, the ones that you choose will be a personal selection, yet a number of oils are proposed for a variety of maladies and purposes also. In this article we've only had room to go over a few uses for essential oils, because this is an awesome subject matter which you could delve into for a lifetime. Yet you do not have to be an expert to start enjoying the pleasures and benefits of aromatherapy right away.

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How to Diffuse Essential Oils

I try to use oils on a day-to-day basis. I use them by inhalation, in the bath or shower, topical, and by diffusing. Maybe you are wondering how to diffuse essential oils. This is where I come in to help you learn how and the benefits of diffusing oils.


A diffuser is specifically designed to vaporize a fine mist of the essential oil of your choice into the air. This allows the oil to remain hanging in the air for several hours. The diffuser spreads the oil without heating or burning, unlike candles or aroma lamps. Heating or burning can deliver the oil therapeutically less beneficial and may even create toxins.

Benefits of Diffusing

It has been known that cold air diffusing particular essential oils can:

  • Relieve headaches
  • Reduce bacteria, mold, and unpleasant odors
  • Relax the body, clear the mind, and tieve tension
  • Improve concentration, mental clarity, and alertness
  • Improve digestive function
  • Improve hormonal balance
  • and so much more …

Guidance for Diffusing

  • Check the thickness of the oil. It is important the oil is not too thick, otherwise it will plug the diffuser and make cleaning harder.
  • You may start by diffusing your chosen oil for 15-30 minutes a day. But as you become accustomed you will find yourself increasing the time to 1-2 hours each day.
  • If you are using a diffuser for respiratory problems then try diffusing only at night and for the evening night.
  • Placing the diffuser high in the room will allow the mist to fall through the air and remove any odors much better.
  • It is important to remember to wash your diffuser in between different essential oils. To do this, wash with a natural soap and warm water.

Other Ways to Diffuse

If you do not own a diffuser or you are not able to purchase one it is alright. There are other ways to diffuse your essential oils. Such as:

  • Add the oil to cedar chips to make potpourri and add them to your closets or drawers. You may even leave them by your bed while you are sleeping.
  • Put any essential oil of your chosen onto cotton balls or tissues. Then place them in your home, work, car, or air conditioning vents.
  • You may put a few drops of oil in a bowl or pan and place it on a warm stove top.
  • Take a damp cloth and place a few drops of your essential oil onto it, then place the cloth near an intake duct so the smell can be carried through your entire home.

I love to help individuals learn about oils and how they can benefit from using them!

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5 Facts on Essential Oils and Grading of Essential Oils

How to know the truth

Essential oils are the craze these days. Almost everyone you talk to is using them and now even large retail chains are selling them. So how do you know which ones are the best? How do you know which ones are pure? I am going to tell you 5 facts to help you determine what to look for in purity and quality.

Fact one

There is no governing body that grades or certifies production or quality of, nor sets a standard for grading essential oils. The pharmaceutical grade oils is a marketing campaign, a very good one, but just a marketing ploy. There is one company that has coined the phrase “Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade”, it is just a marketing tool. When you are looking at essential oils do not be fooled by certificates or grades.

Fact two

The ISO, International Organization for Standardization, was established in 1947 to certify universally accepted standards for individual essential oils. They provide the specifications for industryorms so that each batch of oils is similar in flavor or fragrance. They do not set a grading system of quality. They simply set the specifications so that each batch is the same in 2015 as it was in 1947. When an essential oil is ISO certified it simply means that it has been distilled to their specifications but it in no way reflects the grade of that essential oil .

Fact three

The AFNOR is simply the French branch of the ISO. It again is just setting specifications fororms. It does not set a quality standard but is used in order to set the highest purity and quality available but there is not a rating system. They set the industry standard for quality.

Fact four

The next fact that I am going to mention is the GRAS certification. This stands for Generally Recognized as Safe when used as recommended or for the intended purpose. It is FDA pre-market and approval for food additive use certificate and is what food grade is intended for. It is for those essential oils that are used in food and are deemed safe to use for flavoring. There is a list with the FDA on these approved oils. Remember, not all essential oils are approved for internal use and should be used with great caution if they are not on this list. If you are going to ingest them, for more than the use in food, then you need to consult with your doctor for their recommendation. Not all essential oils are GRAS rated and can reach toxic levels when ingested.

Fact five

The final fact relates to the testing of essential oils that shows the quality of them. These tests show actual purity of each and every batch. The tests are the GC / MS (or gas chromatography / mass spectrometry), chirality testing, heavy metal / pesticide / herbicide testing, organoleptic testing, optical rotation and refraction index testing, specific gravity testing and microbial testing. These tests are to make sure that they are free of synthetics and impurities. These are the tests that you want to look for when you are choosing your next batch of oils.

For more information click here .

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Candles Do Not Need To Cost The Earth Or Our Health

Everybody loves relaxing with some atmospheric candlelight in the background, whether it is unwinding in the bath or a romantic meal with a loved one, candles can enhance our mood and lighten our souls. But what most do not realize is what they can do to our health. Most candles, even many of the luxury candles from top designer brands are made using paraffin, a by-product of crude oil production. Burning paraffin candles in unventilated spaces releases toxic chemicals and even carcinogens into the air, while nobody is suggesting that being in the presence of a candle for an hour or two will give you or your family cancer or breathing difficulties, over time it could increase the risks.

There are of course alternatives, many chandlers now produce soy wax candles, these avoid the harmful toxins and are a good alternative, however sourcing materials from genetically modified crops does not sit well with many. If you do not have a problem with GMOs then soy ishaps for you.

Palm oil is great for candles, producing fantastic burn times and taking on scents easily, however there is a devastating side effect to the use of palm oil in products and that is to the world's rainforests. Palm oil production is the number one risk to the endangerment of Orangutans. For most, this is not a price worth paying so the number of palm oil candles on the market is limited.

Beeswax is the most natural of all candle materials and has been used for millennia. Nature provides here with a sustainable but expensive by-product of honey production. Beeswax candles have a lovely natural scent but can not be mixed with other scents. They are also yellow in color which is not to the taste of all. Beeswax is a great option for candles if you are looking for candlelight the old fashioned way and are not concerned about different aromas or aesthetics.

Finally, rapeseed wax candles produce similar advantages to soy wax but do not come from GM crops, nor do they rack up the air miles that soy wax does coming from North America. Rapeseed is widely available as a natural crop around the UK and Europe and has recently gained culinary respect for its benefits as a cooking oil. If it is good enough for our food it should be good enough for our candles. Rapeseed candles burn clean with no soot, last longer and are more eco-friendly than palm oil, soy and paraffin. Candles made using rapeseed are slightly more expensive than soy, but for something that combines excellent results with the health and ecological benefits it is the winner when it comes to luxury scented candles.

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Essential Oils: For Perfect Wellness and Health Standards

The essential oils have been in use since the time immemorial because of their countless benefits. These are basically the oils that have been extracted from the leaves, stems and roots of various species of plants. These contain the essence of the plants which is widely used for various purposes.

These are basically extracted from the herbs. The herbs are widely known for their healing properties. Some of the most popular attributes of these plants are antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and unique medicinal properties. Owing to these properties, the extracted oils from the herbs are widely used. Some of the most popular usage of essential oils is discussed below.

Improve Your Physical Wellness

The drastic change in the lifestyle has given birth to several problems & diseases. The toxicity level, poor diet, lack of exercise and various other environmental factors are responsible for deteriorating health standards. The essential oils and essential oils infused supplements help in improving your health standards. As these are extracted from naturally occurring herbs, these contain minerals & vitamins that provide proper nourishment to the body.

Refine Your Skin

The essential oils are considered as the best remedy for various skin related problems. The beauty products containing these oils help in providing proper cleansing of the skin. These help in providing nourishment to the skin cells. There are various environmental factors like sun rays, dust, weather and pollution, adversely affect our skin. To counter the effect of these factors and to provide proper nourishment, these oils are widely used.

Rejuvenate Your Spirit

Our body needs pampering in order to get complete relaxation. To get rid of anxiety and stress, the massage is the best therapy. The essential oils are widely used in this therapy because of their pleasant fragrance and healing nature.The massage helps in revitalizing your spirit. Moreover, the pleasing odor of these compounds helps in developing a positive energy inside the body.

Purify Your Home

The essential oils infused compounds also act as insecticides. Their pleasing odor acts as an insect repellent. Owing to this property, these are widely used in making various insect repellent compounds.

Spiritual Healing & Meditation

The essential oils and products contain these are widely used in aromatherapy. In this therapy, the fragrances play a crucial role in providing healing from various diseases. The auspicious odor of these compounds helps in rejuvenating the spirit. These help a lot in providing complete wellness to an individual.

Some of the most popular oils are lavender, clove, jasmine, sandalwood and various others. These are widely used in the manufacturing of medicines, cosmetics, beauty products, insect repellent and various other products.

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Aromatherapy and Exercise, Is It a Match Made in Heaven or Non-Compatible?

Aromatherapy is useful for a lot of things. The use of essential oils from various different plants can do wonders for you if applied correctly. Aromatherapy can help with your mental well-being, it can help with anxiety, depression and insomnia but can it be used for your physical health?

We ask the question is aromatherapy useful for exercise or is it just non-compatible?

Aromatherapy for injury prevention and recovery

As is common with a lot of complementary therapies, aromatherapy is not only great for mental health, but also for repairing the body. It is with this in mind we start answering the question above.

There are various essential oils that can be used to relieve pain and help with the healing process. Some oils will have an analgesic property which has been shown to relate pain; others will have anti-inflammatory properties, great for pain relief and recovery. What this means is when you're exercising you can use oils before and after a session to minimize the impact your body takes but also use of oils will allow you to recover more quickly.

When it comes to exercise having a body in good condition is quite useful and by speeding up the recovery process, it enables you to start exercising more often and therefore improve your physical performance.

Already it can be said that aromatherapy goes well with exercise, but what about improving your physical performance not after but during exercise?

How it can help during exercise

This is where the question and following answer becomes more interesting. Whilst injury prevention and recovery is extremely important to an athlete it does not directly improve their physical performance. What is the effectiveness of essential oils during exercise?

The human body relies heavily on the circulation of blood during exercise, in particular distributing oxygen and nutrients to the areas of the body that need it the most. The good news for aromatherapy is of course that essential oils can help your circulation flow and will improve it. This means you can use it to improve a basic function of your body and a vital one during exercise; ultimately resulting in improved physical performance.

It sees as if aromatherapy is very useful when it comes to exercise and certainly not irrelevant. Not only can it improve the rate of recovery and reduce pain it can also help improve the circulation of blood during exercise and almost improve the efficiency in which your body 'oils the system'.

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Lemongrass Essential Oil

The lemongrass essential oil is obtained by having the blades and the leaves from the grass steam distilled. Lemongrass is very commonly used when cooking, but the high concentrated oil can be used for many other benefits. The lemon aroma is used in producing many conventional cleaners and you are there before likely to be reminded of a chemical when you inhale the lemongrass essential oil.

The benefits

The lemongrass essential oil comes with a number of benefits to health.

· It supports and boosts healthy digestion

· It soothes muscles and tendons that are aching

· It purifies as well as tones the skin

· It relieves depression and that heavy feeling most people feel when they are emotionally or mentally disturbed

· It relaxes the nerves

The best thing about the lemongrass essential oil is that it can be used together with a number of other oils including lavender, eucalyptus, rosemary and geranium. Blending the oil with any other increases the benefits that you get and you can mix depending on the results that you are looking for.

Using lemongrass essential oil

Before using lemongrass essential oil, test on a small skin area to determine skin sensitivity and allergy. It is also very important to remember that excessive use of this oil can cause skin sensitization since there is a need to use it mildly for best results. When applying it, keep it off the nose, ears and the eyes.

1. For sore joints and muscle strains, combine equal amounts of the oil and coconut oil, then massage topically around the areas giving you issues. It will soothe the pains away.

2. To promote healthy digestion, you can use it to flavor meat dishes and entrees.

3. To achieve healthy and clean toenails, combine it with Melaleuca then apply to the nails. This can be done for several days for best results to be reaped.

4. If you are looking for a way to keep insects at bay while outdoors, rub a little oil onto your skin. It works wonders in repelling the insects.

5. If you are feeling desperate, anxious or having a feeling of unrest, you can inhale the oil, softly by placing a drop on your palm and rubbing the hands together before inhaling for at least 30 seconds. You will love how relaxed and calm the oil will make you feel.

6. It can be used in the post workout soothing bath. Simply add at least 10 drops of the oil and add marjoram oil in two cups of Epsom salt before pouring under running hot water so the salt can dissolve completely. You can then soak in the bath for half an hour to soothe your entire body after an intense workout.

7. To use as a refreshing deodorant, fill a spray bottle of 4 oz. with ten drops of the lemongrass essential oil and also witch hazel and then spray the solution under your arms to stay fresh.

8. If you want to enjoy the energy boosting benefits of lemongrass essential oil, make a blend of the oil, peppermint and wild orange in equal parts and place in your diffuser.

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Essential Oil Of Peppermint

The aroma is widely used in candy, but the oil does much more than add flavor. It has actually been in use for centuries as a remedy for sinus, respiratory and digestive problems. The stems, flower buds and leaves are all steam distilled to get the essential oil and the natural aroma of the plant is minty but sweet.

The essential oil of peppermint is used in supporting joint and muscle health, nervous, digestive and also respiratory systems. It has a cooling effect on the skin, but it may cause tingling in people who have sensitive skin. It should be kept off the eyes because it can be irritating. Before using any essential oil, always remember to do a skin test so that you know which oils you can use safely. It is also important to dilute oils that are highly concentrated and scorching for the skin.

The Benefits

· The essential oil of peppermint promotes respiratory function, health and also Promotes clear breathing.

· It alleviates stomach aches and discomforts

· It is also used to promote oral health and it is found in lots of chewing gums and toothpastes.

· It rejuvenates and uplifts the mind and heart, keeping stress, fear, sadness and pain at bay.

· It offers great relief to people suffering from hopelessness, pessimism and grief by promoting better understanding and calmness of the nerves.

The essential oil of peppermint can be used with wild orange, spearmint and wintergreen for improved results, especially when used to relieve stress and to uplift your moods and spirits.

Using essential oil of peppermint

1. For a clean and fresh mouth, use a drop of the essential oil and lemon in water and then use the water to rinse the mouth. You will have a fresh mouth for longer because the combination kills bacteria in the mouth.

2. To re-energize without having to snack, you have to apply a little of the oil on the palms before inhaling deeply. You will be surprised by how rejuvenated and energized you will feel after the inhalation.

3. To get rid of ticks, place a drop onto the tick and then wait a few minutes to see the tick back out or fall off the host easily.

4. You can also use the oil to enhance your mental clarity by applying a drop of the oil onto your temples.

5. If you want to soothe a skin salve, combine 2 cups of oil with quarter a cup of beeswax and then heat until the two combine. You can then add 20 drops of peppermint essential oil while the solution is still hot and 15 drops of essential oils of lavender before using.

6. If you are looking for a cooling spray, then you can also use this essential oil to get exactly what you are looking for. Simply combine the oil and water in your spray bottle, then mist to enjoy that cooling effect.

7. Using the oil, you can also make an invigorating lip balm. Heat two tablespoons of oil with a tablespoon of beeswax and then add 10 drops of peppermint into the combination and allow cooling. You can then use when firm and cooled.

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Are Organic Essential Oils Less Effective Than Non-Organic Oils?

Judging quality, how do you do it? Some people judge quality by looking at the overall package. They consider price, availability, ease of use etc. Other people judge quality on its effectiveness to do a job. Other people care about ethics and use that as a mark of quality.

The point we're trying to make is that to different people quality means different things. This leads us on to our point of discussion.

As we teach aromatherapy we're of course interested in the debt around its use. A common question we come across is; Are organic essential oils better or worse than non-organic oils?

We could look at this question in a number of ways but we want to focus on effectiveness to answer the question today.

Our question is therefore not about price, ethics or availability but instead how well it does its job.

What is an organic essential oil?

Before we look at the effectiveness of organic essential oils over non-organic oils we should first define what one is.

If an essential oil is organic it is because it follows a set of rules that decide what an organic product is. Like with food these rules are regulated by a government body.

Just like with food, the place of production is certified organic rather the product itself and then the products they produce are certified organic from then on. Quite simply if the producer is not certified organic then the product is not.

The regulations will differ from country to country but effectively an organic essential oil will be produced without the use of chemicals.

Are organic essential oils better than non-organic?

Now we know exactly what organic oils are, it is now time to judge if it is better than the non-organic counterpart. Remembering what we're judging quality on, effectiveness, the answer simply has to be a no.

It will not have any effect on the effectiveness of the oil if it is organic or not. In many cases it can perform less efficiently if produced inefficiently.

What actually makes it more effective is the process. A lot of factors come in to play but the big ones are the seeds used to start the plants, how they're grown and maintained, how they're harvested and distilled.

Other benefits of organic essential oils

Despite their lack of edge in the effectiveness department, it does not necessarily mean that they are not a better choice for a lot of people. As we discussed earlier to a lot of people the ethics of a product is very important. You might like the organic culture; you might feel cleaner knowing that there are not any pesticides in your essential oils. You might be happier knowing that you're supporting a certain business and that you know who you're supporting throughout the chain of production.

These factors matter to a lot of people when judging quality. In our opinion though, when it comes down to effectiveness organic essential oils are no better than non-organic oils.

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What Makes Rose Essential Oil Beneficial To Health?

Roses are still considered to be the most beautiful of all flowers and they are part of innumerable legacies, legends and stories. The flowers come in different varieties and colors, sizes and shape and actually have incomparable fragrances that can match every occasion. Apart from their beauty, the flowers are used for their medicinal properties. Rose extracts, especially from the Damascus roses are believed to be original roses and with the strong aroma and fragrance, can have health benefits and are used to ease a number of health issues. The oil is considered to be beneficial to health for a number of reasons.

1. It is an antidepressant

The rose essential oil can be used to boost confidence, mental strength and self-esteem as well as fight depression thanks to the antidepressant properties that it has. Regular doses help bring positive boosts into the lives of acute depression patients. The oil is also heavily used in aromatherapy to involve spiritual relaxation, happiness, hope, a feeling of joy and positive thoughts.

2. It is an antiseptic

The rose oil has antiseptic properties that make it good for treating wounds and protecting them from infections. It offers a luxurious and fragrant way of dealing with the wounds and aid faster relief. You will definitely enjoy using the essential oil on the wounds because of the fragrance that lingers on your skin.

3. It is an antiviral

This is another great property of the rose essential oil, making it popular for health boosting. It shields the body against all types of viruses, thus keeping you protected from a number of viral infections. It is a good oil to incorporate into your lifestyle to enjoy this benefit.

4. It is antispasmodic

The oil has shown efficiency in relieving respiratory systems and intestine spasms. It also helps with muscular spasms on the limbs by offering relief from muscle pulls, convulsion, spasmodic cholera and cramps results from the spasms.

5. It is an astringent

The essential oil of rose has astringent properties that make it a good remedy for strengthening hair roots and gums, lifting and toning the skin and contracting blood vessels, intestines and muscles. This way protection against wrinkles, loss of intestine firmness and loss of hair and teeth is achieved. The properties also help in stopping blood flow to cuts and wounds through blood vessel contracting and they also help in relieving some diarrhea types.

6. It is bactericidal

This property of the oil makes it a good remedy for cholera, diarrhea, typhoid, food poisoning among other bacteria related issues. It offers help to bacterial infections in the intestines, urinary tract, stomach and the colon and can also be used for external infections of the eyes, ears and skin.

7. It is a laxative

The beautiful smell of the rose essential oil serves as an effective and harmless laxative. It also has a way of influencing the anal and intestinal muscles helping with the clearing of the bowels. The oil can actually be used to help weight loss and prevent body toxicity, as a result of this laxative property.

The essential oil of rose has so many properties that make it a great addition to improving health and quality of life in general. You can use the oil in different ways to enjoy the benefits.

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