The Hidden Health Benefits Of Citrus Essential Oils

Aromatherapy and the use of essential oils continues to be one of the preferred alternative methods of healing that is 100% all natural and safe when used as directed.

Essentials oils are extracted from plants, bark, flowers, fruits, and other botanicals to yield a highly concentrated therapeutic grade oil. There are many different types of essential oils for good health, including, but not limited to lavender, eucalyptus, lemongrass, tea tree, jasmine, and many others.

Citrus essential oils offer a variety of health benefits and these oils typically cost less than other oils like lavender, and rose oil.

Varieties Of Citrus Oils

Extracts of these fruits all fall under the category of citrus essential oils:

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Mandarins
  • Oranges
  • Tangerines
  • Grapefruits

The oil is cold pressed from the rind of the fruit to yield a 100% pure therapeutic grade oil that is used for various health purposes.

Some of their health benefits include the ability to neutralize acid in the body and promote immune system health that in turn helps us fight infections, bacteria, and viruses better.

All these oils, like the fruits from which they are derived are full of healthy antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients. Citrus oils also promote natural energy; they are uplifting and have anti-depressant qualities.

Lime Oil

Lime oil has a sweet, refreshing, stimulating, intense, and tart scent, just like fresh limes!

Healing Properties: Lime oil is an antiseptic that can cure infections and protect against them.

As a topical application, it can cure minor skin wounds like rashes. It also helps psoriasis.

When consumed it can help with infections of the mouth, colon, throat, stomach, and urinary tract. Lime oil can also help alleviate respiratory infections, such as bronchitis, flu, coughs, and is effective as a home cold remedy.

As an antiviral, lime oil can help fight and protect against viral infections that cause colds, measles, and mumps. Its astringent qualities help to cure toothaches, and strengthen the gums. Additionally it can help diarrhea, and can stop hemorrhaging by contracting blood vessels.

Lime oil is also an aperitif, which means it activates the secretion of digestive juices to promote hunger and stimulate the appetite, something that can be especially helpful for those with serious disease where appetite is a problem, such as cancer.

As a bactericidal, lime essential oil can be used to treat bacterial infections, like cholera. It helps fight internal bacterial infections in the stomach, and urinary tract as well as those of an external nature on the skin.

Lemon Oil

Lemon oil has a fresh, sweet, and citrusy scent.

Healing Properties: Lemon oil is uplifting and can help with depression. It is energizing, an antiseptic, an antibacterial, and supports immune system health.

It can help sore throats when gargled in a water and salt mixture. Lemon oil has astringent and detoxifying properties that can increase luster in dull skin. Its antiseptic properties help treat and control acne, and oily skin and help with other skin disorders.

Lemon oil is calming and can help with fatigue, anxiety, insomnia, and nervousness. It promotes good mood, and helps to eradicate negative emotions.

When inhaled from an aromatherapy diffuser it can increase concentration and alertness, a great option for the office desk.

Lemon oil is high in vitamins and antioxidants, like vitamin C and there before boosts immunity and stimulates white blood cells that fight disease. Lemon oil can also promote healthy blood circulation in the body.

Mandarin Oil

Mandarin oil also has a sweet, tangy citrusy smell, just like the fresh fruit!

Healing Properties: Mandarin oil helps alleviate stress, and can boost mood and energy.

It also helps heal stretch marks, especially when blended with another essential oil like lavender, or frankincense. It heals other skin problems, like spots, scars and can help control oily skin. It is used in home remedies for hiccups, and indigestion.

Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit has a fresh citrusy energizing scent.

Healing Properties: diuretic, stimulant, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety, cleanses the kidneys, vascular and lymphatic systems.

Orange Oil

Orange oil smells like oranges, and is therefore sweet and fruity.

Healing Properties: Orange oil contains limonene that has been proven in studies to prevent cancer. Its scent promotes happiness, and good feelings as it uplifts mood and promotes energy. It promotes healthy digestion and contains both anti-coagulant and anit-tumoral properties. It can help dull and oily skin to be healthier and more vibrant.

Like other citrus oils, orange oil is high in the antioxidant vitamin C that promotes healthy immunity to keep the body well protected against disease and infection.

Tangerine Oil

Tangerine oil also smells like the fruit it made from, sweet, juicy, and calming.

Healing Properties: This oil has a calming effect and blends perfectly with lavender to help with sleep, stress, anger, anxiety and to induction relaxation. It can help with fluid retention when blended with a carrier oil and rubbed on the feet.


Citrus essential oils can be used topically but not at full strength, they need to be diluted with a carrier oil before applying to the skin or else they can cause burns. Always check with your doctor before using oils or any natural remedy to be sure that it does not interfere with any current treatment protocols.

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Properties of Lime Essential Oil for Aromatherapy Treatments

When you think of lime, what is it that the smell reminds you of? Hot summer days? A slice of lime casually popped in the neck of your beer bottle to add a little extra zingy refreshment? That energizing shower gel your girlfriend bought you a couple of weeks ago, that really seemed to get you kick-started in the shower?

That is just what lime has been shown to be especially great for when used in aromatherapy treatments – energizing and cheering up . Over the years, there have been many holistic remedies based on this citrus essential oil, it is reported to help the body to renew, and also to purify the mind. On top of these great benefits, it is also helpful for cleansing, both mentally and physically.

The citrus aroma adds something sweet yet tart, and you do not need a lot to reap the benefits. In fact, as value for money goes, you'll get the most bang for your buck with lime essential oils, needing only a couple of drops at a time.

The oil is well-known for helping to alleviate the symptoms of depression, and you may find that using a lime-spotted shower gel really helps to boost your mood first thing in the morning. You may even want to consider using a lime (or any citrus) anti-perspirant to stop you smelling through the day? Alternately, you could always add a couple of drops of the lime essential oil to your regular shower gel, or even make your own DIY shampoo, from all-natural, benefit-packed ingredients.

* Make sure you are using 100% natural lime essential oil, safe to use on the skin. Also, never use essential oils directly on the skin, mixing it into a carrier oil or lotion first.

Not just great for alleviating depression, stress can be combated by using lime essential oil, and one of the easiest ways to have a stress-free home is to light lime-scented candles. You could even use an oil burner and add a few drops of the lime spotted oil. When your mood feels happy because of the euphoria induced by the fragrance, the rest of you will catch up, and that's what helps to make it energizing. The scent, as a whole, is an uplifting, energizing one.

If you are feeling lethargic, why not give yourself a foot and leg massage with handmade lime and peppermint foot cream? The scent will really help to de-stress and cheer-up your mind, while the peppermint cools your tired lower limbs, and the lime essential oil sacrifices many benefits to the table, including being an all-natural pain reliever.

One of the simplest ways to use lime essential oil for its aromatherapy properties, is to pop a couple of drops into warm, bubble-free bath water, or you could even consider some DIY bath salts with Epsom salts to exfoliate as you go. Think of it as the lazy girls way to end the day – the Epsom salts will exfoliate and help to get rid of cellulite as well as evening out the tone of your skin, and the lime will help to kill any aches and pains, as well as fighting off depression and clearing your sinuses and sinus-headaches too!

I'd say the properties of lime essential oil for aromatherapy treatments talk for themselves, do not you?

There are so many ways that you can use various essentials oil in your daily health and beauty regimes, and you can find plenty of them in 135+ DIY Beauty Hacks & Recipes All Smart Girls Should Know. Why not check it out for yourself and learn how the all-natural approach might just be the right approach for you?

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Four Key Points To Keep In Mind When Purchasing An Essential Oil

If you are just beginning to delve into the healing practice of aromatherapy, a primary concern is locating a trustworthy source for essential oil. What do we look for in determining the quality before we buy? Begin by assuming the responsibility to research the product and be able to answer four key questions before spending a dime.

First, it is important that the essential oil that you are considering for purchase will be described by its botanical name. Of course, the common name for the oil is most likely also noted, but the true, botanical name points to the botanical source of the oil. If the seller does not include a botanical name, you can not be sure that what you're purchasing is suitable for the therapeutic use.

Consider Lavender Essential oil to illustrate the importance of the botanical name when going to purchase an oil. If a product is simply labeled 'Lavender Essential Oil' drop it from consideration because you really do not know what's in that bottle. Lavender essential oil should be further described by its genus (Lavandula) and followed by a word that defines it species. Lavandula augustifolia or L. augustifolia is 'True Lavender'. Lavandula latifolia or L. latifolia is 'Spike Lavender'. In addition to these two species, there are other Lavandula genus, essential oils on the market. One species is not necessarily better than the other, it all depends on the therapeutic use that you have in mind.

Whereas many essential oils are produced from the entire plant, there are a number of oils which are extracted from a specific part of the plant. In your initial research of any specific oil in regards to a particular therapeutic use, a good aromatherapeutic resource book will state which part of the plant is used in the extraction process. For this reason, the second point of information that should be readily available to the consumer is the part of the plant used for that particular oil.

Next, the country of origin should be noted. Eucalyptus from Australia has a slightly different therapeutic potential than a Eucalyptus sourced from South Africa. Refer to your aromatherapy resource book beforehand and know the differences between the various species of a single genus and the aromatherapeutic properties attributed to each species. If your intention is simply general use, it remains critical that the country of origin is established by the seller, as it is an indicator regarding the quality of the product.

Look for information regarding the method of extraction utilized to capture the essential oil. Steam distillation and solvent extraction are the two most utilized methods, but there exists a number of ways to extract oils. The specific process used should be part of the product description or labeling for the essential oil.

Finally, do not be fooled by a distributor just because the words 'essential oil' are on the bottle. Be certain that the product has not been modified or diluted with an additional carrier oil, such as jojoba or almond oil. In addition, there are products out there being sold as essential oils, but are actually synthetic oils or simply fragrance oils.

For the professional aromatherapist, additional details such as expiration date, batch number and the strength of the essential oil also matter, as they are dispensing oils to patients in a clinical setting. If the company you are considering making a purchase from includes these variables, along with the four key points, you can rest assured that the product you're considering is a pure, high quality essential oil intended for the therapeutic usage.

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Define Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a type of alternative treatment that uses essential oils and other aromatic plant compounds which are aimed at improving a person's health, mood or prevention of disease. Today, aromatherapy is one of the most popular complementary therapies which offer a wide range of effective treatments for acute and chronic illness and disease. Aromatherapy treatments can also serve as a preventive approach like strengthening your immune system.

The inhaled aroma from certain essential oils is said to stimulate brain functions. Essential oils can also be absorbed through the skin, where they travel through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. Below you will find listed a few of the essential oils that are known to help with relaxation.


Marjoram calms hyperactivity and relieves anxiety. It can also assist with digestion issues such as constipation and cramps. You can add a few drops of marjoram in bath water to increase circulation or tie insomnia. You can also blend it with massage oil to alleviate headaches and tension. Marjoram is also known to decrease fatigue and depression and alleviates respiratory and circulatory issues.


Cedarwood is a woody-scented essential oil. It is used as a calming agent to help with stress and anxiety. It provides a “spiritual lift”. It is also known to help with respiratory problems, skin problems and in some cases helps with urinary tract infections. The best way to use cedarwood is through inhalation, mixed with a massage oil or you could mix it with a light skin lotion.


Chamomile is one of my personal favorites. It is widely known for its soothing characteristics (particularly in tea). It comes from the leaves of the flowering plant of the same name. There are two types of chamomile plants. One is Roman and the other is German. The healing properties are a little different between the two. The main similarity of the two plants have is the calming agent as well as an antidepressant and overall mood enhancer. It is best to use chamomile blended with massage oils, lotions and through steam or vapor.

There are many other types of essential oils that can help with relaxation. The oil's listed here are just a few of my favorites. Try buying a set of samples to experiment with aromatherapy.

I am often asked if aromatherapy works. There have been scientific tests on certain types of oils with no significant evidence to prove that those particular essential oils do what they claim. Research is limited and oils are not approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Personally, I use oils and find them to be beneficial in many ways. I am fortunately to not have many health problems so I use oils mainly for relaxation and mood enhancement. I also believe that part of any healing process is mental. If you believe that something will not work, it most likely will not. Give aromatherapy a try but only if you are willing to be open to the positive effects they will most likely have.

This was listed on a quotes page. I can not confirm the source but thought I would share. “Aromatherapy is more thoroughly defined as the skilled and controlled use of essential oils for physical and emotional health and well-being. Science is now confirming what has been known for centuries: essential oils have healing properties on both physical and emotional levels. the skin and through the olfactory-brain connection through inhalation, they have been considered among the most therapeutic and rejuvenating of all botanical extracts through the ages. ” Valery Gennari Cooksley – Soothing Remedies to Restore, Rejuvenate and Heal.

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Essential Oils For Eczema Treatment

Eczema is a very common skin disease that affects both males and females of different age brackets. It is a disease characterized by red skin, flaking, and dryness, itching, swelling and bleeding. It appears mostly on cheeks, elbows, legs, forehead, arms and knees, but can pretty much appear on any given part of the body. The market has lots of skin creams designed to soothe the condition, but very few give the desired results. Fortunately, you can use different essential oils to effectively treat eczema.

Lavender – The essential oil of lavender has antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It also moisturizes and calms the skin, thus speeding up the healing process. The oil will help reduce and prevent skin scarring as a result of the disease. It is safe undiluted and can be applied directly to the affected areas several times daily till results are achieved.

Peppermint – The cooling effect of the essential oil is probably what makes it great for eczema. It soothes irritated, itchy skin relieving the pain and also aids healing thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties it has. Spearmint can also be used in a similar way to enjoy good results.

Rose – It may be among the most expensive essential oils, but works effectively in the treatment of eczema. It relieves inflammation and pain and heals damaged, sore skin. You can use a few drops of rose oil together with other affordable essential oils to enjoy treatment effectively and affordably for that matter.

Tea tree – This oil has anti-viral, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties making it great for the skin disease. It is among the best in reducing pain and aid proper fast skin healing. It also works by preventing excessive skin irritation and scratching that only makes the condition worse. It can be applied to the skin directly to treat the disease. It also acts as carrier oil and can be used in bath with other oils.

Juniper – It is not as flowery in scent as the other essential oils, but it works just as effectively on eczema. It decrees skin inflammation and pain easily aid healing.

Geranium – The oil is usually used for the treatment of insect bites. On eczema it will treat infection and pain. It soothes the itchy skin offering relief and reducing the chances of making the condition worse. The oil kills bacteria and other germs and can be applied at least twice daily till healing is achieved.

Chamomile – German and Roman chamomile are the best when it comes to treating eczema. The essential oil works by reducing inflammation and soothing dry, itchy patches of the skin. It can safely be applied directly on the affected areas.

Cedar wood – This essential oil will take care of inflated skin as a result of seborrheic eczema. It will cure the skin infection and balance production of sebum to promote healthy skin. It can be used with other essential oils to aid faster healing.

Melrose – The oil is a blend of clove, rosemary, naouli and tea tree making it very powerful. The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of the combination are what make it effective in treating eczema. It promotes the regeneration of new tissues and cells, giving rise to healthy skin.

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The Best Essential Oil Aromatherapy for Cold and Flu Season

Spring is here, but while we are still close to winter, colds and flu abound. Children pass germs and virus around in school; we touch door knobs, grocery carts or someone near sneezes, passing along illness that can put one in bed for a week.

In cases of small children or the elderly and infirm, a bad case of the flu can even be deadly. Why not turn to aroma therapy to fight against illness in a natural way. One highly recommended essential oil is named “Thieves” or sometimes “The Thieves”. It is actually a combination of natural oils and was developed during the Black Plague years.

As people died in their homes or lay dying, thieves were surviving by robbing the homes. In order to prevent from getting the Plague themselves, they found a blend of natural oils that kept them healthy so they could continue their thievery; hence the name of the essential oil blend.

The mixture has passed through the years and today companies that provide the “Thieves” blend of essential oils keep the exact blend of the aroma therapy oils secret – but it does work very well.

People who use the 100 percent natural oils in an essential oil diffuser enjoy the benefits of using this alternative means of remaining healthy while their friends and coworkers are exposed to viruses in the air and get ill. This aroma therapy is recommended especially for those who can not take flu shots due to allergies to carrier components or who prefer to avoid vaccines.

Create a disinfectant spray by blending 20 drops sweet orange essential oil with 1- drops lavender essential oil and 10 drops eucalyptus essential oil. Store this mixture in a dark brown glass container. Blend 8 drops of the mixture to one cup purified water and disperse through the home with a spray bottle.

Do not make more spray than you can use at one time. Usually one cup will cover the average home or two cups for an extra-large home. You can alternate oils with cinnamon, clove or thyme to create a blend you love.

If you wish to use a single aroma therapy oil in your diffuser, eucalyptus is probably the best. It not only smells great, but has germicidal properties to help keep everyone in the household healthy and energized. Only 3-4 drops are needed in with added water as recommended by your aroma diffuser product.

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The Top 5 Essential Oils For Stress

If you are experiencing any type of stress… and I’m sure that like virtually everyone else in the world, you are, any combination of these essential oils will make a difference to how you feel. Making them a daily part of your routine will go a long way to a more relaxed mind, body and soul.

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Aromatherapy – Giving You a Soothing and Relaxing Daily Experience

Living in a world full of chaos, stress and tension? Looking for an escape? Why not try Aromatherapy & help get rid of all your mental worries!

Believe it or not, this is the best way of relieving anxiety and depression!

Aromatherapy in general, is a therapy suggested by majority of therapists in which fragrant parts of aromatic plants are used in order to improve your health, mind and spirit. The most important part of this therapy is the massage, which is done with the help of essential oils that are prepared from different plants, helping in achieving physical and mental relaxation. Also, there are plenty of websites available these days, providing a wide range of stress releasing products for daily use. In olden times, this technique was basically used for medicinal purposes but over the last few years, this therapy has become quite a popular technique for improving your way of living and moreover giving a holistic touch to your life.

Aromatherapy, like other natural therapies comes with variety of benefits. Some of them are mentioned below:

Helps relax and attain peace – the scent of different flowers and plants help in relaxing your mind and make you feel calm.

Relieves your stress – this is one of the best technique for removing your stress and worries. Scents like lavender are beneficial in plummeting stress and making you feel relaxed and unperturbed.

Changes your mood – this therapy has the ability to make you feel alive and enhance your mood in order to uplift your spirit.

Removes internal nerve and muscle strain – certain oils used in this therapy can be used to relieve muscle aches. It also helps in making you breathe easier and treating diseases like common cold, sore throat, tracheitis, bronchitis and more.

Provided essential vitamins to your body – certain oils used in this therapy helps in supplying necessary vitamins that are needed for the body. Also, these oils help in smoothing the skin and restoring the immune system of your body.

Promotes sleep – fragrances such as Lavender and chamomiles provides soothing effect to your mind and are very effective as a sleep inducer.

In addition, these products help in toning up the skin, developing metabolism, improving blood circulation and strengthening immunization against various allergies. The good news is that these essential Aromatherapy products can be found in the market these days but it is important that you choose the retailer Precisely in order to avoid unnecessary problems.

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How Aromatherapy Can Help With Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes it can all get a bit too much. You can sometimes just be too busy, have too much going on and you just do not where to start or go or where you're coming from. People, especially in modern day life are put under all sorts of pressures and strains.

You may have a stressful job with an overbearing boss, you might have a manic young family to look after, and you might not have enough time in the day to what you need to do.

This can leave you feeling all a bit … stressed.

Feeling stressed?

Stress is not nice. Stress is a horrible feeling that leaves you thinking that you just can not cope. It comes in many shapes and sizes and different severities. It is caused by two things:

· It is mainly caused by how you judge situations and scenarios and whether or not you value them as stressful.

· The second cause of stress is your mind reacting to your thoughts. It will react automatically to what you deem as a stressful scenario. This is an instinctive process and is commonly known as 'fight or flight'.

The side-effects of stress and anxiety are not good; unless you are in a life or death situation in which case it comes in tender.

Aside from that your body may increase your heart rate or blood pressure. It may increase sweating. It will pump more blood to important muscles. It will divert blood away from your skin and it will prepare itself for any imminent damage.

All useful stuff if you are in a life or death situation but quite damaging to your body and mind if otherwise. The effect on our mind is negative, we do not enjoy the world we are in, it is dangerous and our bodies are not relaxing.

Relieving the stress

There are all sorts of ways to relieve stress with lots of different pieces of advice out there. You could take medication (not recommended without last resort). You could take up a hobby that helps you channel all your stress into it. You could even look at altering your entire life and live a different lifestyle, one of peace and self-adequacy.

There are rewards to all of the above but there is a method in particular that we want to look at, aromatherapy.

How aromatherapy can help with stress and anxiety

Aromatherapy is the practice of using essential oils and other aromatic plants to balance and bring together a person's health and well-being. It aims to work with and improve the health of your body, mind and soul. It does this through certain aromas that work on certain things, often through the use of candles or oils.

Aromatherapy can help with stress in particular as the aromas often induction a calming reaction.

There are 3 basic different types of aromatherapy that will help relieve stress; holistic (with massage), clinical (with medicine), on its own (in candles, burners etc.).

Using aromatherapy

Depending on what works best for you, the three methods above will certainly help you reduce stress. When it comes to actually using aromatherapy you need to be careful. There is a great variety of essential oils and there is lots of information surrounding them. Apart from using shop bought candles you will need to understand aromatherapy before using it.

We always recommend using a professional aromatherapist first, they will help you understand what is right for you and keep you safe when using the essential oils.

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The Power of Essential Oils

One of the pioneers of modern aromatherapy was Dr. Edward Bach around the turn of the 20th century. He was a physician and pathologist with a background in bacteriology as well. Over the years, he learned that orthodox medicine did not always seem to work and he got tired of patients undergoing treatments to no avail.

So, he started seeking other types of treatments that focused on helping a patient treat their personality instead of the condition itself. This included something he mentioned to as flower therapy. He used various derivatives of flowers and plants to help effect a personality for the better.

While the work that Bach did was not accepted at the time and other doctors indicated it showed no logic, he did manage to have extremely good results with his therapies.

Rene Maurice Gattefosse

Around 1937, Rene Maurice Gattefosse actually coined the modern term we use, aromatherapy. He did not exactly believe in natural and alternative medicines, but he found that there was something to essential oils that traditional medicine could not explain. It all began in 1910, when he burned his own hand. Because the burn was very painful, he gotbed for the first thing available, which happened to be undiluted essential oil of lavender. Gattefosse noticed immediately that the lavender soothed the pain from the burn. Then, as the hand began to heal, he even noticed that it healed more quickly and he was not even left with a scar. Fascinated, he began experimenting, and he found:

– Very small atoms could interact with the chemistry of the body and could even be absorbed through the skin.

– Essential oils could help injuries heal. In fact, with Gattefosse's experiments, a doctor named Jean Valet found that he could use different essential oils to treat wounds of soldiers during World War II. Because of his discoveries, essential oils were transported on into the modern day.

Marguerite Maury

Maury lived during the 1950s, and she combined information that Gattefosse found along with Tibetan methods of using essential oils. As a result, she created a technique of combining essential oils with vegetable oils as a carrier and then massaging them into the skin along the spine of the back so that the oils soaked into the nerves.

Marguerite Maury did not stop there either. She began prescribing essential oils on an individual basis determined by each patient's needs. She would offer various combinations to each patient so that the person could be properly massaged to treat their own conditions.

Because so many people were finding essential oils so helpful, the techniques began to take on speed. Soon, aromatherapy became a staple in holistic health methods. The true modern movement began in the late 1970s and has not slowed down since then. In the 21st century, these oils are not just used by those who subscribe to holistic drugs either. In fact, the uses and treatments in medications and other therapies are preferred by people of all types.

You may just be surprised at the many different modern uses. Different mixes and combinations can be used for:

– Bathing and Relaxation

– Compresses for Pain Relief

– Foot and Hand Care

– Hair Care

– Massages

– Sitz Bath Treatments

– Inhalers and Vaporizers

– Skin Care

– Saunas and Jacuzzis

– And More

To Your Health and Prosperity

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Capricorn and Essential Oils

Capricorn, 10th sign of the zodiac falls approximately between December 22-January 20. Symbolized by the Goat, Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth element sign meaning that they are ambitious, creative initiators with a grounded practical energy. Capricorns are conventional, cerebral, cautious, hard working and reliable. Many people will seek out their Capricorn friends or family because Capricorns are the “rock” they need to lean on during times of melancholy or stress. Most Capricorns have a need for purpose and direction in life. Their ruling planet Saturn in astrology represents structure, boundaries, time, caution and wisdom.

Capricorns do have the habit of taking on too much always needing to be needed and in turn end up depleting themselves of emotional, spiritual and physical energy. I know a few Capricorns who are guilty of this, always worried about security in all forms: financial, emotional and physical, not just for themselves but for others as well. This can be exhausting to anyone on the outside looking in, not to mention the Goat themselves.

Capricorns are goal setters configured with definitive guidelines as they most happy with structure. More often than not, once a goal is reached they will soldier on to higher and better aspirations. The Saturn power helps the Capricorn with discipline, and staying power to achieve goals they set for themselves.

You will find a Capricorn is quite active with hiking, running, cycling … you name it they are involved in it or at least have tried it. With all this movement they may have to tend to complain about their joints and muscles, which may be easily remedied with essential oil blends.

The Capricorn ego can get on the nerves of others, as they believe their way is the best way, no matter what way it is! What you may not know is that they are often hard on themselves, being a perfectionist who is never satisfied; the Cap needs to remember they also possess a goofy side which needs to be let out once in a while.

The grounding aroma of Vetiver (Vetiveria zizanoides) essential oil is sweet, heavy, deep and earthy. This oil is very often used in perfumery as a base note. Vetiver is not only often associated with the Capricorn and Saturn planet but also the root chakra, which makes Vetiver a good choice for those who are too airy and need some grounding. Commonly referred to as the Oil of Tranquility, this essential oil is superb for the Capricorn who is burnt out physically, mentally and emotionally. This musty aromatic oil may stir those deep soul secrets, softening those emotional blockages, awakening the Capricorn to recognize that they are actually not alone in the world. Vetiver oil has a personality like that of a Capricorn, strong, full of wisdom, healthy self value and integrity. Another great purpose of Vetiver is to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, indeed useful for the active Goat! Just blend 1 drop of Vetiver and 1 drop Pine in a tablespoon of unscented massage oil or lotion and massage into muscle.

The high vibrational energy of Lemon essential oil (Citrus limon) will boost any sour mood into sun-drenched joy. The light, clean, fresh aroma engages the psyche with liveliness and an aura of happiness. This uplifting Lemon scent bestows clarity, awareness and direction to those to inhale the aroma. A wonderful olfactory morning treat to help set the tone for the day ahead, just sprinkle a few drops on the shower floor allowing the steam to raise the aroma through the shower stall. For those washed-out Capricorns who are emotionally strained and need to lighten up, the lemon's aromatic bliss can facilitate that vibe.

With Capricorn in wintery months, Pine essential oil (Pinus sylvestris) is a great choice. It has a clean, woody, leafy, aroma which resonates with the months of December and January. Just looking at a Pine tree noticing the straight structured trunk, reminds me of the logical and practical Capricorn. Pine's aroma and personality encourages direction, self confidence, positivity, patience and strength, assisting the goal oriented Capricorn with their task lists.

Pine essential oil is also known to have stimulating action on circulation, helps with fatigue and makes a great expectorant. The essential oil is produced from distilling the Scotch pine tree needles, cones and branches. For colds, it is best to diffuse in a room with just a few drops in a diffuser, a little goes a long way.

This essential oil is invigorating, awakening the soul inside us, encouraging strength, trust and direction. Pine also blends well with Lemon essential oil creating an energizing, uplifting aroma that is clean and fresh.

Fun fact: Elvis Presley was a Capricorn

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Research Behind Grapefruit Essential Oil

Essential oils have been around for centuries; dating back to the days of the Romans and Egyptians and have been used all around the world by different cultures. Their therapeutic benefits have lasted the test of time.

The website titled, Aromatic Science, posts many different articles that discuss the research behind essential oils. It is a great resource to learn about the science behind these powerful natural therapies.

The aromatic effect of essential oils, or aromatherapy, works due to the direct effect that the sense of smell has on the brain and nervous system. We have all experienced this sometimes in our life. This is why when we smell chocolate chip cookies being baked, we can immediately remember those great childhood days at Grandma's house. This is why we can get a whiff of a cheap cologne, and we immediately go back to memories of our first boyfriend. This is also why essential oils and aromatherapy can have a powerful effect on the brain. Because the nerve responsible for smell, named the Olfactory Nerve, goes directly up from the nose to the front part of the brain, called the limbic system. This part of the brain is such a huge part of our nervous system and who we are as a person. Beside smelling / olfaction, the limbic part of the brain is also responsible for emotion, mood, behavior, long-term memory, and stress responses. In a nutshell, emotional responses are driven by the limbic system and the memories that go along with emotions. Therefore, because we trigger the olfactory blade with the aromatic smells of the essential oils, we can directly affect the emotional brain, stress responses, and memory. Very powerful stuff!

One of the aromas that I find the most powerful is grapefruit essential oil . I have used grapefruit daily in water for many months along with smelling them because of the effect it has on appetite suppression. The research shows that grapefruit oil increases the activity of sympathetic nerves that innervate fat cells, adrenal (the stress) glands, and the kidneys. It also reduced the activity of the nerve that goes to the stomach in rats and mice in research. This leads to decreased appetite and slows down the stomach. Therefore, the effects of grapefruit oil increases the breakdown of fat, increases metabolism, and blood pressure, while decreasing the desire for food intake (1). I have noticed this with the daily use of grapefruit oil. When I feel hungry, I can smell the oil and find that it will help to depress my appetite. Also, if I drink water with only 1-2 drops of grapefruit essential oil in it before I eat, I eat significantly less. Now I know why!

Source: 1. Olfactory stimulant with grapefruit and lavender oils change autonomic activity and physiological function. Nagai, Katsuya et al. Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical, Volume 185, 29 – 35

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How Essential Oils Can Help You Ride Out the Change of Season

The months of October and November are a time of change. Nature has been showing its fall colors, and our bodies have had to adapt to the cooler and damper air. Many of us suffer through the seasonal change by catching a cold or flu, or experiencing a nagging cough or clogged sinuses. We may try to alleviate our symptoms by taking over the counter decongestants or antihistamines; but Aromatherapy, being a powerful natural healing modality, offers an effective alternative. Essential oils contain the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of the plant from which they are derived. Research shows that essential oils have some of the highest frequencies of any known substance and may help create an environment in which bacteria, virus and fungus can not live.

The use of essential oils is an effective way to combat a looming infection, boost the immune system, and / or hasten the resolution of an infection already acquainted. And unlike pharmaceuticals, essential oils do not remain in the body long term or leave toxins behind. If you feel a sinus headache coming on, try blending a few drops of basil and eucalyptus or myrtle with a half teaspoon of sunflower or grapeseed oil. Rub the mixture into your puzzles and around the TMJ joint (the joint close to your ear). You could also place a few drops of the oil on your first 3 toes of each foot which correspond to the sinus reflexology points. In the case of a scratchy throat, try a blend of geranium, myrrh, pine or fir combined with a carrier oil. Dab the oil blend along the jawline and down the neck. You may want to perform a lymphatic drainage technique in the pectoral region by massaging each side towards the armpit.

In addition to essential oils, heat and cold may be used to prompt physiological responses in the body that will promote healing. For example, a hot compress may be applied on the spine to increase permeability of the skin as well as to bring increased lymph and blood to the area. The application of cold, in turn, pushes blood and lymph to a different area. This increase of blood flow through the organs provides the body with increased oxygen, nutrition, and promoters detoxification of the entire system.

A full treatment from a trained Aromatherapist will help rid the body of toxins or bacteria and provides a boost to the immune system. So if you find yourself feeling run down, or feeling like you may be “coming down with something”, or want to prevent that from happening, book a treatment for yourself today!

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Aromatherapy for Wellness

Outer beauty is a key to success and today it is the ultimate goal for both women and men and as Plato said “beauty is the greatness of truth” .

As true as this is, it is also true that we have to use products that preserve our skin and outer beauty, but also highlight our inner peace and harmony. The ideal beauty depends on the balance of our inner self, our thoughts and emotions. If someone is constantly in the flow of life, easy and calmly, then he has to understand his uniqueness.

Do not fall into the trap of fake products with the toxic ingredients, but look for these trigger your vitality. Your face or body, and not the one you saw in the TV which is fake and trashy inside. You could find this out only when you embrace yourself with affection and accept your body.

You have to charming and happy against everyday challenges. The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Is like our third lunge, or the second mouth we have. Everyone can have a beautiful, glowing and shiny skin regardless of age and color. Our thoughts and our feelings leave their imprints on our skin. We can quickly go dehydrated when we are stressed or depressed. Remember, every wrinkle tells a story ..

Body care with aromas is not a recent approach. Essential oils have been used for a wide variety of wellness applications for thousands of years from the majority of the ancient civilizations. Essential oils are applied to the skin or inhaled.In medical aromatherapy they are encapsulated and are taken orally, or as suppositories.

Brain neurotransmitters are triggered by scent and thus convey a message to the whole body. Simultaneously, the scent message affects the limbic brain center which is responsible for emotions and memory. No chemical aroma can ever grant this schentful magic.

The transdermal penetration is perhaps one of the most important applications of essential oils in massage, sauna and other relaxation treatments. Aromatherapy cosmetics are unique for every person, supporting our skin, our feelings and our emotions in a way that nature knows best. Mother nature has the power to heal us and in more ways than we can imagine. Above all, we have to embrace nature with a holistic approach. Nowadays we have the opportunity to get pure biological aromatherapy products or make our own.

Detox: A natural detoxification should be daily one.

Rosemary or Sage for acne-prone skin

Lemon for oily skin

Lavender for regular skin

Chamomile for dry or sensitive skin

Tonify: Use Rosewater to tonify the skin and choose the fragrance that chills you out and balance the ph of your skin. Ie Rosewater with Neroli tonifies and hydrate your skin while at the same time calms you down.

Peeling: Exfoliation is essential for caring and preserving your skin.

Grape or lemon for oily skin

Calendula for regular skin

Rose for sensitive skin

Hydration – Anti-aging :

Incense , Juniper , Lemongrass , Citrus, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine and Geranium

Body Care: Body care is not only about cleansing and hydration but it also offers wellness and longevity. Do not overlook your extremes as they are your most exposed parts of your body.

Lavender, Orange, Ylang-ylang, Chamomile, Geranium.

No worry about which one you will choose. Essential oils are like love, you know when you meet the one!

Bring Home the Beakon,


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Calm Your Nerves and Relax Your Senses With Aromatherapy

Today's competitive environment sees people facing extreme stress and stoicism in their lives and at their workplaces. As a result, a lot of individuals suffer from intension duress, jittery nerves and even depression. Fortunately, aromatherapy a solution that uses natural essential oils to calm your nerves and relax your senses so that you can get back to your lives rejuvenated and refreshed.

Therapeutic properties of different oils

Aromatherapy uses different types of natural essential oils for various kind of treatment owed to the varied therapeutic properties that possess. One of the most commonly applied varieties is Rose Rock, which is created from the petals of Rosa damascena and Rosa centifolia that are later steam-distilled. It benefits users with anti phlogistic elements that are anti-septic as well. Lemongrass is excellent for people who suffer from stress as it is quite uplifting and fundamentally calms their nerves. Moreover, it enhances one's mood effectively relaxing them so that they have a sense of substantial relief after their relaxing session.

Some prefer sage oil as it boosts their short-term memory. It is quite pleasant and is consumed as a dietary supplement by many to aid their memory retention. Whereas, Lavender Maillette is a popular mild relaxing lotion as it suits people across many ages. Chamomile and Peppermint are renamed for their anti-anxiety properties. People often use them as an anti-depressant that makes them feel much more pleasant and calm after use.

Three popular forms of aromatherapy

The main element in this process is the use of organic essential oils like Tea Tree or Rosemary to alter a person's frame of mind. It is used so that it has a positive effect on his / her mood and benefits cognitive function and health. They are used for the therapeutic potential they possess and can be applied in a number of ways.

• Aerial diffusion

Sometimes environmental fragrancing can be an excellent way to relax and rejuvenate stressed individuals. It can aid in aerial disinfection as well, and leads to detoxifying the air you breathe in.

• Direct inhalation

Natural essential oils can really affect your respiratory system in a positive way and disinfect it. It helps with decongestion and expectation as well which makes it quite popular among patients who suffer from respiratory issues.

• Topical application

One of the most popular ways these oils are used is for long massages. They are also put into bath water and applied as a compress for the therapeutic skin care.

People who wish to stay happy and fulfilled while taking the world head on, indulge in the application of organic essential oils as a way to refresh themselves. They are sure to come out on top after relieving themselves of their strain with the healing powers of these exquisite oils.

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