Aromatherapy – Heal The Body Naturally

The notice that selected aromas may have a major impact on our bodies is becoming popular. This is no simple hearsay, because there is more than sufficient proof to substantiate this notice as certain oils and plants have been shown to cure a number of body ailments.

Healing components have been found in lavender, ginger, guava leaves and Aloe Vera. These have been useful for body aches, burns and scratches. Many individuals have accepted these remedies and state that they can outperform the conventional type of medicine. That's right, persistent research through the years is extremely yielding fruit. Still today, scientific studies are still being done to look at aromatherapy benefits and the ways individuals can gain from it.

Basically, aromatherapy is a word which has been created in reference to a historical healing art which makes use of the therapeutic components of natural oil in order to enhance the physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing. Soon after, it had been discovered that this will also help to keep the body in good health. It's very much beneficial during times when you feel that something is drastically wrong in your system. When we get older, our body is bombarded with a number of ailments and pains. By making use of these plant oils, you can begin working towards looking and even feeling young with old age.

In the years of the very first civilizations, historic spices and herbs were utilized for medicinal purposes. There is healing qualities of botanicals identified and included in traditional medical treatments. The theory associated with aromatherapy is that natural continues to be top rated. This is aimed at combining the mind, soul and body. Besides that, aromatherapy has been proven to improve and enhance brainwave activities.

Soothing oils are able to relax your body, a condition which encourages the healing abilities of the body. Nature truly has all you need for healing purposes, so you can make most of the offers to remain in good health.

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It’s a Fine Line

The endocrine system is a delicate arrangement of glands and endocrine related organs that happens to be one of the body's primary systems for communicating, coordinating, and controlling its balance and function. It does this through the production of hormones which are chemical messengers released by cells and organs.

These chemicals interact with our body encouraging regulation, inhibitory, induction, suppression, preparation, stimulation, and activation to various areas of the body. When we have healthy levels to work with, we typically experience energy, clarity, an efficient metabolism, regular cycles, life transitions with ease, and good health. When things become impaired, we find ourselves facing lethargy, weight gain or loss, reproductive issues, mood swings, appetite issues, sickness and disease, growth disorders as well as thyroid and pituitary disorders. Unfortunately, nearly eight million people live with conditions that fall into one of these categories; yet are unaware they even have some type of hormonal imbalance. They simply dismiss it as 'just stress.' What's worse is the reaction one gets when suggesting the possibility of imbalances; “how dare 'you' …… !!!!”

The endocrine system is a system of checks and balances. For each hormone, there is a counter chemical to keep the body regulated. When we have too much of one and not enough of the other to offset it, our system becomes over or underactive. A system that is operating efficiently does not go through such experiences.

All disorders and health concerns are multidimensional issues due to the fact we are multidimensional animals. In other words, there are many factors contributing to our imbalances giving rise to the need to treat them holistically. This takes complimenting good nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practice with other modalities that assist the body with resetting itself. Is there ever a need to take prescription hormones? In some instances, 'yes,' however, a vitally close relationship with the body that honors its needs is necessary in order to avoid overuse.

Since most hormones initiate a cellular response by connecting with specific receptor cells, aromatherapy is also a wonderful adjunct to this natural balancing act. Phytohormones bind with our body's intracellular receptors just like the ones produced in our body activating cell type specific responses. A list of suggested essential oils to use along with other practices includes: lavender, marjoram, cypress, chamomile, geranium, sandalwood and myrrh. These can be used individually or in a blend, using no more than 3 oils at a time. Two rules of thumb to keep in mind: choose oils that appeal to you AND less is more. Also, be sure to dilute your oil in a carrier and use only a couple drops twice a day. If desired results are not achieved within fourteen days, spend time considering your symptoms with a professional.

All in all, feeling good is our given right; yet, it takes knowing what the body's needs to assure quality health. The most effective way to walk this fine line is through mindfulness and poise. The more we allow life to ebb and flow without resistance, the better equipped we are to holistically strengthen our body and live a life of balance.

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The Health Benefits of Marjoram Essential Oil

Marjoram is found practically in most herbal garden around the globe. This is because the sweet and spicy aroma of marjoram is almost indicative for many wonderful dishes. But marjoram is not only for the kitchen, it is also used as an essential oil. Its botanical name is Origanun marjorana and can be found in most countries in Asia and in the Mediterranean regions.

Marjoram essential oil could help on respiratory problems like asthma. This oil has soothing effects on the different parts of the human body. The respiratory system is relaxed and calmed down by inhalation of this oil. Thus it helps treat many asthma problems.

Due to its analgesic properties, it is widely used in massage. It is said that the oil could help give relief for muscle and joint pains. Because it has analgesic component also, it can help bring down the fever. Athletes prefer to have the base massage oil be added by a few drops of marjoram as it serves as an effective toner for the muscles also.

In the ancient times, especially during the height of Greek civilization, it is use as an antiseptic to treat wounds. As antiseptic, it is believe that it can prevent infection which is a normal complication of wounds. The Greek and Roman warriors used it to help their soldiers during wars. There are researches being done to see how effective marjoram essential oil in treating common skin problems and disorders like a minor burn or even pimples and acne.

As an anti spasmodic, it can help treat many heart problems. A heart problem occurs when the arteries and veins of the heart are dilated. Marjoram is said to help contract these veins and arteries and thus help prevent complications of the heart. There are also traditional practitioners who claim that it is a good diuretic also. As such it helps the body to secret unwanted wastes and toxins.

Indeed it has many health benefits. But bear in mind that nothing can replace proper medical advice and consultation. This just serves as a guide and as a possible supplement for your health.

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The Health Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

The aborigines of Australia were the first to discover the many health benefits of tea tree. This plant is native to it and used to grow wild. Now it is grown commercially because of its popularity in alternative medicine. Unlike other plants, its discovery can be considered new.

Tea tree is a very powerful anti viral and anti bacterial. According to many stories, during the Second World War, soldiers carry with them a bottle of this plant. They use it as a first aid treatment for almost all types of wounds. They say that it can prevent infection usually associated with wounds. The aborigines used it also for the same purpose. In fact majority of the household in Australia has in their medicinal cabinet a bottle or two of this plant.

Tea tree is reputed to be a good balsamic for the body. As such it can assist the body in its absorption of the vitamins and minerals it needs. Being balsamic, it also help in the prevention of diseases from the attacking the body. It keeps it healthy and at the same time free from sickness.

The most common problem of children is the hair lice. Tea tree can help treat this predicament. It does not only kill the virus on contact but it helps in prevention of further attack from them in the future. No wonder many shampoos have as one of their components the tea tree. Being toxic to viruses and bacteria care must be at all times exercise when using it. Like almost all the essential oils, it is for external use only and must never be taken orally without medical guidance.

When used in aromatherapy, tea tree oil is believed to have calming and soothing effects on the mind and the spirit. The many things that make the mind worry about are said to temporarily forgotten to have a total and complete relation. A few drops of it and mixed with a base massage oil can ease muscle and joint pains. Its analgesic properties help contract the muscle and ease joint pains as well. Indeed tea tree is one useful plant.

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Works Of Aromatherapy

Although aromatherapy is really a true art then it is true that massage oils can successfully be used to create a mood, to encourage or relax. If you keep in mind that you are not dealing with a magical thing here, then you may keep in mind that aromatherapy oils can help bring relief to certain lighter health issues, such as a runny nose, skin rash or muscular pain.

The use of oil should originate on the personality of the person who is receiving massage. The effect reveals itself through the fragrance and trough the absorbing trough skin. Smelling is one of the most primitive functions of the brain, which affect people very strongly. That is the reason why once you are mixing together different fragrances, it is important to look ahead and see, which sort of effect the fragrance has on the person, how he or she is affected by the smell. If on certain oil is unsuitable to you or to your partner, you should not use it, there is no reason to do it.

Since the oil absorbs through the skin during massage it is not recommended to use the oil, which has not gotten a beneficial effect. You should use just as much oil that it is enough for your hands and that the oil that is left on the skin would absorb into it ever. You may think that using your mineral oil will probably be allowed, yes it can be but the fact that it will be poorly absorb by your skin it will somehow be useless and it will have less effect than what you have expected and it is somehow irritant on your skin because of its heating effect.

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Peppermint and Lemon Aromatherapy Foot Bath Recipe

Simple peppermint and lemon aromatherapy foot bath recipe for tired feet will lift depression, relieve stress and aid relaxation.

An aromatherapy foot bath is effective and easy to do at home – real DIY stress relief.

Here are our favorite ways of using a peppermint and lemon aromatherapy foot bath recipe with essential oils to ease and restore tired feet … And the benefits extend beyond just fresher feet!

Foot Bath Recipe 1

  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 4 drops lemon and 4 drops peppermint


  1. Add oil to the salts and keep in a sealed container.
  2. Use 1 tablespoon in warm foot bath, once a week. (Can use Dead Sea salts instead of Epsom salt. Or, skip the salt and just add the oils directly to the water. You can also use other oils.)

Foot Bath Recipe 2

  • 1 tsp. sweet almond oil
  • 3 drops peppermint essential oil and 3 drops lemon essential oil


  1. Fill a basin with warm water; and then add the almond oil, peppermint oil and lemon oil.
  2. Swish the water with your hands to mix the oil.
  3. Soak your feet in the water until your feet feel tingly and cool.
  4. Put pebbles or marbles in the bottom of the basin and rub your feet over them for a stimulating foot soak.

Tips for Aromatherapy Foot Baths

  • A good rule of thumb is 8 to 10 drops of essential oil per 2 gallons of water.
  • Soak for at least 15 minutes.
  • Listen to relaxing music to add to your relaxation.
  • Use different blends of oils to suit your mood and needs.

* Benefits of adding lemon oil to your foot bath …

  • Eliminate toxins that cause arthritic pain.
  • Lemon scent can lift your spirits, dispel sluggishness and treat depression.
  • Oil of lemon can also help dispel fear and apathy.

* Benefits of adding peppermint oil to your foot bath …

  • Helps alleviate digestive problems such as indigestion and nausea.
  • Clears respiratory congestion and assists with sinusitis, colds and bronchial asthma.
  • Helps to clear the mind and aids concentration.
  • Use peppermint to assist with anger, guilt and apathy.

Aromatherapy is an excellent way to treat your feet …

Other Essential Oils that you can use for a foot bath and other treatments include:

• Lavender – soothing and relaxing.
• Rosemary – mild stimulant and good for rheumatic aches and pains.
• Eucalyptus – powerful bactericidal with anti-viral properties, good disinfectant.
• Tea Tree – disinfectant: use for blisters, fungal infections, athletes foot, insect bites.

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Herbal Soap Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses natural oils found in plants to bring physical and psychological benefits to its users, such as pain and anxiety relief, memory enhancement, relaxation, mental alertness, regulation of hormones, improvement of sleep, nervous system stimulation, and digestion aid. This is just a short list as the uses of aromatherapy, as they are quite diverse and numerous. Since herbal soaps are made from these natural oils, they can provide many of these same benefits. It is recommended that when applying essential oils to the skin that another oil acting as a carrier base be used. If a pure essential oil is placed directly on the skin without a carrier, it can cause severe irritation to the skin. An herbal soap provides the perfect carrier base needed to prevent such irritation.

A table of the common aromatherapy scents and their uses is provided below.


Chamomile, Lavender, Lemon, Orange, Vanilla

Fatigue Relief

Basil, Clary Sage, Frankincense, Ginger, Grapefruit, Jasmine, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary, Sandalwood

Memory Enhancement

Basil, Cypress, Lemon, Peppermint, Rosemary

Blood Pressure Reduction

Lavender, Ylang Ylang, Marjoram, Ginger

Scar Removal

Everlasting Oil (Helichrysum italicum ), Lavender, Sage, Rosemary

Lymphatic System Health

True Bay ( Laurus nobilis ), Lemon, Grapefruit

General Circulatory Health

Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Marjoram, Clove

Vein Health

Chamomile, Myrtle, Cypress Frankincense

The exact method that aromatherapy uses to heal the body is currently unknown. However, it is suspected that the oils directly influence the brain's limbic system by way of the olfactory tracts. As the scents are inhaled, the nerves inside the nose are stimulated and affect the limbic system, which is the part of the brain responsible for moods, memories, and the ability to learn. When this portion of the brain is stimulated, endorphins and other neurotransmitters are released and spread through the body, bringing healthy benefits like those mentioned above. There is also some speculation that when combined with a carrier base, the chemical compounds of the oils cross over through the skin, leaving the toxins behind in the base. The chemical compounds then act like pharmaceutical medicines, relieving ailments. This is why it is critical to always combine essential oils with carrier bases before applying them to the skin.

There are many ways to experience the benefits that aromatherapy provides. Scented candles, herbal soaps, and air dispensers (which dilute the oil in a small bowl of water and then allow the scents to spread through the air), and even oil messages can be used as methods for aromatherapy treatment. Each method is safe to use and depends on the preferences of the user. Herbal soaps provide a safe way of using essential oils and aromatherapy because they provide the safe carrier bases needed for application to the skin.

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Anxiety Free From Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a perfect way to soothe and relax the mind also, once you have eliminated all the physical problems. When combined with massaging, aromatherapy helps you to achieve the kind of emotional state you wish more quickly and easily. This is why it is so highly valued and broadly practiced all over the world. Aromatherapy is worth trying also when you already have attended regular massage sessions for a period of time – there is always something new about massage therapy to discover.

The choice of choosing an essential oil for the massage session should be done independently by the client. Word “Essential” oil which is well known for its stimulating effect in the brain.This is necessary because every essential oils has a different effect on the body and the mind – some give you more energy, others calm you down. When making the choice, always trust your intuition, as no two days are the same and you might not be in the exact same mood as last session. Do not be afraid of choosing something that you normally would not as you subconsciously know what is best for you at the moment.

In aromatherapy you can use candles or even oils, either which can be used for relaxing your mind with the use of your preferred scent for satisfying effect. It is said to be an alternative for medicine that uses different therapeutic plants with the therapeutic smell, it can be extracted in their roots, flowers, barks, stem, and leaves to heal person's altered mind, mood, cognition and health.

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The Soothing Smell of Aromatherapy

The foundations of aromatherapy date back thousands of years just like the origins of massage therapy. Egyptians were one of the first who started distilling different oils from various natural substances. Back then these photographed oils were first and foremost used in embalming the dead, but they were also used in medicine and for cosmetic purposes. Since then the technologies of extracting and distilling essential oils have improved a great deal and nowadays there is a huge variety of different scents to choose from.

The choice of choosing an oil for the massage session should be done independently by the client. This is necessary because every oils has a different effect on the body and the mind – some give you more energy, others calm you down. When making the choice, always trust your intuition, as no two days are the same and you might not be in the exact same mood as last session. Do not be afraid of choosing something that you normally would not as you subconsciously know what is best for you at the moment.

In holistic aromatherapy, only naturally produced essential oils are used. These decrease the risk of allergies and also ensure that they have all the positive qualities and benefits promised. That's why it is important to find out what kind of essential oils the masseuse uses or where to purchase your own. Essential oils can be either inhaled or applied directly to the skin. Both techniques have the same effects as the scents affect the central nervous system. This triggers the wished reaction in the brain and as a result you will feel more balanced emotionally.

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Aromatherapy and The Cultures of the Native Americans

Aromatherapy is a healing and magical practice that has been used for thousands of years. It's recorded in the hieroglyphs of Egypt, but certainly has a much longer history. The oldest known medical text for working with aromas and oils was found in the Orient and is around 5000 years old. One has to assume that if medical texts were written this long ago, that the fledging practice or aromatherapy is much, much older. In order to write a medical text there had to be a history to use as a beginning.

The ancient cultures developed their practices based on what plants were available to them. As contact began to increase between Asia, Africa and Europe, the oldest spice routes, sailing explorations and later trade routes led to cross-culture contact. This, in turn, created some similarities in practice and form. In the Americas, separated by thousands of miles of oceans to the East and the West, an aromatherapy practice developed based on different species of plants and some differences in ritual. Until tobacco became a recreational drug, the Americas had little crossing of their practices with other continents.

While the other cultures of the world searched near and far, from continent to continent for special woods and flowers to create their products, native cultures in The Americas lived more in harmony with the land, using native plants. Of course it was far more difficult for them to trade with the oceans to cross, but the relative isolation from outside sources created an evolutionary difference in their choices and practices.

The Shamans of The Southern Americas used hallucinogens like mescaline for their spiritual journeys and Machis drove off evil spirits with herbs. In the Northern climes of the Americas, the hallucinogen of choice was peyote and evil spirits were driven off with the smoke of sage.

While the Egyptians used olive oil as a base for their essential oils, there is no evidence that the cultures of the Americas used oil as a base in the same way. Herbs were administered for digestion (medical purposes) and for smudging to clear the body and spaces of any unwanted energies. It would be logical though for them to be making salves and unguents from rendered fats. With a large supply of native nuts, oil may have been extracted from them. The tribes who had settlements probably had more variety in how they combined herbs and woods than the tribes who were primarily nomadic.

If you want information about specific plants that were used in the Americas, read my article Ten Native American Herbs and Their Uses.

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The Various Benefits of Patchouli Essential Oil

Patchouli plant is known world over for its various benefits. This plant is native to India and Malaysia. It acts as fungicidal, antidepressant, regenerative, antiseptic and decongestant etc. Patchouli oil is of extreme use in case of skin infections. Because of its aphrodisiac effects, it is also added to perfumes. It is thick and it makes it as a natural fixative.

Patchouli oil is mainly extracted by the steam distillation methods of Patchouli leaves, which scientific name is Pogostemon Patchouli or Pogostemon cablin. The basic components of this oil include Pogostol, Bulnesene, Patchouli Alcohol, Caryophylene etc. The insect repellant and insecticidal properties of this oil are known for a long time. It was used in earlier days to protect clothes from insects. Later on, the other benefits of this oil were discovered.

Some of the most common uses of this oil are discussed below.

Anti Depressant- Those of you who are suffering from depression, patchouli oil offers a lot of relief. It will help you to get over from your negative feelings and fill you with new hopes and aspirations. This is why it is used in aromatherapy.

Anti Septic – This oil protects the ulcers and wounds from infections and from being septic.

Anti Phlogistic : This oil is very effective in soothing inflammation, particularly those who result from fever and provides relief.

Aphrodisiac : If you are suffering from any sexual disorders or problems like loss of libido, erectile problems, impotence or frigidity etc., then you should try using this oil.

Cicatrisant : Patchouli oil helps in healing wounds and cuts and also fastens the process of fading of scars. This is very effective in vanishing marks left by measurements, boils, pox etc.

Astringent : It is effective in contraction of nerves, skin and muscles. It also helps in strengthening of teeth gums and prevents hair fall, loosing of muscles and skin shagging.

Cytophylactic : This very property of patchouli oil helps in the generation of new blood cells and promotes their growth. This also helps in production of RBC's, thus, keeping your skin young, vibrant and healthy.

Deodorant : It has a lovely aroma and so it is used as a deodorant. The spicy, musky and sweet aroma of this essential oil helps in keeping the body odor away. However, it is recommended that you use the diluted one as sometimes the aroma is strong to bear.

Febrifuge : It helps in lowering the body temperature in case of fever, as it helps in fighting with infections.

Diuretic : This oils increase the tendency to urinate as well as quantity and frequency of urination. This helps in lowering the blood pressure, removal of toxins from body as well as increasing the appetite.

Insecticide : This property of oil is recognized since a long time. It no doubt smells sweet, but it is effective in keeping insects away. This is why it is being used a lot n body deodorants, sprays, vaporizers, fumigants etc.

With plenty of benefits associated with it, you simply can not afford to ignore patchouli oil.

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The Power of Patchouli Oil

Patchouli oil is not unnecessarily popular among masses. However, this essential oil is valuable in both skin care as well as perfumery. It is steam distilled from Pogostemon patchouli herb, which is tender upright with spikes of white flowers that are purple tinted. You will find lots of these plants in Indonesia.

The hippy fragrance of 1960's was dominated by use of patchouli oil. At that time patchouli as mainly used as a substitute for water and soap. It was often referred to as musky mix at that time.

Patchouli oil usually has an earthy scent. A straight hit will certainly come across you very sturdy. You will find a wide range of perfume blends, which will surely make you head spin, as it is an amazing fixative, a perfect blender and base note.

We adore patchouli oil for its aromatherapy benefits and skin care. It has a wide range of uses that makes it only unique in the essential oil arena. Patchouli makes a wonderful mature skin and it is being used in many anti-wrinkle products. Apart from that, it is known to have many cell regeneration properties which are wonderful for aging skin, preventing disfiguring care tissue from forming and hastens wound healing.

It is also very effective for cracking skin conditions such as fungal type infections and eczema. This oil has been found to be of benefit for cellulite, due to its superb diuretic properties. In scalp care, it is said to treat dandruff and other scalp disorders appropriately. Most of the experts on essential oils will not advise the use of an essential oil without dilution. Mixing this oil as a 1% dilution is among the safest ways to use it. Avoid large doses of these oils as it may lead to appetite loss. Some people also finds is somewhat sedating.

Everyone knows that when they smell something, it becomes wistful of some past memory. Apart from memories, smells are also important in our perceptions of interactions with the old.

Patchouli oil has a long and rich history and it was further strengthened during the 18th and 19th century. This plant thrives best in the intense heat and so they can be found in plenty inside the tropical jungles of Asia. Mainly used in religious ceremonies, this oil when moved across the world towards the western nations began a major part of perfumery.

The aromatherapy or the process of inhaling scents can be a superb way to relive stress and also helps in lessening nausea. When you take only a few drops of patchouli oil into hot steam water and take slow breaths, it relives your stress. Therapeutic massage is another thing which involves major use of patchouli oil. Work through tired muscles, by adding scent to the proceedings and it will surely work in favor of you. Advanced manufacturing technology have taken this oil and applied to many different products.

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DIY Aromatherapy

1. Compresses

Add eight to ten drops of oil to half a cup of water. In it soak a piece of plain, unmedicated cotton wool or old sheeting folded into four thicknesses and large enough to cover the area being treated. Wring it out, place it over the affected area and cover with cling film.

A warm towel or blanket placed over the compress should make it more efficient and keep the area warm. Leave the compression in place for at least two hours. Compresses using two or three drops of undiluted essence can be applied to small areas to treat conditions such as springs, bruising, burns, scalds and boils.

2. Massage

Normal massage techniques are used to apply essential oils in a plant oil base to the skin. TO mix an aromatherapy massage oil, combine in a 60ml glass bottle: 1 teaspoon wheatgerm oil; 1 teaspoon avocado oil or hazelnut oil; 15-30 drops total of essential essential oils; grapeseed oil to fill bottle. A teaspoon is enough to treat the back, and less is needed for smaller areas. Massage the oil well into the skin to relieve stress, muscular aches and pains, breathing problems, arthritis and skin disorders.

3. Essential oil teas

Do not take essential oils as a medicine except on the advice of a medically qualified practitioner, but it is safe to drink two or three drops of a suitable oil in a cup of black tea, hot or cold, twice a day for digestive problems, urinary problems and stress.

Remember, as a precautionary advice, do not apply pure, undiluted oils directly to the skin except in emergencies such as insect bites or stems, or if using tea tree on its own. Also, never swallow any oils unless they are supplied by a trained aromatherapist and used under his supervision.

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Natural Aromatherapy Candles For Comfort And Relaxation

Aromatherapy with the help of natural aromatherapy candles is a popular form of alternative treatment these days. These candles when lit emit fragrances that have the power to uplift one's mood. They also provide a healing effect whenever you feel bothered or distracted. The present-day life style places a very heavy stress and tensions on you. Natural aromatherapy candles are a perfect way relax and calm down after a particularly stressful and torturous day. You just need to light up such a candle to benefit from the soothing fragrances.

These essences originate from the natural essential oils that are extracted by the process of distillation from certain plants and herbs known for their curative and therapeutic properties. When you light up an aromatherapy candle, it releases the vapors of the essential oils it contains into the surrounding atmosphere. These vapors contain healing properties when inhaled as part of the natural breathing process. Although primary medicine has yet to prove the efficacy of natural aromatherapy completely, many people who have used this form of therapy certainly believe in its healing properties. Thus, this form of therapy is actually harmless and the natural vapors released can positively affect the person's psychological state and improve his or her wellbeing.

Varieties of oils are utilized in the process of making natural aromatherapy candles . Some of these oils are obtained from sources like eucalyptus, lavender, tea tree oil, ginger, oil, chamomile, jasmine oil, rose, sandalwood, and other natural plants. While going in for natural aromatherapy candles, you should bear in mind that the more exquisite the oil used, the more exquisite and expensive the candle will be. While using these candles, you should understand that healing takes time and it is not possible to work out an instant miracle. Therefore, you should possess the necessary patience while using these candles, as they will take some time to heal you completely.

You can also purchase natural aromatherapy candles that contain several oil blends. These candles will be naturally expensive compared to the other candles that you will find in the store. Therefore, you might be able to treat yourself in a better way while utilizing these multiple aroma candles. These candles are usually available at leading stores as well as from reputed online dealers. You can even present these candles to your friends on occasions like birthdays and weddings. You can eve make some candles at home if you know the art of making candles. Just use the fragrance you prefer and enjoy the aroma. Therefore natural aromatherapy candles are one of the most popular ways to get relief from day to day problems like stress, worry, and tensions. Use these candles to feel invigorating and revitalized again!

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Several Benefits of Soy Candles

Candles either scented or not becoming favorite choices for gifts or favors. But now, there is a new twist with these amazing pearls – soy candles. It was in 1991 that Michael Richard invented soy wax. The invention later became the best alternative for beeswax and paraffin wax which are commonly used in manufacturing candles. Soy wax is far cheaper and has several more benefits that everyone will surely love.

Despite the presence of electricity, most people still have at least one regular candle in their home for emergency purposes. Most of these candles, however, are made of beeswax and paraffin wax and there are some noticeable and alarming disadvantages. Regular candles produce a lot of soot. According to recent studies, soot from petroleum based candles is extremely hazardous to your health. Furthermore, it can cause damage to your ceiling as well as to the surface of your furniture.

Listed below are just some of the many benefits that you'll notice when you use soy candles:

1. Cheaper – cheaper raw material often converts to cheaper prices on the final product. This simply means you can buy more soy candles with your money than regular ones.

2. Little Soot – as much as possible, people should avoid soot and other forms of chemically induced smoke. Soy candles have been proven to produce a minimal amount of soot. In fact, the soot it produces is so little that people once thought it was a zero-soot candle. In other candles, you can see excessive production of soot and this dark hot smoke contains carcinogens that cause various health related problems.

3. Cost effective – compared to other regular candles, they are able to last much longer. This means that a single soy candle is equal to 2 paraffin or beeswax candles.

4. Eco-friendly – soya-based candles are made from renewable sources and have been scientifically proven as a non-CO2 producing compound.

5. Easier to clean – you will not have to worry about damaging your furniture and other surfaces as soy candle spills are easy to clean using hot soapy water.

6. They smell better – photographed soya-based candles have certain properties that make them disperse scents much faster. Compared to regular candles, soy candles have a low melting point, which results in a larger pool of liquid wax. Essential oil that carries scent evaporates within this pool.

These benefits also have other long term effects. Not only are you doing your part in saving our environment but you are also helping promote a better change in the people's lifestyles. However, there are still some safety precautions that you should take into consideration when using soy candles.

1. Little soot does not mean that you should light a dozen in one room.

2. Make sure that the wick is as short as 5mm to avoid unwanted smoke upon lighting.

3. A special wick dipper must be used when extinguishing the candle to avoid smoke.

Giving soy candles as a gift or party favor is indeed a thoughtful thing to do. It just expresses your care for the health of the people who is to receive your amazing gift. Scented soy candles have been consistently accepted by society and frequently given as gifts. So next time you buy candles for any occasion, you may want to consider soy candles.

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