Lavender Essential Oil Use

Lavender oil has long been considered a basic by the many who use an aromatherapy oil warmer, scented candles, soaps and cosmetics. It is also traditionally thought of as effective in home made mosquito repellents, skin lotions, shampoos and house hold cleaning solutions. With lavender, the essential oil uses are many.

Please note however, that like all essential oils it is a powerful substance. It can be diluted for use on skin with a carrier oil, such as coconut, jojoba, hemp, almond, apricot kernel, or olive oil.

The word “lavender” is from the Latin verb “lavare”, to wash. As well as having a very clean smelling fragrance, lavender has been used as an antiseptic, “forever”.

The lavender essential oil is distilled from the plant's flowers. Lavender flowers are decorative, and if dried, can be used is saches for your drawers and closets.

Just let Lavender flowers dry out in the vase and then scrape the flowers into a bowl. Use small bags with a drawstring to make your saches, or use baby socks and tie them.

Hang in your closet, hide on your shoe shelf, and tuck into storage drawers.


Dried lavender flowers can also be used for smudging just like you would with a bundle of cedar or sage. The smoke is sweet and refreshing to most.

If you have never smudged before, please learn how to do this safely. You can burn yourself or drop embers onto the floor if you're not careful.

Dry lavender flowers fall apart at the slightest touch, so just keep a bouquet in a vase. Pluck out one stem to burn, placing it in a bowl of sand. Place it away from you.

It will light quickly, burn fast, and go out quickly. Still, you can walk around the area you are cleaning and you'll spread the fragrance.

Personally, I would not smudge at home if there are children, except the smudge bowl, and lighter or matches are kept high out of reach.

Head Lice Natural Remedy

If you prefer to use only natural remedies for minor afflictions, you can try adding lavender oil to shampoo to treat head lice. It has been seen to remove them, and destroy the nits as well.

Stress and Tension

Another of lavender's uses is for the relief of nervous tension. A couple of drops in your bath water or foot bath relaxes muscles and is cleansing as well. This is why lavender has gone into soaps, lotions, oils and cosmetics for so long.

Test New Oils

Whenever trying a new essential oil, try one drop on your skin and wait to see if you get any irritation. (Most stores have tester bottles).

Lavender oil is thought to be a milder oil and many people can put it directly onto the skin, but if you have not used it, test it.

Avoid Contaminants

Fragrance oils may be diluted with non-organic oils and chemicals. They are less expensive, but buying a locally grown essential oil is your best bet.

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Lower Back Pain Relief With Aromatherapy

Each and every one of us experience pain at some point of time in our lives. It could be a pain that is temporary and go away after a while or it may be a nagging pain that keeps coming back day after day. Whatever the pain, we keep searching for ways to relate it. There are several medications and methods that are available today which we can use to help ease pain and make it more bearable. A natural and fast-becoming-popular method is with aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is a natural medicine that is concocted from plant materials that are known as eucalyptus oil. These essential oils are said to be good for a person's health and well-being. Aromatherapy is used today for various types of pain including lower back pain relief.

Use of all natural essential oils for pain relief

Although aromatherapy may not completely get rid of pain, it certainly helps make it more bearable. There are certain eucalyptus oil that are used in aromatherapy to help ease pain. Some even have antiseptic properties as well. They include eucalyptus, aloe vera, chamomile, lavender, peppermint, turmeric and more. It is important however to be as relaxed as possible when using these oils to get the best effect from them. Eucalyptus oils are an all natural pain relief medication. Today, this type of alternate medicine has become extremely popular around the world with several health spas and centers offering aromatherapy. Eucalyptus oils can easily be bought from various stores and supermarkets

Using eucalyptus and other essential oils to treat back pain

If sore or strained muscles cause you pain or if inflammation causes back pain, then essential oils made from eucalyptus, aloe vera and grape seed or other plant ingredients can help give back pain. There are essential oils with anti-inflammatory properties, local anesthetic properties, counter-irritant properties, analgesic properties and antispasmodic properties. So whatever type of pain you are experiencing, there are eucalyptus oils that can help tie them.

Aromatherapy can ease sinus congestion

Sinus pressure is a respiratory issue that can cause congestion of the nasal passage and headaches. To help ease this pressure and congestion people are turning to aromatherapy. The essential oils used in aromatherapy help reduce the discomfort caused by sinus pressure. Essential oil such as eucalyptus, peppermint and rosemary are good for Sinus Congestion Relief . These essential oils can be used in a steam inhalation, vaporiser or in a warm bath. These soothing ways help deliver the healing properties of these eucalyptus oil. Some of these oils may even be used in their concentrated form, but it is essential to follow the 'directions for use' that are printed on the product label. Home remedies using essential oil like eucalyptus etc, can be used as sinus congestion relief for minor instances of discomfort, but should not replace professional consultation and care, as respiratory diseases can be serious and sometimes life-threatening.

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What Is Aromatherapy and How Can It Help in Alleviating Stress?

The internet is abuzz with the growing popularity of alternative therapies for a large number of ailments and diseases. Aromatherapy too is a traditional alternative medicinal practice that is aimed at improving the emotional and spiritual being of a person.

The basis of Aromatherapy is to cure using essential oils and certain aromatic herb, which has a substantial impact on a person's emotional being, cognitive functions, and even physical health.

Science practitioners deem Aromatherapy to be more of a placebo-based treatment method and hence the effectiveness of Aromatherapy in actual treatment is relatively low. However, strong evidences lend support to the efficiency and benefits of using this traditional healing method to heal a good number of ailments, especially in terms of reducing and curbing stress.

A lot of doctors and therapists adopt the practice of Aromatherapy with their clinical treatment. Dentists keep scented candles in their offices to help the patients get rid of anxiety and feel a sense of calm prior to their appointment. In a lot of offices of psychiatrists and clinicians, essential candles are specifically placed to calm down anxious and nervous patients.

Aromatherapy of course is considered as more of an additional aid to modern medicine, but even in isolation Aromatherapy works as a significant therapy for certain ailments.

In fact, in a study conducted it was revealed that lavender fragrance created a change in the behavioral pattern in infants. While some restless infections become calmer, the scent also filled some of them to sleep.

So, how can Aromatherapy reduce stress?

One of the major reasons why Aromatherapy can help with stress is that stress and anxiety is more of a psychological condition than physiological. If people 'think' they should not stress out, and take certain measures to calm their mind, they can immediately change their current state of being stressed, and over a period of time they can completely avoid stress.

Considering that Aromatherapy is based on the use of scented essential oils and fragrances that have a tranquilizing effect on the mind, and combining it with one of the widely-preferred techniques of reducing stress- deep breathing- Aromatherapy works by changing how people 'feel' .

The easiest method is to soak in a bath filled with essential oils or light up scented candles that emanate a calming scent. This will promptly change your mood and you would feel lighter and relaxed.

Or use a misty spray diluted with a few drops of your choice of essential oil. Generally, rose is the preferred fragrance, but other flavors too work as well. Spraying directly on the face refreshes and rejuvenates while the essential oils have sedating effects.

For a more holistic option, and one that is employed by professionals at spas is to combine the use of essential oil with a tailor-made massage option. The spa method works in three ways. Firstly a good massage will release pent-up tension from the muscles and knots that form especially around the shoulder and back area. Second these essential oils are derived from plants having a therapeutic benefit of their own, so when it sees into the body it has a healing effect on worn out muscles. And third, the scent works on the mind. In combination, this triple effect is a far more effective approach.

A monthly spa session would do wonders in reducing your stress level, and is also good for the skin. However, if you are looking to cut corners, you can try this easy massage technique while in the bath or in a room lit with scented candles or a diffuser to emit the fragrance from essential oil.

Sit with your back straight and rotate your shoulder joints, wrist, and neck. Now keep both the thumbs on either side of the base of the neck and gently massage the Trapezius muscles or the triangular area formed by your shoulders and neck using the remaining four fingers.

The best essential oil flavors to reduce stress:

• Chamomile
• Lavender
• Pine
• Rose
• Sandalwood (in moderate quantities)
• Sage
• Rosemary
• Lemon
• Jasmine
• Neroli
• Cardamom
• Eucalyptus
• Clary sage
• Thyme
• Peppermint

The list that compiled contains all essential oil fragrances that work with stress. However, you need to pick one that is best suited for you and which does not cause any allergic reaction.

For a peaceful sleep or to cure insomnia, try dimming the lights and lighting up some screened candles. In fact, sleeping with photographed candles lit also promotes good sleep and reduces restlessness and fitful sleep sessions.

If you meditate on a regular basis, next time try to meditate with a lit scented candle in the vicity or use a diffuser and see a marked difference.

Aromatherapy is not your one-in-all solution for stress relief, but it can help reduce and curb stress to a large extent.

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A Testament to Aromatherapy With the Modern Steam Shower

Our senses are a true wonder to science, but certain senses also have a unique way of placing our bodies in to calming and restful state. It all comes from pleasant and sweet smelling aromas, which in turn have a refreshing effect internally on the body.

The fact that we all enjoy having delightful fragrances through the home is not only for helping the home to be more inviting, but it is primarily due to the fact that it helps to place us in a state of relaxation and to lighten the mood. It can also help to induce a sound and deaf sleep, furthermore it is found that on balance the use of fine fragrances can also help to alleviate and cure slight minor illnesses.

This being so is why Aromatherapy has become so popular with many individuals searching for ways in which to help reduce stress levels and relax. In short, Aromatherapy is a therapeutic treatment formed through utilizing the natural fragrances found in fruits, flowers and plants to create a relaxing ambience. This is more often accomplished by combining essential oils through diffusion within a steam environment. As such, this form of therapy has gained immense popularity with home owners who have their own steam shower units.

The steam shower unit has been in circulation for some time now and is manufactured in the shape of the shower enclosure. It has all the characteristics of the shower enclosure but with many refinements that include items such as televisions, radio, hands free telephones, speakers and many other technical advances. This is combined with an array of therapeutic elements such as mood enhancing lighting, body massage jets, foot and calf massagers and a steam generator that combines to create the ultimate showering system for aid health and unrefined enjoyment. Alongside all these amazing enhancements the steam shower also features inlets designed for the use of essentials oils, enabling people to utilize the steam therapy with Aromatherapy. In order for the owner to use this age old treatment, all they need to do is add a couple of drops of the oil in to the inlet prior to using the steam generator. Then as soon as the generator is turned on the steam infuses with the oils and is then dispersed through the steam outlets which in turn fuels the steam session within the enclosure.

The benefits of practicing Aromatherapy are wide and diverse, but the main aspects come with helping to release muscle tension and the calming of the mind. Furthermore, it is known to promote a slower aging process, making the skin radiant and glowing. There are many more benefits through using essential oils; these will usually depend on which type of oils is used.

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Tips on Using Essential Oils Safely

Essential oils are liquids derived from the stems, leaves, bark, roots or flowers of plants. They are very concentrated. Even small amounts can cause harm if used improperly. Here are tips on how to use these products safely.

Using directly on skin

Undiluted oils should never be used directly on the skin. Always dilute them with a base oil or emulsifier such as Apricot Kernel, Jojoba or Almond oil. Never touch the eyes or mucous membranes such as the nose. Oils such as Lavender and Tea tree are generally accepted to be safe to use topically, however caution should always be exercised when using any essential oil.

When using for the first time, do a skin patch test.

For pure essential oils, add one drop in 2.5 mL (or 1/2 teaspoon) of vegetable oil and apply it to your arm. If the area turns red, or if there is burning or itchiness, wash the area and do not use that product.

Do not ingest.

They are highly concentrated and have the capacity to cause serious damage if used internally without the necessary expertise required in administrating it. This is supported by the International Federation of Aromatherapists that does not recommend ingestion of essential oils without under the supervision of a Medical Doctor who is also qualified in clinical aromatherapy.

Medical Conditions

People with liver or kidney disease should only use oils under the guidance of a qualified practitioner. Once absorbed in the bloodstream, essential oils are ever cleared from your body by the liver and kidneys – using excessively may injure these organs. Consult a qualified practitioner if you are using any medication, because oils may interact with certain medications. For example, relaxing oils such as chamomile, lavender, and melissa (lemon balm) may heighten the effect of sleeping pills or sedatives.


This is often controversial and you will find mixed messages regarding heating oils. Many health care professionals agree that heat can alter the chemical composition of an oil. Using ceramic light bulb rings or heating over an open flame such as a tea light can be hazardous for several reasons. This may result in a reduction of the medicinal benefits as well as potentially releasing toxins into your environment. Much caution must be taken to ensure you do not expose an oil to a non-controlled heat source. Essential oils are flammable so if you insist on heating an oil, never leave it unattended. To get the most benefit out of your oil and to be safe, we recommend using a cold diffusion process.


Store your oils in a cool, dark place away from heat and sunlight. Doing so will prolong the shelf life of the oils. If you have only a few bottles of oil, storing them in a closet would work just fine. If you have quite a few bottles, store the oils in a wooden storage box. Storage boxes protect your oils from variant temperatures and light exposure, as well as keeping your oils organized and in one place.

Mark oil bottles with the date in which you opened the bottle. Doing so will help you keep track of the oil's shelf life. Most oils will last for years if stored properly. Essential oils will become thick, cloudy and smell more acidic when they have deteriorated. Citrus oils have a shelf shelf life, about about six to 12 months once opened. When your citrus oils become cloudy or begin to smell sweet, they have deteriorated.

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Aromatherapy For Treating Cellulite, Stress And Even Soothing Your Pets

A great deal of people are familiar with the therapeutic attributes of aromatherapy massage. It relaxes your body, helps increase circulation, and gives your skin a wonderful gleam. However, what a lot of people do not know is that aromatherapy massage is an effective treatment for many other things such as cellulite, stress, emotional problems, as well as being used for pets.

Aromatherapy massage for cellulite:

There are many people who treat their bodies very well but can not escape the problem of cellulite. Especially for people who were once overweight, cellulite is difficult to get rid off no matter what you do. Even if you've never been heavy you can experience cellulite. This is because hormones represent a big part in the development of cellulite.

In addition to exercise and a good diet to detoxify your body, aromatherapy massage is an excellent way to do away with those uncontrollable cellulite lines. It acts to breakdown and melt faty deposits. A very effective massage oil is a blend of juniper, sweet fennel, cypress, and a carrier oil such as sweet almond or jojoba oil. Make sure to have long and deep massages for cellulite treatment.

Aromatherapy massage for stress:

Everyone has felt stress at some point. There's nothing more relaxing than a deep, aromatherapy massage at the conclusion of the day. High levels of stress are not something to be transported lightly – it can weak your immune system making you less resistant to disease. For those who go through extended sessions of high stress, it may be a beneficial thought to look into aromatherapy massage.

Aromatherapy massage for emotional problems:

Many therapists use aromatherapy oils for emotional issues such as anxiety, depression, physical exhaustion, insomnia, and irritability. A lot of people have discovered that aromatherapy is a great way to relax nerves and boost mood. In fact, therapists have determined that different blends of oils can trigger different moods. For example, there are oils that boost energy levels, and some that heal pain in the body. Other scents that are popular for being able to lift the spirit are citrus scents such as grapefruit, lemon, lime, and orange.

Aromatherapy massage for dogs:

If you think that aromas can be soothing and therapeutic, think what it would do for animals with a keener sense of smell. Aromatherapy is now being used to pamper pets, particularly dogs. Over the years, it's been increasing in popularity as a method to treat dogs emotionally and physically. Commonly used to treat tick problems and anxieties, the natural aromas in the oils deliver a visible effect on a dog's well-being.

Oils used in dog aromatherapy are usually 100% all naturally created from natural oils, plants, and herbs. Typically, lemon oil is also added and serves as an effective repellent. Rosemary is also a common choice, which is used to treat arthritis. These oils can be massaged into a dog, or merely diluted in water and sprayed on.

With all these benefits, it's easy to ascertain why many people are added to aromatherapy massage. If you have any emotional problems, physical pains, or just prefer to give your pet a wonderful treat, get up now and find your way to an aromatherapy spa near you.

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Essential Oils and Aromatics: Different Uses Related With It

Essential oils can also be termed as volatile oil and in layman's term, which can be defined as the hydrophobic liquid which is concentrated in nature and enterprises of aromatic compounds from plants which are also volatile in nature. There are other names as well which can be given to these oils and those are aetherolea, ethereal oils or plain and simple oil of the plants from which it is extracted. This is quite important as it carries the features of that particular plant that can be vital for treating various kinds of illness.

Processes in which these essential oils are extracted : There are some other important processes that are used for this purpose and those are solvent extraction, Flora-sols extraction or expression. The earliest method which was used to extract essential oils was discovered by Ibn Al Baitar who was an Andalusian physicist, chemist and a pharmacist.

Details of the extraction processes :

Expression : This is used to extract citrus peel oils and this method is quite similar to the one used for extracting olive oil. This process of extracting oil is done with the help of heavy mechanical machines or by cold pressed method, which are both vital in this regard. Citrus peel oil is available in large quantity, so it is quite cost effective when compared with other kinds of oils. There are other varieties of citrus peel oils available and some of those are sweet orange oils and lemon.

Distillation : The essential oils which are quite common such as peppermint, lavender, eucalyptus and more are also extracted with the help of distillation process. The distillation apparatus which is also known as Alembic is used for this purpose. Various kinds of raw plant products such as leaves, flowers, roots, bark, wood, peel and seeds are put inside the apparatus and mixed with water to extract the oil from it. Maximum products are distilled using a single process except yang-ylang which normally takes around 22 hours to complete the whole process. This is known as fractional distillation.

Flora-sols extraction : The main ingredient in this regard is the Flora-sol which is a refrigerant. It was developed mainly to replace another product known as Freon. Flora-sol is used because it is an environment friendly item which will not hamper the environment. The essential oils that are obtained from this method are entirely pure and without any foreign element.

Some important types of Essential Oils & Aromatics available in the market place are lavender essential oil, Eucalyptus oil and rose oil. There are different important benefits of using these oils and some of those are stated below:

* These are used for dealing with any physical problem and other psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, hypertension, hysteria and more.
* These oils are used for manufacturing various kinds of cosmetics and beauty products. Oils or aromatic products are used for religious purposes as well.

These are few examples among a large number. Buyers can also try for the online stores to get their desired product at cost effective ranges.

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Does Aromatherapy Really Work?

One problem with such alternative treatments as aromatherapy is that many “experts” on the subject are not really experts at all but individuals seeking to build up the importance of a product they wish to sell. Another problem is that many of the real benefits, which are difficult to identify and verify in the first place, are often touted as being real solutions to real problems when they really just “help” in most instances.

Most healthcare professionals are not completely comfortable with alternative health practices such as aromatherapy. However, many individuals, and even such prestigious institutions such as Johns Hopkins and the Mayo Clinic, feel comfortable in asserting that many of these practices may have actual health benefits … albeit not as wonderful as many proponents like to claim.

Aromatherapy has not been widely studied, at least by professional researchers and institutions, so there is not a lot of hard evidence to back up many of the rather unbelievable claims.

What does seem to be commonly accepted is that the use of certain fragrances, generally in the form of “essential oils” which have been extracted from botanical sources, can affect mood … sometimes quite intensely. It is also commonly accepted that mood can influence health. So, for example, while aromatherapy may not actually “make” someone lose weight or study more effectively, it can help reduce stress which may be inhibiting mental or physical health.

It also seems to be fairly broadly accepted that various fragrances, combinations of fragrances (blending), and methods of use also appear to contribute to the final effect experienced.

Essential oils distilled from botanical sources and suspended in “carrier” oils are the most common used aromatherapy products. However, these may be used in a variety of ways. They may be “misted” into the air, applied to the skin, or combined as ingredients in other products such as soap, bath or body oil, or shampoo.

There are other forms of fragrances, such as “absolutes” which may be more intense or less pure than essential oils. These are often used in some secondary manner rather than direct skin contact due to that intensity and lack of purity. Even essential oils themselves, generally considered “mild” and of little risk may actually be of great risk for some individuals. In most cases, individuals will probably know if they are allergic to a particular product, such as nuts, but it is still a risk for some, however small.

People with health issues should not depend on aromatherapy to “heal” them, and, if in a weakened state, may wish to forego the experience. In fact, many experts both from the mainstream healthcare fields and from the world of alternative healing recommend that pregnant women and small children should skip the aromatherapy experience.

So, back to the question, “Does aromatherapy really work?”

Well, yes, it works for some things but not for others. It seems to be quite good at relieving stress, and is often used to enhance the relaxing and stress reducing benefits of other practices such as massage, yoga, and meditation. It can improve health by allowing the body and mind to ditch the stress which may be standing between them and better health.

Due to the mind-body connection, improving attitude often also improves health, so, in this way, we can probably say that aromatherapy, if not a miracle cure, is a potentially powerful tool in the pursuit of good health and a less stressful life .

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How to Tell Which Essential Oils Really Are Your Best Natural Remedies

For many years medical doctors in France have used the Aromatagram to identify which essential oils will work best against each patient's particular infection. The doctor uses Petri dishes to try various oils on a patient's primary infection. The ones that work best in vitro (fighting the infection in the laboratory incubator) are then used in vivo (in therapy with the patient).

Yet in America most essential oils users simply pick up a reference book that gives a long list of conditions that each oil is supposedly to be good for. The essential oil therapy for each malady on the list appears to be just as effective as every other. But they're not. Then, when we try them, we wonder why a particular oil does not work for us and we lose faith in these amazing aromatic gifts from nature. This casual approach to medical aromatherapy gives our whole industry a black eye.

For example in the network marketing “desk references” you see certain well-known and expensive oils like frankincense highly praised for their effectiveness against frightening diseases like cancer, yet in the French medical literature, frankincense is mentioned for many important uses, but cancer has a question mark next to it.

It's easy to understand why enterprise network marketing companies like DoTERRA and Young Living would want all their distributors to invest in a large collection of oils and reference books claiming a long list of miraculous cures for virtually everything. I've attended opportunity meetings for these companies where fantastic claims were made and verified with story after story. From my experience many of these stories had to be fabricated. But the fact is, according to verifiable science, they do not all work as well as those books and distributors claim for everything on the list.

A simple solution is to return to the French medical reference books and use some of their research to rank the oils by effectiveness. For example, in some French texts you'll find a series of plus signs indicating the effectiveness of a particular oil or blend of oils. Four or five plus signs (++++) indicates an exceptionally effective oil for a particular use. Three crosses is an excellent oil, but two or fewer cross crosses only good to moderate value. You'll also find these signs indicating how effective a particular essential oil treatment is for various conditions and various methods of use.

It's fascinating to make a list of the medical conditions where essential oils are most beneficial. For example you'll hear network marketers praise oils for common, well-known diseases like diabetes where only two plus signs in the French literature. You're better off focusing on much more effective and predictable uses of essential oils with as many as five plus signs. They're exceptional for flu, shingles, insect bites, and first and second degree burns.

When we overpromise and under-deliver on the effectiveness of essential oils, we become an embarrassment to those who practice foreseeable alternative medicine.

Here's my suggestion for those who are looking for real value from your essential oils, and I promise that you will really find remarkable the therapeutic value. Look to the top dozen best-selling oils. Learn all you can about them. Order them and use them to see how effective they are in your life. Because of your particular set of health conditions, you may not need oils for joint pain, but may need more oils for infection. You may find them more effective reducing stress or calming gastric discomfort.

Study the success stories showing the most popular uses for the oils. If you see a lot of stories about headaches but few stories about diabetes and cancer, you can guess which uses are most dependable.

Here are my top dozen, most affordable single oils, the ones with a lot of plus signs in the French medical literature. 1. The tea tree, 2. lavender, 3. peppermint, 4. spearmint, 5. geranium, 6. basil, 7. oregano, 8. thyme, 9. lemon, 10. eucalyptus radiata, 11 Frankincense, and 12. Fir. I also have my favorite blends for the following uses: 1. respiratory, 2. calming and relaxation, 3. infection, 4. digestion, 5. pain, 6. foot massage, and 7. exercise recovery, and 8. general massage.

These oils always work for me, I do not have to guess what they will do. I can depend on them, and I do not try to invent fantastic, popular-sounding ways to use them just so I can sell more. There are many more oils that will make your favorites as you try them, but get the fundamental ones first and learn to use them.

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A Brief Overview Of Aromatherapy And Essential Oils

Aromatherapy is actually a therapeutic use of various essential oils extracted from flowers and plants such as lavender, chamomile, jasmine, mint etc. These oils prove to be extremely useful in improving someone's both mental and physical health. It is a perfect choice to balance the overall mind, spirit and body. The essential oils can be used either through inhalation or topically or as recommended by an expert aromatherapist. This kind of therapy may sounds new to some people but the fact is that it is into existence from centuries. If you are looking to buy them, make sure to approach a reliable and reputed essential oils exporter. They can suggest you a right kind of oil according to your need.

Varied properties

From invigorating lemon oil to calming Ylang Ylang and soothing tea tree oil to relaxing lavender oil, every kind of oil has its own characteristics or properties. All these oils also range in aromatic strength from mild to strong. Essential oils can be used either individually or by mixing different oils to make more complimentary. Some oils have antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties while some oils have incredibly positive effect over skin. There are over 150 oils available and aroma therapists use different depending upon the need and preferences.

How aroma therapists use essential oils

Aromatherapists make use of essential oils in different ways as it depends upon the reason and kind of oil to be used. As mentioned, some oils have strong while some have mild effects but aromatherapists are well versed in evaluating the effect due to their experience in such field. After evaluating the reasons, they perform their therapies by inhalations, massages and baths.

Some essential oils are used for inhaling so that a particular ailment in the body can be treated appropriately. It can be inhaled either directly or by diffusing it in the room. For instance, Eucalyptus oil which is heavily used by aromatherapists to cure chest congestion, breathing and sinus like problems. Similarly, a massage therapy is given to cure skin ailments. For example, almond oil and grape seed oil is broadly used by these professionals to nourish the skin which eventually helps in eliminating various skin problems. Alike, 2 to 3 drops of peppermint oil in your bath water can be added to rejuvenate, nourish and relaxing the skin.

How to get quality products

If you are an aromatherapists or an individual who wants to take massive benefits of such valuable oils, you can approach a professional essential oils exporter for buying these oils. They have certain quality standards and that is why you can expect best quality products from such suppliers. They have their own manufacturing and extracting units which drastically reduces the prices as well. The exporters are more trustworthy as compared to other retailers. Most exporters these days provide their range of products not only to a specific country but through the world. You can get best quality by utilizing the services of such professionals.

So, it can be said that they play critical role in achieving best aromatherapy treatment and that without spending huge amount. Essential oils exporter is a best choice if you want these highly usable oils for your home.

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Are You Looking For Best Essential Oils Exporter?

They are naturally concentrated biological substances with powerful antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. The history signifies that these natural extracts were widely used to treat various diseases and illnesses. Aromatherapy is magnetizing the attention of people these days mainly due to its great effectiveness. Approach an good supplier now if you want to purchase best quality of essential oils for you and family member.

Benefits of essential oils

There are different extraction methods used in order to get the oils from plants and trees. Essential oils are widely used for the manufacturing of various cosmetics, perfumes, beauty products, soaps and many more. It is true that not many people are aware about the significance of these oils and that is why they overlook the availability of exporter of it. There are many therapeutic benefits of such oils and can prove to be extremely advantageous for healing different diseases both mentally and physically. The Ayurvedic clinics nowdays also make use of these oils for their treatment processes.

Get healthy naturally

Essential oils are rich and natural source of elements such as vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, minerals and many others. All these elements can keep maintaining your body healthy and fit. These oils have actually more impact on your body due to their natural extraction. Over 200 different kinds of essential oils available till date and exporters keep updating their list whenever new arrivals. Undeniably, a reliable essential oils exporter can provide you the high quality of product right at your door step. From skin to hair and even some oils have superb detoxification properties.

Why essential oils exporter?

Only a professional exporter understands the value of quality essential oils and thus provides the same to the consumers. They have the responsibility to deliver quality ingredient not only to a specific country but across the globe. If you want to buy such products then make sure to approach a reliable exporter with good track record. Find out an exporter who is delivering such products throughout US, UK and Asian markets. Such professionals have great abilities to bring the best product for their consumers and that is why it is always recommended to choose best quality oils.

The essential oil suppliers usually have international standards of excellence as far as quality and customer satisfaction is concerned.

Cost effective

Another advantage of choosing a good exporter is the cost effectiveness that you can get. It is true that purchasing essential oils in the market can not only be expensive but of doubtful quality as well. It is mainly due to alternate resources from where it has been extracted but by choosing a reliable exporter, you can be assured of best quality within budget. The exporters usually have their own manufacturing process which really makes the purchasing price much lesser.

The exporters understand the current market trends and then produce the products according to the needs of customers. The quality is appropriately maintained so that utmost customer satisfaction can be delivered without any issue.

So, if you are looking for best oils exporter then make sure to do thorough research in order to find out an experienced company. Undoubtedly, there are many exporters available these days but make sure to select only by considering their reputation and credentials.

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Agarwood – Origin of a Priceless Fragrance

Agarwood, also known as agar, oud, or oodh, is a rare high cost wood that develops in Aquilaria and Gyrinops trees in Southeast Asia. The trees are fast-growing forest trees and can grow near 1000 meters in height. When the trees become infected with a certain mold, they produce a dark aromatic resin to fight off the attack. The result is dark embedded heartwood which is valued in many cultures for its distinctive aroma. The main reason why Agarwood is rare and costly is the fact that all Aquilaria species are listed as the endangered species of Wild Fauna and Flora. The Aquilaria trees can grow on different types of soils, which include poor sandy soil. Seedlings require a lot of shade and water. These trees which grow very fast, start producing seeds and flowers as early as four years old.

Agarwood Usage


Agarwood, which is also known as “Wood of the Gods,” has been highly valued and traded for thousands of years. This aromatic wood is used for medicinal purposes, as incense, and in the distilled form, it is used as a perfume component and perfume. Agarwood is known around the globe and it is used by religious healers in the Middle East at healing ceremonies. The Japanese pilgrims donate Agarwood oil and flowers to Shinto-Buddhist temples. In other Delta communities, Vietnamese religious groups must bring Agarwood to temple ceremonies. Agarwood oil is dark and thick, yet non sticky. Agarwood oil has been used in treating lung and stomach tumors, fevers, asthma, cancer, nausea, bronchial problems, and general pains.


Agarwood oil is used in perfumes. Agarwood is used as a base by Amouage and Yves Saint Laurent in their most exclusive perfumes. Advertising agencies announced the launch of La Collection M7 Oud Absoluby Yves Saint Laurent in 2011.

Cosmetics and Hair products

Agarwood oil is used in hair products to manage dry and frizzy hair. It is also used for facial creams and body lotions.


In countries such as Malaysia and Taiwan, Agarwood oil is used to add flavor to curries and local wines.


Agarwood oil contains a natural component, Valerian, which functions to calm the nervous system and relieves insomnia, which allows a person to have a longer, deaf sleep.


Agarwood has been loved and treasured for thousands of years, by romantics and mystics alike. Oud is declared as an aid to religious meditation. Lovers use it as an aphrodisiac. Agarwood is used in variety of powerful magical formulas for drawing a lover near.


Agarwood is so rare and expensive it makes gold and diamond purchases seem affordable in comparison. First-grade Agarwood is extremely valuable. Depending on cultural disposition and geographical location, an entire range of qualities of Agarwood and related products are available on the market. The price of Agarwood oil ranges from a couple of dollars to more than $ 30.000 per pound for top quality. Only a few people have the expertise to determine true Agarwood quality. Agarwood has been used in numerous countries and almost every religious tradition all over the world. In fact, for thousands of years, many cultures have recognized Agarwood and Agarwood oil as the most valuable incense and perfume ingredient.

Future of Agarwood

Since Aquilaria trees are listed as endangered species , farmers in Assam started replanting Agarwood trees through the region. Since then, Agarwood nurseries have created tens of thousands of healthy seedlings for Agarwood plantations. The farmers encourage everyone to plant these beautiful trees in their yards once again.

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Soy Scented Candles And Oils Are Safer Than Petroleum Based

Most candles today are made of paraffin wax, but behind their bright glow is a much darker issue. Most people are unaware that paraffin is a petroleum by-product and that candles made of paraffin wax may be a threat to your health. After petroleum is processed into gasoline, kerosene, motor oil, diesel, and other fuels, the waste is then used in the production of paraffin. This waste contains harmful toxins and carcinogens.

After burning paraffin wax candles, you may see black soot buildup on your walls, furniture and in the ventilating system of your home. This soot is similar in composition to diesel soot and is the result of incomplete combustion of carbon containing fuels (hydrocarbons).

The paraffin candles that you are burning is the source of this black soot, and is what you are breathing into your lungs when you inhale. It deposits unwanted pollutants into our homes and endangers our family, our pets, and ourselves. According to experts, breathing in the soot released by paraffin has been known to cause large respiratory problems. When petroleum was first used to manufacture paraffin, no one knew of the health risks involved. We now have documented studies from experts citing paraffin's health risks, yet, companies still continue to manufacture and sell these candles that could be public health hazards.

Over the last decade, spotted candle sales have increased to over two billion dollars annually and according to the National Candle Association, seven out of every ten households burn candles regularly. Why you may ask? Between the unforgivable fragrance of photographed candles, and their mesmerizing glow, the ambiance they create is unsurpassed. Candles appeal to both ones senses of sight and smell.

Soy wax candles offer a much healthier alternative to burning paraffin candles. Candles made of soy wax are the latest advance in the global candle industry in over one hundred years and have become the new phenomenon across our country. Soy wax is derived from the oil of soybeans. This vegetable wax provides an environmentally safe and very affordable alternative with which to illuminate your world.

Soy wax is all natural, non-toxic, carcinogen free, burns significantly cleaner and cooler than paraffin, is biodegradable, water soluble (cleans up easily with soap and hot water), burns 30-50% longer than a paraffin wax candle, provides a better scourge throw, is cost competitive with paraffin wax, is a renewable resource, and supports our American Farmer. Soy candles provide a demand for soybeans that are produced in the Heartland of America. What a bonus it is to know that when lighting up your home with soy candles it promotes the agricultural sector of the US economy.

So if you have a passion for fragrance as I do, keep casting that glowing light, but with the use of soy candles. Let the innovative new candle wax of the twenty first century ignite your senses of sight and smell as it safely takes you on a journey through a kaleidoscope of wonderful aromas. Burn soy and enjoy!

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Supporting Intuition With Essential Oils

First of all what is Intuition? In Wikipedia, Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without inference and / or the use of reason. The word 'intuition' comes from the Latin word 'intueri' which is usually translated as 'to look inside' or 'to contemplate' Intuition provides us with beliefs that we can not justify in every case. For this reason, it has been the subject of study in psychology, as well as a topic of interest in the supernatural. The “right brain” is often associated with intuitive processes such as aesthetic abilities. Some scientists have contended that intuition is associated with innovation in scientific discovery. Intuition is also a common subject of New Age writings.

When you are looking for tools to enable you to act from a strong insight or hunch point of view, my personal experience after many years in the healing field as an Aromatherapist is that your nose always knows. Working with your right brain by stimulating your limbic system via olfactory channel is so effortless. When you want to connect with your Intuition and receive messages from your higher self, there are three fundamental steps to follow. First, relax yourself. Second, ground yourself and finally third, receive your messages.

  • The relaxation process can be highly supported with your own sanctuary corner created at home. Your favorite altar makes you feel safe, secure and definitely more relaxed. Diffusing lavender and chamomile essential oils during this precious moment will give you a sense of lightness. Repeating a nice mantra that you have created for your own pleasure can also be very powerful, for example: “I am feeling at peace right now”.

  • The grounding process is guaranteed with an earthy-woodier aroma like vetiver. Just massage one drop under each foot to secure a peaceful grounding experience.

  • The receiving process can be activated with a more flowing aroma like ylang ylang. Because of its stimulating effect to blood circulation and your lymphatic system it gives you a euphoric kind of effect. Simply inhale deeply straight from the bottle.

Every time I use this combination of oils in my sanctuary ceremony, I make sure I have the crystal clear intentions of relaxation, grounding and receiving insights regarding a particular question I have for my higher self.

I enjoy adding a visualization of red long roots attaching me into mama earth to stay anchored. To make sure my mind does not wonder like a ” Chihuahua on the edge “, I imagine that my mind is a kite or a helium balloon attached to my head by a fine string. A gentle soothing wind moves my balloon back and forth and my mind is at peace. I also enjoy harp music and sea waves during this experience.

My intuitive personal energy signature keeps me in the now. I find that the best essential oil for attracting prosperity into my life is the oil of cinnamon. I just apply one drop of cinnamon on my credit card, priceless! Try it and receive abundance in the next few days in unexpected forms.

When I feel disconnected this simple three steps ceremony always helps me to come back into the now and receive many messages from my wonderful friend Madame Intuition.

Namaste and smell you later!

Marina Mermaid Dufort your Aromatherapist

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Using Aromatherapy To Detox

We live in an environment that is constantly polluted. There are cars releasing gases that enter our body through our respiratory tract. Our toothpaste may contain an amount of fluoride which is not that safe. Our water supply also may contain an amount of chlorine. Those substances are there in a very low dosage but constantly consuming it ever results in a situation where our body ends up containing too many toxins. With toxic substances inside our body, there are chances we end up falling sick.

The food we eat in this industrialized world is also full of additives that may not necessarily be good for the health of the body. Unfortunately, for the sake of preserving the food for longer, big giants companies do not mind adding at least a small amount of it to the food.

Toxins do not just come from our environment. Our body also sometimes produces toxins in relation to our state of mind. Whenever our body feels emotionally charged it may release substances that make us feel irritated.

This is why it is important that we detoxify our body as often as possible for a healthy life. The good news is there are really easy ways to detoxify our body. Simple things like just drinking clean water can help the liver and kidneys in excreting the toxic products. Also by exercising often you can accelerate the flow of the toxins outside of your body through your sweat or waste.

Exercising and drinking a lot of water is already a good start for the body to get rid of a certain amount of toxins but there are even better ways to help the body out. You can for example rely on aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is the art of using plant essential oils to cleanse the human body and at the same time bringing it into a state of well being.

There are two popular ways to use essential oil to push away the body toxins. These are either through inhalation or massage. Plant oils are made up of certain special chemicals that influence the state of mind of a person. When those molecules enter the human body through massage or inhalation, they get into the nervous system and affect the hypothalamus. This part of the brain influences the hormonal system of the person. The hormonal system in turn influences the mood, the stress level and metabolism of a person.

Essential oils help the body release the right amount of certain hormones that in turn can help the body cleanse itself.

As mentioned before the scent of an essential oil can be used to cleanse the body by inhalation. One way of doing it is to use the oil and mix it with some wax to create a candle. When the candle is lit up, the burning of the wax releases fragrance from the essential oils that goes into the brain and has the appropriate effect.

Some oils used in the formulation of aromatherapy candles that help with detoxing are Rosemary, Mandarin, Lemongrass and Juniper Berry.

Another way of using essential oil is by massaging the body with them. Once the oil is in contact with the human body the molecules are able to pass through the skin and get into the bloodstream. In just some few hours of massage the body is completely detoxified.

The way it works is through the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is the part of the human body that makes sure that toxic products inside the body are flushed out. With the assistance of essential oil, the functioning of the lymphatic system is improved and the body finds it even easier to clean itself.

There are different oils that are used to achieve different goals; here are some of them.

Lemongrass: The oil extract from the plant lemongrass can be used to deal with inflammation. When the human body releases certain toxins, the parts of the body affected by those toxins become inflamed and that is where lemongrass essential oil can help. This same oil also has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties so it can be used to kill germs and clean wounds.

Mandarin Oil: If you are dealing with a skin problem this oil may be of help. It is used to rejuvenate the cells of the skin. Your skin is exposed daily to all types of agents, some artificial, some natural. At the end of the day your skin can be affected by all the substances it is exposed to. Mandarin is good for fighting all kinds of skin infections. Even those suffering from stretch marks and acne can use mandarin essential oil to help heal it.

Rosemary: One of the most important essential oils used in aromatherapy is Rosemary because it has so many health benefits. Talking about toxic waste, Rosemary helps people suffering from bad breath to restore their buccal health. The same oil is also used to give the skin a better tone and remove dryness. You can also use this oil to clear your respiratory tract. The oil can also be used to deal with respiratory problems like flu, allergies, sore throat and cold. Paracelsus a physician, involved with herbal medicine in the sixteenth century, believed that rosemary oil had the ability to heal organs such as liver and even the heart.

Juniper Berry: The Juniper Berry oil has been used for centuries from the time of ancient Egypt to the Time of the Greek Empire. It is still used today to heal illnesses like arthritis, rheumatism, gout, menstrual problems and many others. A good massage with this oil can help relieve mental tension, anxiety and drowsiness. It has many different uses so it all depends on what you want to use it for.

There are many other essential oils out there that can be used to cleanse the body and bring about improved health. If you want to make yourself some massage oils or aromatherapy candles you can take a look online to find some really interesting products.

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