Essential Oils can be used for many conditions instead of reaching for a pill as our first choice solution.

Part 1 we will examine 5 Essential oils and in Part 2 another 6 Essential Oils. Discover for yourself the benefits and attributes of “nature's forgotten treasures”. You be the judge.


Sustains, relaxes and restores. Geranium oil has a strong strengthening effect, balances emotions and increases energy reserves while soothing the mind and body. Ideal for use as a natural skin care ingredient because it asserts to balance the sebum and is suitable for all skin types. In ancient times it was used as a cure for wounds and tumors. It is non-toxic and non-irritant. Geranium oil blends well with lavender, clove, rose, sandalwood, jasmine, juniper, Neroli, bergamot and other citrus oils.

Home Use: Can act as a mild analgesic and sedative. It may be used where the pain type is more nervous than physical. As an antiseptic it is an excellent and can be an effective remedy for burns. Geranium oil is often used in the treatment of inflammation, due to its mild, soothing effect. The action on the nervous system is very good and combining the quality of being a sedative deliveries uplifting characteristics. It is a stimulant of the adrenal cortex and can be used to balance the production of androgens such as occurs during the menopause. Geranium oil is a good insecticide due to its citronella component and is specifically effective as a mosquito repellent. It can also be used in the treatment of lice. Geranium oil has great value in skin care and can be used on almost any type of skin.


Uplifting, refreshing and relaxing. Bergamot oil encourages cheerful emotions and ideal for people suffering depression. Bergamot belongs to the same family as the orange tree.

Home Use: Bergamot oil has a strong affinity for the urinary tract and is valuable in the treatment of cystitis and urethritis. It should be used in the bath or as a local wash. In helping with mental and psychological states, Bergamot is most valuable for its uplifting effects. For tension, anxiety or depression, Bergamot oil should be used in blended massage oil or in a daily bath. The antiseptic qualities make it ideal for the treatment of skin complaints such as acne, oily skin and all infections of the skin. Bergamot oil has effective insect repellent properties. The fragrance blends well with lavender, jasmine, geranium, chamomile, lemon, cypress and juniper. Bergamot oil should not be used undiluted on the skin because burning may occur.


Refreshing and reviving, especially when feeling down. This oil clears the mind and uplifts the spirits. Grapefruit oil is non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing.

Home Use: Some of the therapeutic properties of Grapefruit oil are: antidepressant, antiseptic, aperitif, diuretic, disinfectant, lymphatic stimulant, tonic and anti-infectious. Grapefruit has high vitamin C content and is therefore valuable to the immune system. It helps protect against colds and flu. It has an effect on obesity; its diuretic properties help with water retention and cellulite. Grapefruit oil is used in cases of muscle fatigue and stiffness. It has a helpful effect on congested oily skin and acne; it tones the skin and tissues and Promotes hair growth. It is valuable in cases of stress, depression, nervous exhaustion and headaches. Great benefits for the immune system. It helps with skin problems and used for muscle stiffness, water retention and for the nervous system.

Applications: In burners and vaporizers, Grapefruit oil can be used for hangovers, headaches, over indulgence and mental tiredness. Grapefruit is used in blended massage oil or diluted in the bath to assist with: cellulite, colds and flu, lack of energy, jet lag, muscle fatigue, overweight, headaches and moodiness, mental and physical tiredness.


Relaxing and meditative oil with sensory properties, soothing and comforting to both body and mind. Encourages feelings of well-being. Helps aging, dry and itchy skin. It is a urinary and pulmonary antiseptic with restoring, relaxing, disinfecting, soothing and calming qualities. Sandalwood is non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitizing.

Home Use: Sandalwood oil is a powerful urinary antiseptic. It is a pulmonary antiseptic useful in the treatment of dry, persistent coughs. The soothing of sore throats is an effective application for the oil. It also has a strong effect on other condition conditions such as laryngitis. Sandalwood oil is also used for dry eczema, relief of itching and inflammations, sensitive skin, tension, stress, nausea, vomiting and sunstroke.


Effective oil with powerful antiseptic properties. It benefits the immune system and strengthens the body during the winter months and convalescence. Very helpful in natural skin care treatments. What makes Tea Tree oil outstanding is that it is active against all three varieties of infectious organisms: Bacteria, Fungi and Viruses. Microbiological testing has confirmed the effectiveness of Tea Tree oil in fighting infection.

Home Use: In Natural Skin care: Abscess, acne, athlete's foot, blisters, burns, cold sores, dandruff, herpes, insect bites, oily skin, rashes (nappy rash), spots, warts and wounds. Respiratory System: Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, coughs, sinusitis and tuberculosis.

Immune System: Colds, fever, flu, infectious illnesses such as chicken pox. Treatment of cuts, burns, insect bites, infected spinters and all kinds of wounds. Tea Tree as an anti-septic is valuable for general skin care, spots, acne and blackheads. As a generic disinfectant Tea Tree, it is especially useful for respiratory infections (Ie bronchitis, sinusitis or cystitis).

Anti-fungal Properties: Tea Tree is an effective treatment for athlete's foot, and thrush (candid).

Anti-viral Properties: Viruses are the inviting organizations responsible for most epidemic illnesses. As a powerful anti-viral agent, Tea Tree is effective in combating many common infectious diseases such as measles, chicken pox, flu, cold and shingles, as well as other viral complaints (Ie cold sores and warts).

Immune-stimulant Properties: Tea Tree oil is of great value as a preventative remedy to help the body fight off all kinds of infection. Especially important if the body is already in a weakened condition brought on by stress, illness or the use of antibiotics or other drugs which have lowered the body's natural resistance levels. It can be helpful to those who need to build up their strength before a surgical operation or for those suffering from chronic or long-term debilitating illness. Tea Tree oil may have possible application for AIDS sufferers and is currently being researched. Non-toxic, non-irritant. The strength of Tea Tree oil should be respected and therefore large amounts should not be used undiluted on the body or in particularly sensitive areas.

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