Below is a list some of the methods for using essential oils at home, but remember if using any of these methods for babies; children and the elderly lower the dosage. These methods I use personally, and work very well. When you are under a lot of stress, which many of us are these days, try these methods first before using pain medication, and I am shore that you will be pleasantly surprised. But always remember that this is only a suggestion and that what works for one person may not always be as successful for another, but it is defiantly worth a try.

Fill the bath add 5-8 drops of oil essential oil (Only 2 drops for children) stir it around in the water. If the bath is for relaxation use warm water, or for invigoration use hot water, (only as hot as you can stand it), Stay in the bath for no less than 10 minutes.

For Hot Compresses put 1 liter of hot water in a bowl and add 5 drops of oil in and mix. Put the washer in the hot water and thoroughly soak, Wring in out and place the Hot Compresses on the affected area.

For Inhalation add 2 drops of oils on a hanky or tissue and inhale whenever needed.

For Body Massage put 5-10 drops of essential oils and 20mls Carriers into a bottle and shake to mix.

For Face Massage put 2-4 drops of oils and 20mls Carriers oil into a bottle and shake to mix.

For Steam Inhalation put 2-5 drops of oil into about 1 liter of Very Hot Water into a bowl.
Mix well. Place a towel over your head keep your eyes closed and breathe in deeply. DO NOT USE THIS METHOD if you are suffering from Asthma Symptom, or Hay Fever.

For Washing out Wounds place 10-30 drops of oil into 250mls of cooled boiled water. Pour over wound, and repeat until clean.

To Refresh your Carpets place 2.5 – 5mls of oil into 250mls of bicarb of soda into a jar. Place next for at least 24 hours. Then just sprinkle over carpets leave for about 20 mins
or so, and then vacuum off.

To Humidifiers Light Bulbs rub 1-2 drops of oil on the cold light bulb. When the light bulb heats up the essential oils will start to diffuse Room.

For use in Clothes Dryers put 2 drops of you favorite oil onto a cloth and place into the dryer with your clothes.

There are many more uses and methods for the uses of aromatherapy and I will continue to go though them all, so keep checking in and I hope that I can give use some useful information that you can use within your home or for your health.