Marjoram, a bushy herb with dark silver-green leaves, downy stem and clusters of tiny, pinkish white flowers, yields a colorless oil with a spicy, warm, woody aroma. This herb was used in perfume, ointment and as a food flavoring since the time of Ancient Egypt. Marjoram is known as '' the great comforter '' for its strong and powerful sedating effect.

Medicinal power of this essential oil

Marjoram was sacred in Egypt and India, and for the Greeks it was a symbol of enduring love. All ancient civilizations used it for nervous, respiratory complaints and digestive disorders.

Marjoram helps with all types of pain because it dilates blood vessels and creates a warm effect and improvements circulation. It is successful in decreasing sharp, steady pain from migraine headache, sore muscles, stiff joints, even chronic pain of arthritis and rheumatism. An abdominal massage with marjoram oil relieves constipation and flatulence. Marjoram's heavily sedating property is an aphrodisiac and helps reduce sexual desire during celibacy.

More medicinal power of this essential oil

Emotionally, marjoram oil is effective when dealing with grief, extreme melancholy or loneliness. Marjoram can also be used for hyperactivity (ADD / ADHD) hysteria, obsession (OCD) and trauma (PTS), as well as insomnia. Inhaling this soothing aroma gives comfort, solace, fortitude, inner strength and endurance.

Use following helpful safety tips when use this oil

Marjoram can be numbing and should be used with discretion. Excessive, or long term use should be avoided to prevent dulling of the senses.

Marjoram should be avoided through pregnancy.