There is no doubt that interest in natural healing methods is at an all-time high. More and more, people are looking for ways to soothe their bodies with natural remedies that are really effective. It's important to note here that you should never self-diagnose. Talk with your doctor and make sure that you do not have serious undering problems that need to be valued by a physician.

I've been making my own herbal preparations as far back as I can remember (and when I was too little, my mother made them for me). I have an allergy to formaldehyde, which is commonly used as a preservative in many of the day-to-day products that we use such as shampoo, conditioner, creams, lotions, and more. I've learned that my problem is common, and that many people would like to know how to make their own preparations at home.

One of the most versatile preparations for the skin is the salve. A salve is an ointment that is made with some form of wax and some form of oil. It's semi-soft, and blends easily into the skin. Depending on the oil and the wax, it can soak read into the skin or remain on the surface. Salves can lend moisture to the skin as well as act as a protective barrier (for example, in the case of diaper rash).


This recipe is a simple one that you'll use over and over again. The ingredients are:

-One and one-half ounce of beeswax (solid or pastilles)

-16 Ounces of oil

To prepare, pour 16 ounces of sweet almond oilinto the top pot of a double boiler. (The bottom pot should have water in it). Turn the heat to low and slowly add approximately one and one-half ounces of beeswax. You can purchase beeswax from many places. Just do a search on your favorite search engine for granulated beeswax .. I like the pastille (granulated) type because it is easier to measure, but you can also use block beeswax, white or natural. Beeswax works well in cosmetic products because of compounds called “wax esthers” that exist in both beeswax and human skin. Beeswax is a hydrating ingredient that increases skins essential moisture. KEEP STIRRING GENTLY UNTIL ALL BEESWAX IS MELTED!

I use sweet almond oil because it absorbs wonderfully into the skin, but you can use a variety of good quality carrier oils, including apricot kernel, avocado, coconut, and more.

Once the beeswax and carrier oil are blended together (melted), you can add pure essential oils chosen for their healing properties. For example, if you want to use your salve to alleviate muscle aches and pains, put approximately 15 drops of pure Camphor essential oil in the mixture. Camphor is a natural anesthetic, and works well for sore and achy muscles. Remove the oil and wax from the heat before adding your essential oils.

Once the essential oils have been added, pour your liquid into sterilized jars with lids. I generally use four ounce jars, and this recipe makes about six four ounce jars.

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