We all know that first and foremost lavender helps one – RELAX -. Both the physical action of ingredients of the therapeutic grade lavender and it's fragrance induction a much needed sense of calming in this life.

Once the calming sets in you can easily get to – SLEEP – a deep and easy sleep. Massaging a few drops on the ears, while gently pinching the ears, especially makes this work. Auricular therapy!

After this great night's sleep you start your morning by diffusing some lavender around the house to help
– INCREASE ALERTNESS – A study in Japan found lavender does that too (Motomura et al., 2001).

While doing your routine routine you rinse your face with a home-made lavender spritz – TO IMPROVE ACNE -. To 2oz of distilled water add ten drops of lavender and spritz on a cotton ball. Wipe gently over the face and decollete. What a great refresher for oily skin, morning and night. You may want to carry this spritz with you for a refreshing afternoon skin mist.

You are so enthusiastic by now on this glorious morning you burn your hand while taking the home baked lavender cookies out of the oven! So you reach for the lavender again because it works wonders- ON MILD BURNS -. Unbelievable how it immediately soothes the pain, keeps redness away and prevents blisters from developing.

With a spring in your step you make an appearance at the office where everyone sees to be dealing with – HAY FEVER -. You have them all put a drop of lavender on a tissue and inhale the rest of the day. The office goes quiet, no more sneezing, and brightened minds are doing their work!

Picking up the kids from school you hear them complain about – DRY SKIN – and one of your children deals with – ECZEMA AND PSORIASIS -. They find the trusted lavender ointment you made with a base of rose ointment and beg you for an application. Children love using natural remedies that smell good and work.

Once they've gone to bed you can catch some time alone with your husband. He's good at giving you a lower back massage and you have him apply a few drops of lavender and geranium essential oil to EASE PMS SYMPTOMS -. Your cramps dissipate like snow before the sun!

It turns out, using the lavender has eased your husband's – HEADACHE -. You add a drop of rosemary and lavender to the back of his neck and he too is now a happy man. You just made sure he will not be doing much snoring tonight either!

The night gets better. You drink some refreshing lavender lemonade, eat your lavender cookies, and slip between the – FRESHLY LAUNDERED SHEETS – (you added five drops of lavender to a washcloth and put it in the dryer with your sheets).

You can imagine passions will soar after a day like this. And you may rest assured … sleep will come easily tonight. aaaahhhhh ….. lovely lavender.