The Egyptians and Grecians used aromatherapy to soothe their souls or they would put it into their bath water or light candles. Hippocrates said that the city of Athens should be sprayed with an aromatherapy because of the dirty plague; this was killing people every day. He felt the aroma would kill the bacteria. Many believe that if you put lavender oil on a cut it will heal faster than normal. This was proven by Dr. Rene Maurice in 1930 and he claimed it worked. Herbs that make up the nice smelling oils has been around for thousands of years, this it nothing new, but it is becoming popular today more and more.

Oils of Sandalwood, Jasmine and lemon oil will help with depression. Who does not enjoy nice smelling oil or a candle burning? I so enjoy them, especially in the winter when all the windows have to be closed. Some professionals will tell you that aromatherapy works because it will trigger memories and will help increase the healing process. Smelling a lemon scented candle brings back wonderful memories of my mother's lemon pie, or smelling one that is spotted with lavender, that reminds me of the grandmother. I try different ones, and now I have many that I like to use.

A word of caution though using aromatherapy if you have asthma or breathing problems is careful using them, as it can cause problems. Many people feel that using aromatherapy instead of taking pills will help heal their bodies. I am not saying that that it will replace your medication just that it smells better and is much easier to accept. Not only does it smell good, it will relax you, so you can tackle the day's problems. There are the oils of aromatherapy as well, ones that you work into your skin. My grandmother always smelled like lavender and now when I smell it, she comes into my mind. Lavender is one of the most popular scents but there are many others.

When thinking of using aromatherapy consider three things, the price, the smell and the bottle it comes in. it can be expensive but can you really put a price on something that makes you feel better? The bottles can be plain or they can be beautiful, all of this is your choice. As so many people today are under so much stress why not try aromatherapy, it certainly will not harm you and it just might heal your soul.