The months of October and November are a time of change. Nature has been showing its fall colors, and our bodies have had to adapt to the cooler and damper air. Many of us suffer through the seasonal change by catching a cold or flu, or experiencing a nagging cough or clogged sinuses. We may try to alleviate our symptoms by taking over the counter decongestants or antihistamines; but Aromatherapy, being a powerful natural healing modality, offers an effective alternative. Essential oils contain the regenerating, oxygenating and immune defense properties of the plant from which they are derived. Research shows that essential oils have some of the highest frequencies of any known substance and may help create an environment in which bacteria, virus and fungus can not live.

The use of essential oils is an effective way to combat a looming infection, boost the immune system, and / or hasten the resolution of an infection already acquainted. And unlike pharmaceuticals, essential oils do not remain in the body long term or leave toxins behind. If you feel a sinus headache coming on, try blending a few drops of basil and eucalyptus or myrtle with a half teaspoon of sunflower or grapeseed oil. Rub the mixture into your puzzles and around the TMJ joint (the joint close to your ear). You could also place a few drops of the oil on your first 3 toes of each foot which correspond to the sinus reflexology points. In the case of a scratchy throat, try a blend of geranium, myrrh, pine or fir combined with a carrier oil. Dab the oil blend along the jawline and down the neck. You may want to perform a lymphatic drainage technique in the pectoral region by massaging each side towards the armpit.

In addition to essential oils, heat and cold may be used to prompt physiological responses in the body that will promote healing. For example, a hot compress may be applied on the spine to increase permeability of the skin as well as to bring increased lymph and blood to the area. The application of cold, in turn, pushes blood and lymph to a different area. This increase of blood flow through the organs provides the body with increased oxygen, nutrition, and promoters detoxification of the entire system.

A full treatment from a trained Aromatherapist will help rid the body of toxins or bacteria and provides a boost to the immune system. So if you find yourself feeling run down, or feeling like you may be “coming down with something”, or want to prevent that from happening, book a treatment for yourself today!