Aromatherapy is like a multi-faceted diamond. Throughout the ages, it was one of the most predominant treatments used for common disorders and skin complaints. It has nonetheless played an important role in providing skincare to women of all times, especially in the creation of “magic” creams and lotions to maintain eternal youth.

Modern-day Skin Care
Most commercial products are based on a common basic formula which consist of mineral oil, chemically modified emulsifiers, stabilizers and scented with artificial fragrances. Behind attractive labels and packaging there is a semi natural product that works only on the surface of the skin providing no long term benefit, if any at all?

Products containing mineral oils are not absorbed by the lower layers of the skin to provide the necessary nourishment to newly emerging cells. Commercial toners contain alcohol has a drying effect and can irritate the skin.

Aromatherapy Skin Care
Research by the pioneer French aromatherapist Marguerite Maury whose findings sums up as follows: “Passionately interested by working with the essential oils, perfumes and aromatics we have discovered their vast possibilities-particularly with regard to the problem of regeneration.” Her research showed that skin rejuvenation occurs with the application of certain essential oils because of their ability to restore vitality to the tissues by regulating the capillaries.

The rejuvenating properties of certain oils such as frankincense, neroli, rose, myrrh and lavender have been confirmed in recent research. They have the ability to stimulate cellular granulation, the first stage of healing after an injury, by the same token they can maintain the youthfulness of the skin.

Essential oil blends are always diluted in natural vegetable base oils, creams, waxes and lotions. Products created with such ingredients are highly effective on the skin, because they penetrate the deeper dermal layers and rejuvenate the cell as they emerge, thus helping the skin to become youthful and radiant.

To achieve the result of a clear and smooth complexion, the complete beauty rule should be followed regularly using natural cleansers, toners, creams and lotions added with the selected essential oils for individual skin types.