As part of being human, each person has his (or her) own fears. For example, one person may fear spiders while another may fear the thought of being alone. Some may fear scissors while another may have the fear of the unknown. There are different kinds of fears and as also part of being human, each person has different ways of handling these fears that they have.

Now one way of dealing with fear is by using essential oils. This is not a very common practice though. See, most people would try to take cover and run from what is making them be afraid while there are a few brave ones who would try to conquer their fear by facing fear in the face. But using essential oils is not that popular a method in dealing with fear. But that does not mean that this does not work.

See, there are essential oils that are actually good to use against fear. These essential oils have been tested by experts and they have found out that indeed, there are several essential oils which can actually help a person combat fear.

One of the essential oils that can be very useful against fear is that of the bergamot. This green and almost golden essential oil has been tested to be a good one to use when a person experiences fear. Its scent is fairly fresh, has a hint of citrus, and has also been known to be quite floral. Aside from being able to help fight off fear, bergamot essential oil is also very useful for acne, boils, cold sores, itches, and stress.

Cedarwood is yet another essential oil that is going to help you fight off that feeling of fear which can be pretty unpleasely if you do not know how to handle such. The cedarwood essential oil is light golden yellow in hue and can have a woody and sweet scent. Fear is only one thing that cedarwood essential oil can work against – others include arthritis, coughs, dandruff, and dermatitis.

Using essential oils is fairly simply. You may not actually need to get yourself a whole bottle of these essential oils. See, you can find some spa candles which have already been mixed with the essential oil that you need. Or you can also opt to get some beeswax candles which can help you fight off that feeling of fear.