Color can play a role in helping us to heal. Every color belongs to a specific wavelength of light and as such will possess different properties. We can utilize the properties of a color by either wearing the color in our clothes or as a scarf, eating the color (think different colored foods), using crystals of a specific color or bathing ourselves in colored light. In the same way we can also choose essential oils for their therapeutic properties based on their color.

Color: RED

Properties :

Red is the color with the longest wavelength. It is at the heat end of the spectrum and representations fire. Red is a powerful energiser and stimulant. It is associated with masculine energy and is a symbol of life, strength and vitality. It is also the dominant color of the base chakra. As such it is related to the reproductive organs and fertility. Red is used where energy is lacking. It can raise body temperature and improve the circulation.

Red Essential Oils:


This oil relates directly to the base chakra on which it has a strong energizing effect. It is used to increase physical strength and energy. At a therapeutic level it has a rejuvenating effect on the body. It warms the heart and circulation and eases general aches and pains


This oil has a very deep earthy aroma and is firmly associated with the base chakra. It provides a strengthening and grounding effect. Patchouli helps to ground and integrate energy and keep us in touch with our physical selves. It is also related to sex, money and physical energy. At a therapeutic level it is used as an anti-depressant where there is anxiety and stress related ailments.


Again this oil is used as a valuable earthing and grounding agent. It is useful for anyone who needs to be brought into closer contact with the earth to ground and center their energies. At a general level it is balancing to the whole chakra system but specifically relates to the root chakra. It is also related to money and protection. At a therapeutic level it is used to tranquilize and calm where there is anxiety and nervous tension.


Properties :

Orange is a combination of red and yellow and therefore has elements of both physical energy and intellect. It is the dominant color of the sacral chakra and is symbolic of the feminine energy of creation and is related to the adrenal glands.

Orange is the color of joy and energy and is therefore good for treating depression. It also has an anti-spasmodic effect which aids in damaging muscle cramps and spasms.

Orange is also associated with the splenic chakra (through which prana is absorbed) and is there before a good color for tiredness and exhaustion.

Gold is the color of wisdom and is indicative of higher spirituality.

Orange / Gold Essential Oils:


Cedarwood helps us to develop and maintain a sense of balance and control in our lives. It has a strong life giving quality which helps to relieve anxiety and quell anger, irritation or fear. It “bucks up” the ego when we are feeling alienated or de-stabilized. It can also enhance spirituality and strengthen our connection with the divine. At a therapeutic level it is used for muscular complaints – arthritis, rheumatism, muscle spasm etc .; mental complaints such as lethargy, nervous debilitation, poor concentration, exhaustion, anger and stress related complaints; urinary tract infections. In general it is used to fortify and strengthen.


In its substance use Jasmine is related to love, peace, spirituality and sexuality. Jasmine is thought to develop the artistic senses and relate to an individual's creativity. It is also related to the spiritualization of sexual energy. It tends to stifle worries about tomorrow and to bring one into the present. At a therapeutic level it is used primarily for psychosomatic problems. It is good as a relaxant and an anti-depressant. It can also be useful for female conditions of Pre-Menstrual syndrome and Post-Natal depression. Jasmine is also useful for stimulating muscular rheumatism.

Rose (Rosa Damascena)

Rose has an affinity with the sacral chakra in its effect upon creativity, sex and conception. It is a gentle aphrodisiac and facilitates creativity in all the arts. Like Jasmine it is also related to the spiritualization of sexual energy and relationships. At a therapeutic level Rose is used for complaints related to the female reproductive system, as a cleansing agent and as an anti-depressant. It is very useful for stress-related conditions and psychological ailments.


Properties :

Yellow is the dominant color of the solar plexus chakra. This energy center controls the digestive system and helps to purify the body through its elimination action on the liver and intestines.

Yellow is the color of the intellect and mind. The yellow rays carry positive magnetic currents which are inspiring and stimulating. They strengthen the nerves and stimulate higher mentality and activate the motor nerves in the physical body, thenby generating energy in the muscles. Therefore this color is used to treat partial or complete paralysis, diabetes, indigestion, fractured or broken bones and all arthritic conditions.

Yellow works with the skin by improving its texture, and by treating scars.

It is also the color of detachment and if used in excess a person can become detached from people and the environment.

Yellow Essential Oils:

Clary sage

As a therapeutic oil Clary sage can be used for skin disorders – particularly spots and boils; muscular stiffness, nervous tension – particularly a racing mind and panic attacks; and any stress related illnesses. It is also a relaxant, mild euphoric and aphrodisiac. Its subtle use refers to dreaming, particularly to strengthen and encourage clear dreams. It is also good for changeable moods and indecision.


Fennel can provide protection, particularly if it is rubbed over the solar plexus chakra. It unblocks the capacity for confident self expression. It stimulates the flow of Qi in the stomach and intestines. As a therapeutic oil it is used for the digestive system – colic, constipation, flatulence, nausea; for skin care – bruises and dull, oily skin; for circulatory conditions – oedema, rheumatism and cellulite.


Peppermint acts upon the ego, dispelling pride. It also helps to overcome feelings of inferiority. It is also associated with cleanliness, both physical and mental. Peppermint is linked with the conscious mind and increases visual awareness. It illustrates colors more vividly. It can hold negative thoughts at bay. Used therapeutically it is particularly good for mental stimulation, for aid concentration when the mind is tired and for the relief of mild headaches. It can be of help to the digestive system for nausea, morning sickness, indigestion etc. It can also be useful for itchy skin.


Petigrain relates to the conscious, intellectual mind and should be used when mental clarity is required. It can be used to sharpen the thought processes and clear mental cobwebs. At a therapeutic level it can be mentally uplifting, it relieves anxiety and lethargy. It can also be useful for combating insomnia and nervous headaches.


Properties : Imbalance, Toxicity

Lime Green Essential oils


Cypress oil is useful at times of transition such as career changes, moving home, bereavement, ending close relationships or changing one's religion. It distils remorse and instils optimism and allows suppressed obstructive feelings to emerge to consciousness. It can remove the fear or concern of what others might think of one's actions. At a therapeutic level it can be used as follows: for circulatory problems – it enlivens and regulates the flow of blood and helps to control nosebleeds, haemorrhages, wounds, varicose veins, excess menstrual bleeding etc. It is very useful where there is excess fluid such as heavy perspiration, oedema, incontinence, lymphatic congestion. In skin care it can balance oily and over-hydrated skin, and can help with acne and skin rashes. It is useful in treating cellulite, both deep and wonderful.


Grapefruit's subtle properties relate to releasing and optimism. It is helpful for ditherers and where there is resistance to change. It smoothes tensions, frustrations, irritability and moodiness. Therapeutically it is used to stimulate and refresh. It lifts lethargy and mild depression. It is a digestive stimulant and aids constipation. It can also be useful for an overheated liver and a sluggish lymphatic system.


Juniper is a detoxifier of both the minority and physical body. It is particularly good at clearing any negative energy which has accumulated either about one's person or in a particular location. It gets rid of negative thoughts and attitudes and is good for clearing toxic thoughts. Therapeutically it is used for nasal and bronchial infections or congestion, for stimulating lymph flow, for reducing inflammation and for local massage of injured muscles.


At a subtle level Lemon is related to health, physical energy and purification. It can be revitalizing to a sluggish system. It can be used for the purification of both self and home. Therapeutically it is good to use where there is congestion such as bronchial or sinus infections. It is a mild expectorant. It is also useful for rheumatic conditions and lethargy.

Color: GREEN

Properties :

Green is the dominant color of the heart chakra, and has the power to harmonize the positive and negative energies of the body. It has an harmonizing effect on mind, body and spirit.

Green is the color of balance, harmony and sympathy. It also has antiseptic properties which lends it to use in case of infection. It also has the ability to detoxify.

Green Essential oils

Rose (Rosa Centifolia)

Rose is the supreme oil of the heart chakra. It brings healing to the heart chakra and helps it to open again when challenge has caused it to close down. It heals emotional wounds. Rose strengnthens the heart energy, enabling love energy to radiate out. It is also nourishing and cleansing to the heart. Therapeutically Rose is used to treat stress related conditions and psychological ailments, having a strong influence on the mind and emotions. It can also clear heat and inflammation and is often used to treat toxic and infectious conditions.


This is a particularly valuable oil where the Heart chakra is affected by grief. The uplifting, calming and joyous effect of Bergamot can help in healing and opening up the heart chakra. When the heart is already open Bergamot can help an individual to radiate joy and healing to others. Therapeutically Bergamot is used to treat mild depression and anxiety due to its uplifting properties. It is also useful for skin problems particularly if they are related to stress. Bergamot is an appetite regulator and is particularly useful where appetite is affected due to emotional stress.


This oil has a strengthening effect and is very helpful to the fault-hearted or for those who find it difficult to experience love or express it.


This oil is associated with happiness and protection. It is used for getting in control of one's life and allows us to reconnect with our feelings. It is used theoretically as an anti-depressant – its relaxing yet uplifting qualities make it useful for all stress related ailments. It is also known as the “balancing” oil, and for this reason is used extensively for skin care, female hormonal problems and diuretic and elimination problems.

Color: BLUE

Properties : Blue is the dominant color of the throat chakra. It symbolizes inspiration, devotion, peace and tranquility.

Blue has a relaxing and expanding effect. It is used to treat tension, fear, palpitations, and insomnia. It is also an excellent color for healing and meditation.

Blue Essential Oils:

German Camomile

This oil can vary from a deep green-blue (turquoise) to a deep inky blue (indigo) as it ages. This oil is soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory. it is particularly useful where there is soreness and irritation of the mucous membranes due to hayfever, colds, bronchial ailments etc. It is a useful nasal and bronchial decongestant. It is also used as an agent for calming and soothing particularly in irritable skin conditions. It's minority uses relate to promoting sleep, inner peace and assisting with meditation. It is related to the throat chakra and the expression of the inner voice and higher truth.

Roman Camomile

This oil is soothing, calming and anti-inflammatory. it is particularly useful where there is soreness and irritation of the mucous membranes due to hayfever, colds, bronchial ailments etc. Roman camomile is useful for soothing irritable skin conditions such as eczema. It is very useful for treating nervous conditions such as insomnia and nervous tension. On a subtle level it helps one to let go of fixed expectations and to acknowledge one's limits. It is related to sleep, meditation and peace and is firmly associated with the throat chakra.


Properties : The color is related to the brow chakra. It is associated with the mind, ears and eyes. Indigo is a strong painkiller and has antiseptic properties.

Indigo Essential oils

German Chamomile

This oil can turn to a deep inky blue (indigo) as it ages. Its subtle uses relate to promoting sleep, inner peace and assisting with meditation. It is also a strong anti-inflammatory.


Used therapeutically this oil is excellent for all disorders of the female reproductive system since it appears to have a hormonal action, potentially working upon the pituitary gland. It is used in skin care for acne, burns, cuts, eczema, inflammations and wounds. Yarrow can be effective against colds, fevers, influenza and other immune system related disorders. It can also be used for nervous disorders such as insomnia and stress related conditions. On a subtle level it is linked to protection and supposedly has an ability to consolidate the aura. Yarrow can also provide a “visionary” effect on an emotional level, encouraging the need to accept pain in order to heal and go beyond it.