Our bodies are amazing machines. They have multiple systems working at the same time in harmony to keep us alive. But due to the environment, our diets, and our lifestyles, occasionally those amazing machines need a little tune up.

The lymphatic system is the system which helps filter toxins from the body through a fluid called lymph. Essential oils can improve the functioning of the lymph glands and the lymph flow in the body thus helping to eliminate toxins. Essential oils do not remain in the body; they are secreted out of the body through urine, feces, sweating and breathing. The best oils for detoxification are Grapefruit and Helycrisum. The plant essences balance the body both mentally and emotionally. They support the chakras (centers of energy) and strengthen them. The oil Ravinsara is connected to the energy frequencies in the universe, which makes them suitable for spiritual therapists.

Massage is a highly effective way to use essential oils to help detoxify the body. Massage is a natural lymph drainage therapy, and by using essences the detoxification is enhanced. Essential oils like Laurel, Juniper, Grapefruit, and Cyprus encourage drainage of the lymph system. This is also why massage therapists encourage you to drink lots of water after a massage. Once the massage has started the detoxification process the water helps flush the wastes from the body by natural means.

Hydrotherapy is another effective form of detoxification. What makes hydrotherapy so effective is that it not only uses the aromatherapy benefits of inhaling the scents of the oils, but the warm water helps open the pores in the skin, allowing the oils to be absorbed. You can mix the oils listed above with one cup of Dead Sea salt and add to bath water. Be sure that you are using pure Dead Sea salt, as this salt has a whole host of beneficial minerals that is naturally occurring in the salt. This is the reason why the Dead Sea is one of the most popular places in the world for people to go to relax and rejuvenate.

When you are thinking about detoxing your body, there is one area that is often over looked. Cellulite, which is very commonly used in women, is a major storage area for toxins. All the fat that is under the skin causing that dimpled appearance also prevails lymph fluid from draining properly. To treat this, try a detox body wrap. You can use the same oils listed above as well as any of the citrus oils, like Lemon. You will probably need a friend to help if you plan to do an entire body wrap, however you can treat individual areas on your own. You simply create a solution of essential oils and minerals, you'll likely add some Dead Sea salt and water as warm as you are comfortable with, and then saturate elastic bandages in the solution and wrap around the desired area. Leave it there for up to an hour, and when you unwrap you'll notice a smoother appearance and measurably smaller size.

Detoxing should be done on a regular basis for optimum health. All of the methods discussed here are simple and inexpensive to do yourself, however it is always important to remember to consult a qualified aromatherapist before beginning any treatment.