OK its January and time to get the gym and start cutting those calories. Only problem is, all that holiday eating has left us craving sweets and with a feeling of disgust for all the weight we put on. Is there anything in alternative healthcare that can help cut the craving for sweets and help us lose weight at the same time? YES! Many essential oils have been known to be helpful in weight loss programs.

In another article I talked about how peppermint can curb one's appetite simply by putting a drop on the tongue. But did you know that it can also give a sensation of fullness? Peppermint can be taken internally, simply inhaled or rubbed on the stomach. Scientists now know how peppermint and some of the other essential oils listed below work to reduce appetite and produce significant reductions in weight. It is through their ability to stimulate the ventro-medial nucleus of the hypothalamus-that part of the brain that governs our feeling of satiety or fullness following meals.

Some Essential Oils Known to Be Helpful for Weight Reduction

Peppermint is number one but you may be one of those people who does not like the smell of peppermint. What else can you use? How about Roman chamomile, nutmeg, clove, or one of my favorites-grapefruit. For a real treat, use one drop of grapefruit essential oil in your water and try sipping it all day instead of reaching for colas and other sugary drinks. It's quite good actually.

Now essential oils are not going to completely drop those ten pounds you earned without a little more effort on your part. That's where the gym comes in. Whether you have a membership or just a DVD video at home, you need to exercise specifically if you are blood type A or AB. People with these blood types are natural vegetarians but they also have a tendency towards thyroid problems and to be overweight. For them-exercise is a must especially exercise that increases the heart rate.

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