Essential oils are basically extracts from a plant which preserves some essence of that plant or has a unique scent in it. An essential oil is the concentrated water repelling liquid containing aroma compounds. There are various techniques with which these essential oils can be extracted. In most cases it is extracted using the process of distillation. The other ways are to extract expression or solvent.

Essential oils are used in various circumstances. Their usage ranges from age resistant aroma therapy, cosmetics, perfumes, food flavoring, bath products and many others.

In case of aroma therapy, it is believed and practiced since ages, the aromatic compounds contained in the essential oils have healing capabilities and they are also believed to be sacrificing an uplifting feeling on the mind and relaxes it.

When it comes to perfumes, many women do not realize that the expensive perfume that they spray on themselves everyday comes mainly from few flowers that grow in their own backyard! A perfume is basically a proportional mixture essential oil, water and alcohol. Varying the fraction would vary the strength of the scent, and volatility of the perfume. A strong perfume contains around fifteen to thirty percent essential oil, seventy to eighty five percent alcohol and the rest water.

As the essential oils are extracts from the plants only, it is very well suited for the fabrication of cosmetic products from them. These cosmetics covers shampoos, body lotions, face moisturizers, skin care creams. As these cosmetics contain very less synthetic chemicals, they are always on a high demand. Essential oils are also a component of body oils used for massaging. Many big spa use the body oils for partial or whole body massaging which are majorly consisting of essential oils which have either healing capacity or relaxing exercises. These oils are also used in many soaps, especially sandalwood, blood orange, cedarwood.

If you think there ends the uses of essential oils, definitely not! These oils are also used in food industry. They are used to import flavor to the food, especially in packaged food which are kept unopened for a long period of time. Essential oils are also said to have the ability to aid in digestion of food. They also treat heartburn, stomach ache, acid and food poisoning. Oils of these kind not just add flavor to the food but also give fragrance to it, which in fact stimulates our sense of smell and that releases more enzymes which again eases digestion.

Well, these were for our own good and well being. These oils can also be used as an insect repellent. In that case you would not have to burn that smoky coil or heat those repellent tabs. All you have to do is heat the camphor dipped in eucalyptus oil. That should do the trick for driving mosquitoes out.