You've felt that sick feeling that comes from a sudden flu coming on. It may not even be the flu season, yet there it is. The exhaustion, the fever, the muscle aches, the headache, the pain in the back (kidneys), and the chills.

It hit me the other day. I felt like a truck ran over me. I finally became so exhausted that I crawled into bed early, but not before taking a bunch of essential oil capsules I had prepared last cold-and-flu season.

The next morning I was fine with not a single flu symptom. I was surprised at how quickly it was gone because the symptoms were so obvious and so severe the night before.

It could have been stomach flu from a bacteria or virus. It could have even been a parasite. It could have been some kind of food poisoning, though I did not have much abdominal pain. Fortunately essential oils are effective home remedies for all three. Here are the steps I used.

I would recommend that you make up some capsules and have them on hand for the next flu episode that hits you or your family.

Step one, prepare capsules ahead of time and keep them on hand. I'll tell you how to prepare the capsules and give you the recipe in a minute.

Step two, at the first sign of an obvious symptom, grab three capsules and take them with a large glass of water. If you take them with food, you're less likely to burp up any aromas from the oils. But, it's fine to take them whenever you need them. I did not feel much like eating and did not care about the burping. I just wanted to stop the chills and fever.

Step three, take three more capsules an hour or two later and then again two hours after that. Actually I also added about 10 mini capsules of Vitamin D (4,000 IU per capsule).

That's all there is to it. It felt like a miracle. I felt energetic. All symptoms were gone, and I've been fine since.

I know that many books on using essential oils will give instructions to dilute and slather the oils on your feet and abdomen. They'll have you put oils into your drinking water or herbal tea and use a cold-air diffuser with even more oils. You'll even be sniffing oils through a tissue. All that advice can not hurt, but it is not where you'll experience the real essential oil miracle that I experienced. It's in taking the capsules.

Here's how to prepare your capsules quickly and conveniently with a blend of single essential oils.

Purchase a package of single-0-sized empty capsules and put about 30 of them loose onto a plate.

Then mix your oils in an empty dropper bottle. Here's the recipe I used for a strong, all-purpose, antimicrobial blend. It uses 5 oils.

Start with the strongest-oregano-20 drops, then 20 drops each of peppermint, basil, and geranium. Finally add 100 drops of a mild, versatile oil-tea tree.

This fills a 15 ml bottle about halfway to the top. Then, if you're using that size of bottle, fill the bottle to the top with a carrier oil. If you're using a larger bottle, simply double the quantity. I use grapeseed. Put your thumb over the opening and shake to mix the oils.

Then use the dropper to fill your capsules. You'll soon see how much you need to fill each capsule so it does not spill over and make a mess. You can fill them quickly with this technique.

Put filled capsules into an empty pill bottle. Be sure to label the bottle. Make no more than you will use over a 6-month period because they say the oils may erode the gelatin wall over time. I have never seen this happen even with year-old capsules, but it does not hurt to be cautious.

I've never seen anything work so fast and so effectively.