Although all of our senses are sensitive, the sense of smell is particularly so. Smelling certain scents can bring back memories of where you were when you first smelled the scent, for example. Unpleasant smells are often associated with unhappy events, including stays in hospitals that have a very chemical, sanitized scent.

However, you may remember being a child and coming home to a house filled with wonderful smells of cooking, or the first time you smelled an old garden rose or a lilac, and be taken back in your mind to a wonderful garden where you spent time . You may help improve your mood by surrounding yourself with delightful scents, such as can be found in aromatherapy oils. Made from the essential oils of plants and herbs, aromatherapy oils may be used in several very specific ways to bring beautiful scents into your home or office or to surround your person.

You can start out very simply yet effectively by using aromatherapy oils in conjunction with aromatherapy products such as an aromatherapy diffuser. Diffusers come in many different sizes and varieties. The smallest aromatherapy diffuser is a personal diffuser. It is simply a necklace that has a tiny bottle attached, into which you can put a few drops of aromatherapy oils.

Your body heat helps to heat up the oil, and heated oil much more easily releases its attractive fragrances near your nose, where you will notice it immediately. The next smallest aromatherapy diffuser is intended for use inside your vehicle. It can be hung around the rearview mirror, or other types can be inserted into your car's lighter to heat the aromatherapy oils. The pleasant scent of the oil may help make your commute time a more relaxing experience. You can even scent a small room with a small diffuser that is made of ceramic and plugs into an electrical wall outlet.

Aromatherapy oils are placed inside the ceramic ball, and as the oil heats, the scent is released. Another small item that can powerfully a room is a light bulb diffuser ring. This is a narrow, hollow ring of ceramic or metal that fits on top of a light bulb that you would use in an ordinary lamp in your home. Aromatherapy oils are placed inside the ring, and when the light is turned on, the heat from the bulb heats the oil, spreading its distinct scent through the air. Several of these aromatherapy products will use aromatherapy supplies such as cotton pads that soak up oil and are then placed inside the diffuser.

You need not start large to neverheless gain an impressive result by using a range of aromatherapy products.