In creating your home spa setting you will be using aromatherapy. Aromatherapy uses specific natural plant abstracts. These abstracts also known as essential oils regularly used to create fragrances that are beneficial for your mind and body.

Essential oils are commonly used in blends or base for message, bath oils and for your facial steaming.

Here are a few oils and their common use:
* Juniper – detoxifying, stimulating, warming
* Lavender – soothing, skin rejuvenating, skin pain relief
* Lemon – cleansing, antiseptic, toning
* Grapefruit – cleansing, detoxifying, stimulating
* Geranium – skin hydrating, soothing, nourishing
* Cypress – skin toning, cleansing, balancing
* Cardamom- stimulating, warming, skin pain relief
* Ylang Ylang – skin hydrating, balancing, rejuvenating


Blend – Measure in a small bowl 4 teaspoons or carrier oil. Add the recommended essential oil drops as per recipe, stir and product is ready for use.
** A carrier is a substance that you use to mix your essential oil in order for it to be suitable for skin contact.

Facials – Fill a heat resistant glass bowl 2/3 full with boiling water (a rolling boil is not necessary). Add your drops of essential oil as per recipe. Place a towel over your head and lean forward over the bowl so you skin can absorb the steam. Allow your face to absorb the steam for 10-15 minutes.

Bath – Draw your bath as usual with warm water suitable for your comfort. Mix your drops of oil to your specific carrier as per recipe and add to water. Be sure to mix the blend through the water before getting in. Milk is a commonly used carrier for bubble bath.

Precautions using essential oils:
1. Do not use Juniper in any products. Blends or bath recipes substitute Lavender in place of Juniper. Generally during pregnancy you should air to caution and half the recipe of essential oils and carrier oils or base.
2. Do not ingest essential oils. Be careful with children handling these products as they are for external use only.
3. Immediately rinse with cold water if product has contact with eyes.
4. Any blend using grapefruit or lemon oil remember to avoid direct sunlight to your skin immediately following application or at minimum of 12 hours.
5. Make an effort to maintain essential oils in a dark bottle with individual droppers to retain potency.
6. All product from recipes should be used at the time of treatment. Do not store for later use.

Essential Oils Storage & Shelf Life
Store bottles of essential oils in a dark dry location. Grapefruit and lemon will generally last 6 months while most others will retain their strength for up to 1 year.