They call the wind Mariah

That old Lerner and Lowe song from the Musical Paint Your Wagon should help you remember why you want to use the essential oil blend called Mariah. It's for your wind … the air you breathe. Nothing is more important to your wellbeing than a healthy respiratory system, especially during the flu season.

Mariah was specifically designed for use against the new flu strains that are giving people such a scare these days. These new strains manifest different from one person to another and one season to the next. One person may sustain more damage to the circulatory system while another may be hit hardest in the lung and respiratory areas. One season, the strain sends whole classrooms home for a week, the next season, the impact is minimal.

Unlike pharmaceutical antibiotics and over-the-counter. synthetic flu treatments, this blend has both powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. It's also designed for safe home use.

Mariah also has the ability to clear and support the lungs . This becomes a vital function with some of the most serious strains of the flu.

Application if you start feeling flu symptoms

Begin your home treatment with a back massage using Millenia, a balancing and aligning blend. This will improve the effectiveness of Mariah and prepare your body for more deep and lasting penetration of hidden oils.

Then proceed by dripping Mariah undiluted along the spine. Massage it in and apply a little carrier oil like grapeseed. almond, or coconut oil. After applying Mariah to the back, along the lumbar area of ​​the spine, apply a warm, damp towel to help the oil penetrate better.

Mariah can be used in conjuction with Revitalize for endocrine support to increase energy and stamina. This will help your immune system fight off the most challenging stubborn flu strains. Also, you can use Mariah in conjunction with Vitality to strengthen the heart.

Apply Mariah diluted, to both the chest and back at frequent intervals through your flu episode.

Apply Mariah to the feet as well with a hair dryer to help the oil penetrate and travel through the body more quickly and effectively.

Diffuse 10 to 20 drops of Mariah to aid in clearing the lungs, especially at night. It's especially helpful to use a diffuser in a steamy bathroom so the steam can mix with the aromatic molecules to more easily penetrate the delicate tissues of the lungs and sinus cavities and keep them clear and open.

Companion blends and single oils

Other respiratory oils to try for flu symptoms include Aspire (for respiratory health deep in the lungs), Breezy (especially formulated for upper respiratory health), and Stefanie (another strong antimicrobial blend designed to fight resistant bacteria in the lungs. respiratory conditions rotate between Stefanie and Mariah.

You can use other single essential oils with antiviral properties for natural flu remedies. They include Fir, Tea Tree, Ravensara, Spearmint, Peppermint, Thyme, Oregano, and Neroli. Use them in diffusers, in hot baths, and in capsules you can take through the cold and flu season. Capsules are extremely important during a flu episode.

Essential oil ingredients in the Mariah blend

Bay, Helichrysum, Idaho Tansy, Opopanax, Ravensara, Spearmint, Spikenard, Thyme, Turmeric and Wintergreen