Mainstream medicine may not recognize aromatherapy as beneficial for an individual, but recent studies in Japan have proven otherwise. It is not to be used as a cure, only a way to help with discomfort caused by stress, illness or infection.

Aroma oils are created from the natural extracts of plants and trees. So coming from nature, these oils are said to be a good source of self-healing.

Benefits of aromatherapy are achieved when you choose the proper oils. You should become acquainted with the different benefits of all the oils available to balance the emotions. For instance, marjoram, lavender, and tangerine blended with chamomile are used to help you feel more relaxed.

Different fragrances are used to help you relax, or revitalize the mind, body and soul. Different oils have a specific beneficial value.

Vanilla oils are used to increase mental clarity, better circulation, lower a fever, clear respiratory airways along with being an aid to weight loss. Vanilla is reported to have some medicinal benefits as well. These include calming the stomach, reducing hunger pangs as well as reducing stress. In Europe, it is believed that vanilla helps ease joint pain and helps digestion. South Pacific natives used vanilla to help pregnant woman suffering morning sickness. Modern research clams vanilla can cure impotency in men.

The light and sweet lilac scent is used for purifying, calming, centering and soothing. While lavender is used for treatment of nervous conditions and depression. Wonderful fragrance is just part of lavender's benefits. It is probably the most popular and versatile of the oils. Throughout the centuries it has been used as an antiseptic, antibiotic, and sedative.

Fresh lemons are sunny and tart with lots of zing. This can be very rejuvenating, stimulating, uplifting and cheering.

Sage aromatherapy benefits are more medical than emotional. They are intended to ease insect bites and soothe skins problems. Trembling and palsy, stiffness in the neck and muscles might be eased using sage oils. You can also benefit from creams or lotions with sage. These may help remove scars and spots, heal wounds and even help with psoriasis, dermatitis or ulcers.

Candles made with natural based ingredients that do not release toxins when burned are best for aromatherapy benefits. Soy candles are made from soybean wax and are a very popular option because they are considered better for the environment. You can influence the mood of a room using photographed candles.

You no longer need to spend a fortune going to a spa to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy. With all the information available online, you can find the right oil to get the most benefit for what ails you. You can become your own aromatherapy expert in no time.