Diffusers are used in conjunction with essential oils. They work to disperse the oils in the air so that they can be breathed in and enjoyed by everyone in the room. There are a number of different styles, some use power and a fan and while others use small amounts of heat to disperse the aroma. The primary types of diffusers are atomizers, fan diffusers, tea light diffusers, electric oil warmers, the scent ball, terra cotta disks.

An atomizer consist of a pump and glass. These disperse the essential oils into a very fine mist and then disperse them. It is important that they are not left on too long. It only requires just a few minutes and then you'll be able to smell the scent perfectly. If you let this type of diffuser stay on longer than that, then you can get too much essential oil into the air and this can cause problems.

A fan diffuser uses a fan to dispense the essential oil molecules in the air. These are good if you have children. They will not be in danger of being burned like they might with heated diffusers.

A personal nasal inhaler is a type of diffuser. It is used for personal use, hence the name. If there are other people in the room who would rather not smell the oil, this is a great way to enjoy the scents without offending anyone else.

Tea light diffusers use the heat from a tea light candle. They are very easy to use and are generally used by beginners. You will generally get about 2-3 hours from this type of diffuser.

An electric bowl warmer diffuser consistants of primarily a bowl. You will need to add your essential oil and water and the diffuser will heat the mixture up. You should get a couple of hours out of this type of diffuser as well.

The scent ball is another really good diffuser. What is great about these is that you will be able to take them with you. If you change rooms and you still want to enjoy your scent, you can. You will also be able to change out your scent pad so that you can exchange it for another if you'd like. These also use a low source of heat to diffuse the scent. They are extremely cheap so you can purchase more then one.

Ceramic shells last a little longer then the diffusers listed above. They may actually keep the scent in a small area for about a day.

Beside essential oils, another great way to scented a room is with candles. Aromatherapy candles smell absolutely wonderful and can help calm the nerves and emotions. After a long, hard day, relaxing with a wonderful aromatherapy fragrant candle can take the edge off and help you relax. There is a large array of these types of candles. You can find one in just about every scent. You can purchase them online or make them yourself in your favorite scents and colors.