Many people, like yourself, have asked me what I think of taking aromatherapy courses versus just doing self-study via the Internet. The fact of the matter is that there are pros and cons to any decision we make and so we will try and address some of these in this article.

The obvious Pro of learning aromatherapy through self-study on the Internet is of course the savings in money. It costs nothing to Google aromatherapy into the search engine and come up with thousands of sites that have information regarding aromatherapy. And of course, these sources are free.

The Consensus of learning aromatherapy by self study are as follows :

1) Even though the Internet is full of free information, this does not mean that the information is reliable. Although it is termed the information highway, it should be noted that many times it is more like a misinformation highway.

2) You may find unscrupulous people trying to sell their brand of essential oils and therefore will be very biased in when and how to use the oils. For example, there are MLM's (multi-level-marketing companies) out there that would have you believe that essential oils do not have to be diluted. This is a great problem. Their advantage is that if they can get you to use their essential oils without diluting them, the essential oils will naturally not last as long and voila! They make more money out of you because you will need to buy their essential oils more frequently. They will insist that they have special therapeutic essential oils that do not need diluting. This is wrong! All essential oils need to be diluted. Yes, even Lavender and Tea Tree should be diluted because some people are extremely sensitive and we do not want to cause any harm to any individual.

3) By studying only the websites on the Internet you may end up with gaps in your learning. Without following a set of standards on what you should know when using aromatherapy you will not be able to make your own aromatherapy treatments based on proven knowledge.

The Pros of Taking Aromatherapy Courses :

1) You will be led, step by step on how to use essential oils safely and effectively.
2) If you choose your teacher wisely then you will be following a set of standards set forth by the varying aromatherapy associations.
3) You will know that you are following the specific guidelines set up so that you are not causing harm to those you wish to make aromatherapy treatments for.
4) Your eventual clients will consider you knowledgeable and be more inclined to buy from you rather than someone who says that they are self-taught.
5) You can learn without gaps in your learning process.
6) You can follow easy to use curriculum which has been researched.
7) You can have pride in the fact that you are doing the best to your knowledge in using essential oils in a professional manner.

The Cons of Taking Aromatherapy Courses :

1) Just one con. That would be that it costs money. But do not let that dissuade you from taking a good aromatherapy course. There are many aromatherapy courses on the Internet that provide you with the proper standards set for the aromatherapy associations that are very affordable.

Remember that in order to become certified according to the aromatherapy associations you will need both a Level I and Level II course successfully completed.

Your Action Plan :

Check out affordable aromatherapy courses available on the Internet. Check out their syllabus and read their web pages. This way you can get a feel for what the teacher is like and how she / he relates to people through the written word. If you like their style and find them easy to understand then go ahead and take the course. It's an investment well spent that will pay you dividends in the manner of better health and knowledge. Can we really put a price on that?