As a certified aromatherapist I am frequently asked if aromatherapy can be used on pets and other animals such as horses. Many people want to know specifically if there are any aromatherapy courses that deal with pets in general.

To be honest, there are not any specific aromatherapy courses for pets that I know of but I can recommend that people who are interested in using aromatherapy on their pets to take a good aromatherapy course and learn the basics on how to use essential oils on people first. Once they have a good, educated, knowledge of how aromatherapy works and what contraindications there are regarding essential oils they can move on to learn more about aromatherapy for their pets.

Without a good aromatherapy course people may use the Internet to get information and that can cause problems. You see, although the Internet is often referred to as Information Highway, often times it is filled with misinformation.

Unless you take a good aromatherapy course you will not know the basic knowledge of how to use essential oils safely and effectively. There are many aromatherapy courses on the Internet for you to choose from but then again it is best to know which one is best to take. You do not want to spend an arm and a leg on a course that does not include what you are searching for. You should always check out the site and find the syllabus for the aromatherapy course being offered. Try and find out how many pages of information you are getting for the price, if that is possible.

How reliable is the teacher? Does he / she have articles or blogs written or does he / she have information on the website that can give you a clue into what the personality of the teacher is. Remember that when taking an aromatherapy course you will be interacting with the teacher (hopefully) and it is good to get a good vibe of what the teacher is like.

Aromatherapy can definitely be used on some pets such as dogs, but should never be used on cats. You can find more information from taking a good aromatherapy course and learning the proper dilution rates for essential oils when making aromatherapy treatments. Then you can use this information to find more information on specific areas such as using these alternative treatments for your pets and other animals.

I recommend that you search Google for good aromatherapy courses and then move on from there.