Many people ask me about becoming a certified aromatherapist. They also ask me why I personally chose to work in the industry and start an aromatherapy business. I've decided that it is time to share my own personal experience and maybe it may help you to take the step you need on your aromatherapy career.

It all started many years ago in 1977 when I took a course in floristry and flower arranging. Even then I loved flowers and started to get into herbal studies. When I started to read about aromatherapy it automatically peaked my interest. I have always been intrigued in natural health alternatives and aromatherapy really fascinated me.

I started studying aromatherapy on my own for three years and then noticed that much of the information I was finding was contradictory what I knew. I started to search out different aromatherapy courses as I wanted to become a certified aromatherapist and be able to help others learn about aromatherapy.

After becoming certified, I continued researching and found that many people on the Internet and many aromatherapy courses were just repeatats of what others had been writing in aromatherapy books. I also came to realize that much of this information was wrong! Yes, wrong information, sometimes dangerous information was being produced all over the place and just confusing people more and more. It was then that I decided to make my own aromatherapy courses so that people could be properly informed about the practice of aromatherapy and learn to use it safely and effectively.

One of the major problems that I discovered was that people were talking about the properties of essential oils and then giving the information regarding the herb, not the essential oil. For example, Chamomile is an herb with a flowering top. It has certain properties associated with it, but once it became distilled the properties change. The distillation process changes the organic chemistry of the herb and therefore it is a completely different entity. Therefore, we can not give the same properties of chamomile herb with it's distilled version of essential oil of chamomile.

There is also the problem of certain individuals suggesting the use of some very dangerous essential oils such as birch and wintergreen.

In summary: There is too much information on the Internet and written in aromatherapy books that is either not safe or contra to what is really true. Therefore I recommend that people do not rely on these sources, but rather take a good aromatherapy course. There are many aromatherapy courses on the Internet that are not that expensive. Check around and find a good course and it will save you a lot of trouble.

There is no point in wanting to help people via aromatherapy if you are not properly trained. Get the right information so that you can use essential oils safely and effectively.