Aromatherapy is considered the best treatment for psychological disorders and mental stress. The natural oils are used for relaxation as well as for curing sleeping disorders like insomnia. The most commonly employed technique of aromatherapy is the use of fragrances or scents of natural products. The oils of herbs are extracted and then used in different ways to get rid of tension.

The sweet smell of herbs can be used in three ways. First is aerial diffusion. The essential oils are added in a mixture and taken in a diffuser which emits vapors of pleasant smell. It makes your environment pleasant. Then there is direct inhalation. People suffering from insomnia use the essential oils in their bath and massage, inhaling the scents so as to ensure natural sleep. Another way is through the medicines and products containing natural oils.

There are some other ways which can be employed to cure more serious diseases or habits.

Smoking is a difficult habit to break. This is because of receptors in the human body which are activated by the nicotine. These receptors, when over activated, need more nicotine as time goes on. Due to this internal urge, you feel like smoking more. It is a bad cycle which is hard to break and you can find it almost impossible to stop smoking.

But if you really want to get rid of this harmful habit, you can use aromatherapy. How? The aroma of the different essential oils extracted from natural herbs help in the rehabilitation process by making your brain relax and soothing your nerves. You will feel less anxious and restless in situations where you do not have a cigarette.

Eating Disorders
As you relax, you need some energy to overcome the tension. There is a special limbic system in our body which regulates the feelings of thirst and hunger. The sensory organs in our brain are activated by the scent of essential oils and make you feel hungry. If you are not eating properly and are too thin due to lack of appetite, you can treat yourself by using aromatherapy.

Minor Illnesses
If you suffer from a cold, flu or allergies, aromatherapy is the best treatment for you. The fragrance of natural herbs helps you combat bacterial and viral diseases. You can add 1-2 drops of essential oil in a steamer and inhale the steam. The vapors will soothe your body and you will soon get rid of your cold, flu, allergies and other illness.