Well Spring time must be around the corner since Aries, the Ram is here, falling approximately between March 21 – April 20. Remember the entry of the sun in various signs differs from year to year. Aries is often associated with initiation, new beginnings, personal goals, creativity, leadership and being number 1. Symbolized by the Ram an animal known for its will and force. Energetically an Arian is self centered and self directed but that's no surprise after all they are the first zodiac sign. They embody leadership, strength, courageousness, yet the Aries is also impatient and intolerant. Despite the self confidence that oozes out of their pores, Aries often feel inadequate, and unworthy and can find themselves depressed.

The planetary ruler of Aries is the fiery hot planet of Mars, aka the Red Planet, representing desire, action, spontaneity, independence, and fearlessness. All of which makes up the Aries sign. Aries is associated with the solar plexus, or 3rd chakra, representing personal power and self will.

A fire cardinal element, means they enthusiastically take initiative with direct action at soaring speeds. Cardinal signs are interested in what is going on and are ambitious go-getters typically shooting first asking questions later. Adding to the impulses of the Arian. Fire is also action oriented, passionate, and intuitive. If you know an Arian then you know that they can be hot tempered as well but who can blame them with all fire they have inside. But on the other hand, the hot Aries can turn that into passion, a fiery hot passion at that. To keep your Aries happy make sure you provide adventure, lots of attention, and allow them take charge.

Rose (Rosa damascena) essential oil is an energy of love, self love, self worth and giving. The aroma eases the sorrow of the soul which an Arian may be hiding under all that ego. Rose is also an aphrodisiac adding to the Aries hot passion and aids in nervous tension and stress.

Aries exhaustion from speeding about can be perked back up with the aroma of Cinnamon (Cinnamomum zeylancium). The cinnamon aroma encourages the Aries strength, intelligence, energy, and motivation. Cinnamon personalities are those who enjoy being well-dressed in a fancy expensive car pulling into long driveway that leads to a spectacular home … just like an Aries.

To ground all this Frankincense is in order to connect the Arian's mind and spirit. Frankincense (Boswellia carterii) is known for its spiritual connection, wisdom and insight. The aroma of this sweet protector encourages acceptance, courage, stability and inspiration relieving anxiety, fear and resistance.

Fun fact: Leonardo da Vinci was an Aries.

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