This year has been extremely hard on people with allergies. Here in the Ohio Valley, the tree pollen was higher than in previous years! Even people who have not had allergies in the past were exhibiting symptoms including myself. I was pretty symptom free during the day, but at night my throat got really scratchy and even somewhat sore.

But, it's my 8 year old grandson who really suffers who allergies. He started about 2 years ago in the spring. His eyes get red, watery and itch terribly. In fact, the school called last year two days for him to be picked up because of it. It got so bad that my daughter took him to the doctor and they prescribed a children's anti-histamine drug. But the drug did not help much. He still had symptoms.

In the previous 2 years my daughter used Young Living's Essential Oils like Lavender to help with his allergies and got very good results. So, she decided to start using them again. She applied the oils on his feet morning and evening, and also on his chest and back. She DIFFUSED Lavender and the blend of RC at night in his bedroom as well. She also cave him Young Living's Super C Chewable Tablets to boost the immunity. Vitamin C is also a natural anti-histamine. With this protocol he was virtually symptom-free.

As for me, I diffused the same oils in my bedroom at night and did not have the scratchy sore throat. I am so pleased the Young Living Oils worked so well and that we have options other than drugs that have NO side effects.

So if you have allergies of any kind, I would suggest trying the Young Living Essential Oils.