Nature has bestowed countless gifts to mankind. While some are abundant and easily accessible, others lay hidden to be discovered. Out of these precious natural elements are the numerous and varied herbs and flowers that contain certain essential oils packaged with health benefits. While some can be ingested, others can be directly absorbed in the body through skin to gain their benefits.

There are many different types of essential oils, each different in its composition and hence in the benefits that can be procured from it. Some essential oils can be combined together to make oil blends which are then used to gain specific health benefits. Let's learn what the different advantages of aromatherapy massage are.

  • One of the most essential benefits of aromatherapy massage is relaxation of the mind and the body. If you are feeling mentally and physically stressed, then aromatherapy using specific oil blends can really help you relax. This fact has been established through the research done at the University of Maryland Medical Center. After the massage, you will come out feeling relaxed and calm. The essential oils that are used for this purpose are vanilla, lavender, sandalwood, chamomile, rose, orange blossom etc. Many certified aromatherapy centers will let you choose between the different oil blends to suit your preferences.
  • The other most common reason for which aromatherapy massage is preferred is because it helps in the relief of pain. The gentle massage promotes blood circulation throughout the body, and because the essential oils get absorbed into the bloodstream, they reach the different parts of the body and help in the recovery of tissue and aids in curing infection. Clove, rosemary, sweet birch, cypress are more commonly used for this purpose.
  • Aromatherapy also helps in enhancing the sleeping patterns; therefore, people who suffer from lack of sleep or insomnia should opt for aromatherapy massage using grapefruit, sweet orange, English lavender and patchouli. They act as anti-depressants and calming agents, the person is able to relax after the massage and is able to sleep restfully.
  • Another benefit of aromatherapy massage is that it helps in rejuvenation. Rejuvenation is different from relaxation. Essential oils have the ability to be absorbed not only within the skin for hydration, but also reach the blood stream from where it is transported to all parts of the body and that includes all the joints and even the mind. Oils like grapefruit, orange blossom, mint, rosemary and lemon are uplifting properties. Together these oils enliven the mind and provide energy to the body. This is because they are able to release the hormone noradrenalin which helps in sustained attention effectively.
  • Lastly, the essential oils also helps in curing digestive problems and in controlling the appetite. For example, Fennel and Patchouli both have the ability to suppress appetite. Beside, they can also help in detoxifying the body. Fennel, especially, possesses this quality and so does orange blossom.